Tiny Custom-Built Apartment With ALL You Need 🎥

Welcome to the cozy downtown apartment of Julie, her boyfriend, and their young son.

Maria visited them a little while back and here’s the tour of this amazing space!

Living in a small space in the heart of the city, this family has made the conscious decision to prioritize urban life.

Julie loves being close to her job, and the family enjoys the vibrancy of the city. In order to make the most of their 700 sq.ft. apartment, the family has transformed and maximized their living space to accommodate their growing family’s needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Urban family life is embraced with clever use of space in a small apartment
  • The living space has been transformed to accommodate multiple functions: a bedroom, living room, and play area
  • Versatile storage solutions help in keeping the apartment organized and clutter-free

The City Life Decision

A key reason they decided to stay in the city center was the convenient proximity to Julie’s work.

She appreciates being able to bike to work and come home early, while her boyfriend also has easy access to the highway.

They’ve chosen to prioritize their love for the area and the convenience of city living over spending more on a bigger place or moving to the suburbs.

Their living room now doubles as their bedroom and their baby’s play area.

City apartment with nursery built-in.

They had a loft bed, inspired by Pinterest, custom-built with a staircase that also serves as storage space. Julie highlights the fact that her son’s play area is not limited to a small corner, but he can crawl and explore throughout the room.

Starting a Family in a City Apartment

Choosing to stay in a small city apartment with a little one can bring several benefits, especially for those who appreciate the hustle and bustle of city life.

For Julie and her boyfriend, staying in the city meant being close to her job and easy access to the highway for her partner.

This particular apartment allowed them to enjoy the sun on the balcony and maintain their lifestyle without spending too much on rent.

One of the couple’s innovative solutions involves using a change station on top of their bed due to the lack of space in the bathroom. Meanwhile, they have a small walk-in closet with a sliding door to keep their son out of it when needed.

The closet is divided into sections for Julie’s and her boyfriend’s clothes, fabrics, and DIY stuff. Julie, being a hairdresser, also dedicated a shelf for her hair products and tools.

Sleeping arrangements have changed as well, with the couple sleeping on a loft bed custom-built with cabinets in the stairway. The cabinets store office supplies, the baby’s clothes, and more DIY materials. Adjacent to their sleeping space is a small handmade bedside table for essentials, such as hand lotion and water.

The Nursery

The nursery also has shelves and storage for their son’s essentials, such as toys and books.

As he grows older, they plan to make more space for his toys and create a more functional play area. The idea is to let him enjoy his playtime and feel comfortable as he grows up in their city home.

In addition to the nursery, they have a walk-in closet and storage room that houses their clothes, belongings, and even Julie’s hairstyling tools. They built a sliding door for this space to keep their son out as he starts exploring, preventing any accidents and messes.

If you’re interested in space-saving baby essentials, check out my article on fold-away changing tables for small spaces!

The Living Room and Bedroom Combo

One of the most innovative aspects is the loft bed, which was inspired by Pinterest and built by a carpenter. This not only saves space by being elevated but also includes built-in cabinets for storage.

The stairway to the loft bed doubles as storage space as well, housing office supplies, baby clothes, and DIY materials.

In fact, the baby’s entire wardrobe can be neatly stored on just three shelves.

Beneath the sofa in the living area, there’s more storage. This compartment holds bed sheets, the baby’s outgrown clothes, toys, and other essentials. The seating arrangement around the sofa is designed so that both parents can comfortably stretch their legs and relax.

Despite being a small space, the apartment is still functional for a family with a young child. There’s a designated play area for the little one, which allows for easy clean up. The dining area features a custom-built bench, offering additional storage for games and tools.

The Sofa and Storage

They’ve incorporated storage solutions throughout the apartment, allowing them to take advantage of every available inch.

Their sofa, for example, doubles as a vital storage space.

Another important piece of furniture is their custom-made dining area bench, created by the same carpenter who built their bed.

Inside the bench, Julie and her boyfriend store items such as board games and tools. These are things that they prefer to keep within easy reach, instead of storing them in their basement.

The apartment also features a multifunctional bed designed with numerous cabinets and storage opportunities.

These cabinets house office items, the baby’s clothes, and Julie’s DIY materials. By staying organized and keeping spaces for specific items, Julie and her family are able to maximize the efficiency of their living space, making their apartment feel larger and more open.

Julie’s approach to their living space allows them the freedom to enjoy their city life without feeling the need to move into a larger apartment. By utilizing furniture and storage solutions to their advantage, they can keep their belongings in order while maintaining an inviting and functional home.

Everyday Living in a Small City Apartment

Life in a smaller living space can still be just as enjoyable and fulfilling!

Julie, her boyfriend, and their young son have chosen to continue residing in their 60 square meter city apartment instead of moving outwards. This allows them to remain close to the urban life they love, have easy access to work, and save money on rent.

The Dining Area

In the heart of the apartment, a cozy and functional dining area awaits. Custom-made furniture enhances the space while offering essential storage.

A bench built by the same carpenter who designed their bed provides not only seating but also houses a variety of items such as board games and tools. This ensures that these items are easily accessible and not tucked away in the basement.

The dining area serves as a comfortable spot for Julie, her boyfriend, and their little son to enjoy meals together.

Living in a compact apartment, every space can be utilized efficiently. This area, with its convenient storage solutions and its proximity to the living room and kitchen, reflects the family’s dedication to making the most of their city living experience.

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