Tahoe Boat Problems: 7 Most-Seen Issues (Examples)

Are you considering a new or used Tahoe boat?

It’s always important to research into common problems and issues for the many different manufacturers before you choose.

Here are the 7 problems you should be aware off before you make the purchase.

7 Problems To Look For With A Tahoe Boat

Just because they are well crafted doesn’t mean that they do not have problems. The issues with Tahoe boats are similar to the issues with other recreational speedboats.

1. Losing Power:

It can happen to anyone: you are out on the water and your boat starts stuttering and eventually loses power.

If you haven’t run out of fuel, you could be experiencing a filter problem or foul plugs.

How to fix/prevent this:

To fix this, you will want to replace the filter or clean the existing one if you do not currently have a spare. When you clean your filter you will want to clean debris and drain any accumulated water.

To prevent this you will want to make sure that you do not leave your gas tank near empty for long periods of time. this can cause your fuel to go bad by creating condensation and water in the gas.

When winterizing your boat, you can add a fuel stabilizer to make sure you run the boat long enough to get the treated gas into the engine.

You can also increase filtration to help with any debris that has collected.

This issue could also be the spark plugs. Make sure you carry extra fuel and spark plugs onboard.

2. Broken Belt:

If your overheating light comes on, or your voltage meter shows that the alternator isn’t charging, you could have a broken drive belt. This is most often a problem of inboard motors, and Tahoe makes a couple of models that have inboards with outdrives.

How to fix/prevent this:

To fix this, it is possible to create a temporary belt using a piece of line or something similar, but it won’t last very long.

It would be better to carry an extra belt on board and change it when needed.

To prevent the belt from breaking, you should inspect regularly and tighten as needed.

3. Overheating Engine:

If your temperature gauge is rising, it could mean that you no longer have water flowing into your motor.

If the water you are floating on stops running through the system, your engine can continue to get hotter and will ultimately fail.

How to fix/prevent this:

To fix this, you have to find the source. If there is something blocking the intake, you will want to make sure you clear it.

A loose clamp or damaged hose can also impact water flow and can even damage the engine.

To prevent this, you can make sure to regularly service the impeller. Make sure there is no scarring, pitting, or corrosion.

4. Issues with Starting The Engine

If your boat won’t start, it can be very frustrating. This could be an electrical issue, low or dead battery, or a break in the ignition circuit.

How to fix/prevent this:

Check the kill switch, shifter, and starter switch. Check to make sure these are not loose. You could also have a loose nut, mounting screws, or poor connection.

You could also have a low battery.

To prevent this, you will want to inspect and clean or replace your wiring when needed.

Make sure you aren’t constantly draining the battery with music or other electrical devices or make sure you have a secondary battery.

5. Is There Any Vibration?

If you notice vibrations that get worse the faster you go, you are likely looking at a damaged prop.

How to fix/prevent this:

A nick or damage in the propeller blade it can create an imbalance and vibrations. This could be caused by a snarl with line or rope or a direct hit by an object.

If this is an issue, you will need to slow down and get to shore.

To prevent this, you can carry a spare prop with the tools to change them out.

6. You can’t Steer:

If your steering wheel will not turn or is frozen in place, it is most likely a mechanical or corrosion problem, but you should check the hydraulic system first.

How to fix/prevent this:

If you are low on hydraulic fluid you will want to look for any leaks that may be around. If you do notice fluid leaking around the fittings you will want to see if you can tighten the fittings.

If the drive is completely frozen in place it could be a mechanical failure. If it is a boat with full mechanical steering, it could be a problem in the cable.

To prevent this you will want to periodically check the steering fluid. You should also periodically lubricate the mechanical systems with marine lithium grease.

7. There is Rising Water:

If you notice your bilge pump is overworking, or your boat is suddenly filling with water. The most likely cause of this is a burst hose.

This hose could either be on the engine’s cooling or exhaust systems. It could also be on your intake hose.

How to fix/prevent this:

Shutting the engine down will not fix this issue, but it will be needed to do any repair.  Determine the source of the leak, and then stop it as best as possible.  Close the intake water shut-off valve to help with any repair.

If you are out on the water and do not have any additional hoses, you could use tape as a temporary solution.

You should also carry spare hoses and clamps to change out on the water if you need to.

To prevent this you will want to do periodic inspection and replacements on damaged or aged hoses and fittings.

What You Need To Know About The Tahoe Brand

The Tahoe boats are made in collaboration between Bass Pro Shops and the White River Marine Group.

Bass Pro Shop is an American company that features hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreational merchandise. Bass Pro Shops owns the White River Marine Group.

White River Marine Group manufactures Tahoe boats as well as Ranger Boats, Tracker Marine, Nitro, Triton, Sun Tracker, and many others.

Tahoe boats integrate versatility into every model in their lineup. These boats have a solid industry leader behind them and they are proud to manufacture and service your boat.

Tahoe prides themselves on their customer service systems. They work on improvements based on the feedback from their customers. They do this to improve their products and performance.

They also dedicate themselves to high-quality crafting. Their boats are handcrafted in their facilities where their equipment is clean and well maintained.

They specialize in runabout-style boats, and they are all made of fiberglass.

Tahoe Offer Multiple Types of Boats:

These include:

1) Tahoe Fishing Boats:

Tahoe offers three models of fishing boats. These are all runabout boats that offer great fishing features.

They can also be used for cruising and watersports.

These models include:

1) 450 TF:

  • This boat is a ski and fishing runabout vessel.
  • This boat can seat up to 8 people.
  • This boat is 18′ 5″.
  • It is an affordable option at $28,995.00 (2021) with 115 hp outboard motor and trailer.

2) 500 TF:

  • This boat is a fishing and runabout, with a 200 hp Mercruiser inboard/outdrive.
  • This boat offers a swim deck.
  • This boat can seat up to 8 people.
  • This boat is 19′ 10″.
  • This boat is more expensive at $34,995.00 (2021), with trailer.

3) 550 TF:

  • This boat ranges from a sport to a fishing vessel.
  • This boat is also 19′ 10″.
  • This boat fits 8 people.
  • This boat is a more median choice at $31,595.00 (2021) with 115 hp outboard motor and trailer.

2) Tahoe Sports Series:

Tahoe also offers many sport vessels.

In addition to the above fishing vessels which can also act as sport vessels Tahoe also offers:

1)  700:

  • This runabout is spacious and sporty. with a 250 hp Mercruiser inboard/outdrive.
  • This boat is 21′.
  • This boat fits 9 people.
  • This boat costs $41,345.00 (2021).

2) 700 Limited:

  • This boat is also a runabout but offers more upscale amenities and extra comfort features than the 700.
  • This boat is also 21′.
  • This boat fits 9 people.
  • It is more expensive at $45,595.00 (2021).

3)  T16:

  • This boat is smaller and perfect for families looking for a quick and nimble sport boat.
  • This boat is 16′ 5″.
  • This boat fits 6 people.
  • This boat is reasonable at $17,595.00 (2021), with 60 hp outboard motor and trailer.

3) Tahoe Deck Boats:

Tahoe also offers a series of deck boats. These are roundabout boats with an open bow that offer plenty of seating.

The Deckboat series includes:

1) 1950:

  • This boat has a spacious cockpit and a lot of seating.
  • This boat is 19′ 5″.
  • This boat has seating for 10 people.
  • This boat is also reasonable at $33,695.00 (2021) with 115 hp outboard motor and two axle trailer.

2) 215 Xi:

  • This boat is great for speed, comfort, space, and versatility, with a 250 hp Mercruiser inboard/ sterndrive.
  • This boat is slightly bigger at 21′ 6″.
  • This boat can seat up to 12  people.
  • This boat is more expensive at $42,995.00 (2021) with a two axle trailer.

3) 2150:

  • This boat offers plenty of space and comfort features.
  • This boat is 21′ 1″.
  • The boat has seating for 11 people.
  • This boat is more mid-range at $37,595.00 (2021) with 150 hp outboard motor and two axle trailer.

4) 2150 CC:

  • This boat combines an open bow with fishing gear and other features and additional amenities.
  • This boat is also 21′ 1″.
  • This boat seats 10 people.
  • This boat is slightly more expensive than the 2150 at $39,995.00 (2021) with 150 hp outboard motor and two axle trailer.

What To Expect From A Used Tahoe Boat

Overall, you will want to make sure you keep your boat have undergone the proper maintenance and is properly cared for.

You also want to replace anything that might need replacing before taking over the ownership.

Having spare parts available onboard can prevent serious damage to your motor that continuing to run on broken equipment might cause. This is true for all boats, Tahoe and other brands alike.

Even the most carefully manufactured and durable Tahoe boat can have issues after time and use. This can come with age, hard use, or even hitting objects while boating.

If you replace things in advance, you could save yourself a lot of trouble while out on the water.

A Tahoe boat is an investment that you will want to make sure you protect and take care of so you can enjoy your boat for years to come.

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