4 Great Toy Haulers For Half-Ton Trucks (With Prices & Pictures)

Although there are many SUVs and small trucks on the market that can now adequately pull a toy hauler, they usually can’t pull heavy motorhomes.

Half-ton trucks are capable of pulling heavy toy haulers. You can expect a half-ton truck to tow between 7,000 to 12,000 pounds depending on the half-ton truck’s hauling capabilities.

Now that you know the towing capabilities of a half-ton truck, you might be wondering what toy haulers you could potentially tow.

Luckily we have you covered as we have found a few great toy haulers that could suit your towing vehicle and your needs:

What Is A Half-Ton Truck?

Before we can look at the various toy haulers that particular half-ton trucks can tow, we need to establish precisely what a half-ton truck is.

When you think of the phrase “half-ton” truck, you might automatically associate it with the vehicle’s weight. However, “half-ton” refers to how much your truck can carry.

Usually, a half-ton truck could only hold 2,000 pounds in the past, but this is no longer the case.

In recent years trucks have progressed from these labels due to advances in manufacturing processes and automotive technology.

This means that half-ton trucks are actually capable of pulling significantly more than 2,000 pounds.

3 Great Toy Haulers for a Half-Ton Truck that can Tow Between 7,000 and 10,000 Pounds:

Some half-ton trucks have lower towing capabilities than others.

That’s why it’s crucial to determine your truck’s maximum towing capabilities before you purchase a toy hauler. Additionally, some manufacturers have been known to exaggerate a truck’s towing capabilities.

That’s why many half-ton truck owners won’t base their calculations on the maximum capacity. Many will rather calculate approximately 80 percent of what the manufacturer states as the maximum towing capabilities and base their purchase off that figure.

During our exhaustive research, we have come across two half-ton trucks capable of towing a toy hauler that has a gross vehicle weight rating of between 7,000 and 10,000 pounds.

Suppose you have a truck similar to a 2021 Toyota Tundra, which can tow up to 9,800 pounds, or a 2021 GMC Sierra Limited that can tow up to 10,000 pounds.

With a vehicle similar to these, you should have no issue towing the toy haulers we have listed below:

1. 2021 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 236TH (~$29,000)

One of the best budget toy hauler options for a family of six that is using a half-ton truck as their towing vehicle is the 2021 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 236TH.

This motorhome has a simple yet modern interior and includes many features that allow you to be comfortable during your family vacation. For nine years, this model has managed to be a number one seller at a low price of $29,000.

The 2021 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 236TH has a length of 28 feet, a gross vehicle weight rating of 7,500 pounds, and can sleep four people. Should you be worried, there won’t be enough space for each occupant to relax; you needn’t worry.

This model is equipped with an optional ramp patio which provides extra space for the family to relax.

On the outside of this unit, you will find some attractive features. There is a sizeable automatic patio awning that shelters you during the summer and winter, so you won’t need to stay uncomfortably cooped up inside the entire day.

This toy hauler is equipped with corner stabilizing jacks that ensure your camper remains safely in place when you are camping. Moreover, there is also an efficient 100-watt solar panel with a controller mounted to the roof.

Besides these attractive exterior features, you will like how the inside is decked out. There are extra-thick mattresses that ensure you and your fellow campers have a decent night’s sleep, two spacious sofas, and plenty of modern appliances.

2. 2021 Forest River Salem FSX 260RT (~$35,000)

Some campers prefer owning a compact toy hauler because they don’t require much space.

Usually, the more compact toy haulers on the market offer limited features and subpar furnishing.

Luckily the 2021 Forest River Salem FSX 260RT doesn’t fall victim to this as these models are decently equipped and comfortably furnished. You won’t need to spend a verifiable fortune to own this compact toy hauler as it has an estimated retail price of $35,000.

The modern residential space and features and amenities are contained in the 29 feet length of this model. This unit is incredibly lightweight and easily towed by a half-ton truck because its gross vehicle weight rating is only 5,276 pounds.

Although it is a relatively compact model, it can still sleep up to four people.

With the 2021 Forest River Salem FSX 260RT, you can choose between three different feature packages depending on your budget. Yet, the standard features offered are exemplary.

This unit is equipped with a six cubic foot refrigerator, a large queen-sized bed, a 6 gallon DSI water heater, and a spacious shower.

You will receive features such as a full-length awning, a solar prep package, and a patio deck that includes a railing if you opt for the value package.

Moreover, should you choose the platinum edition package, you will have some nifty construction features like smooth fiberglass exterior walls, a beautiful graphics package, and upgraded durable steel wheels.

3. 2021 Jayco Jay Flight Octane 255 (~$37,500)

Should you have a larger family, you may be worried a half-ton truck won’t be capable of towing a bigger toy hauler.

Fortunately, the 2021 Jayco Jay Flight Octane 255 is suitable for half-ton trucks that can tow up to 10,000 pounds, and it’s affordable. You should expect to pay roughly $37,500 for a new unit.

This model has a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,500 pounds with an overall length of 29 feet and an interior height of 7 feet and 4 inches. Additionally, the dry weight for this model is 6,535 pounds, with a cargo weight carrying capacity of 2,965 pounds and a hitch weight of 1,075 pounds.

It can also comfortably sleep up to six people.

Unlike other toy hauler models that are this lightweight, you will have two queen-sized beds, with one of them being located in a private bedroom. There is also a fully furnished center kitchen with a refrigerator, a three burner stove, a kitchen sink, and a microwave.

This model has a large 14 feet and 8-inch long garage space, a convertible sofa, and a 20-foot long power awning with LED lighting.

You can also opt to have a 15000 BTU air conditioner, fuel station, patio ramp door, and solar power package equipped.

1 Great Toy Hauler for a Half-Ton Truck that can Tow Between 10,000 and 12,000 Pounds:

Many dedicated RVers or casual campers don’t have an extensive budget that allows them to upgrade their towing vehicle when they want to purchase a new toy hauler that is on the heavier side.

Additionally, those who can upgrade their towing vehicle likely don’t want to spend a fortune.

Fortunately, a few half-ton trucks are capable of pulling between 10,000 and 12,000 pounds that won’t break the bank. For example, the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 has a towing limit of 13,400 pounds, and the 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 with a towing limit of 12,750 pounds.

Should you own one of these half-ton trucks or something similar to them, then you are in luck. The toy hauler below will be ideal for those with a half-ton truck, similar to what we mentioned above.

4. 2021 Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V (~$40,000)

If you need an uber large toy hauler that features a spacious 10-foot long garage and a 30-gallon fuel station, you may want to consider the 2021 Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V.

This model can incredibly sleep up to eight people without sacrificing space. Yet, if you thought it would be expensive, you may be surprised as this toy hauler only costs approximately $40,000.

The 2021 Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V has a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds, with an overall length of 33 feet and 10 inches, and it features two slide-outs that provide more interior space. It has a hitch weight of 1,205 pounds, a dry weight of 7,635 pounds, a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,365 pounds, and a freshwater tank capacity of 60-gallons.

Some toy haulers are built better than others, but you won’t need to worry about this one as it adheres to the excellent Keystone construction best practices. The 2021 Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V has aluminum and laminate fiberglass construction sidewalls, a one-piece heated underbelly with enclosed valves and tanks, and a leaf spring suspension system.

The interior of this model is gorgeously decorated and completely carpet-free. The flooring is a fiberglass-backed linoleum, and the entire motorhome is equipped with residential furniture and appliances.

However, some of the nicest interior features are the tub and shower combo in the bathroom, the swivel bar stools in the kitchen, and under bed storage area in the private bedroom.


The Best Half-Ton Trucks that Can Tow A Toy Hauler

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