3 Great Toy Haulers For Small SUVs (With Prices & Pictures)

If you have a small SUV, you might not know that you can tow a toy hauler, and because of this, you may be missing out on your next big adventure.

Contrary to popular belief, a few toy haulers currently available can be towed by smaller-scale SUV models. Most motorhome manufacturing companies are aware that not everyone purchases a specific towing vehicle to pull their toy haulers, which is why you won’t find it too difficult to purchase a suitable toy hauler.

Although it may not be difficult to find one that your SUV can tow, you probably are uncertain about which model would be best.

Fortunately, we have found a few great smaller-scale toy haulers that would be suitable for small SUVs.

Factors To Consider When Towing A Toy Hauler With A Small SUV

Before we look at the great toy haulers for small SUVs, you should be aware of a few factors that could affect your ability to tow a motorhome with your vehicle.

Below we have listed a few of the factors we have found to be beneficial when considering if a small SUV can tow a toy hauler:

The SUVs Towing Capacity:

When looking to purchase any motorhome, you need to determine your SUV’s towing capacity.

The towing capacity is essentially the total amount of weight that your vehicle can safely tow without the car breaking or your safety being put at risk.

Your towing capacity needs to be higher than the toy haulers loaded weight, your luggage weight, and the people it will house combined.

What Engine Your SUV has:

It might seem trivial, but the type of engine you have could affect how well you can pull a toy hauler.

Diesel engines tend to tow better than gas engines because they have more torque. However, most times, a gas engine will be perfectly capable of towing a toy hauler.

If your SUV has a Trailering Package:

Some SUVs come equipped with a trailering package which is incredibly beneficial.

These packages give you a special factory-installed trailer brake controller and other features that make towing easier for your vehicle.

What Drivetrain the SUV is Equipped With:

If you have a front-wheel-drive SUV, you may have difficulty towing a toy hauler.

You will need to have either an all-wheel-drive SUV or a rear-wheel-drive SUV if you want to ensure your vehicle can effectively tow a motorhome.

2 Great Toy Haulers Under 3500 Pounds That A Small SUV Can Tow

If you have a very small SUV and a slightly larger family, you will likely want a lightweight toy hauler with a gross vehicle weight of fewer than 3500 pounds.

This is because you will need to account for the weight of your family, the luggage you will be storing inside your toy hauler, and the towing capacity of your vehicle.

For example, if you have an SUV similar to the 2021 Porsche Macan, you will be able to tow a toy hauler that is between 4,099 pounds and 4430 pounds when it is hitched and loaded with luggage.

Below are two great toy haulers with a gross vehicle weight of fewer than 3,500 pounds that would be ideal for bigger families or couples with small SUVs.

We have included the prices of each model and a brief description of each highlighting their features and amenities:

1. 2021 KZ Escape E14

The 2021 KZ Escape E14 is great for those who have a moderate budget and a small SUV.

This model has the capability to sleep up to two people with water carrying capacity of 20 gallons, making it best for short camping excursions and holidays. You can expect an estimated retail price of $32,000 for this model.

If you need a small toy hauler that is easy to maneuver and incredibly lightweight, you should consider this one. The overall length of it is 15 feet, and its gross vehicle weight is 2,825 pounds.

Additionally, the 2021 KZ Escape E14 has an external storage area that is easy to access and a 10-foot long awning for summer days when the weather is perfect for outdoor cooking activities.

Furthermore, summers spent indoors won’t be sweltering as the KZ Escape E14 has a roof-mounted air conditioning unit to keep you cool.

The Interior:

Inside you will find a bright interior that is done in gorgeous shades of brown. Everything from the vinyl wood-toned flooring to the wooden cabinetry matches and creates a sense of unity. At the back is a small dining room area with comfortable seating.

The pantry and refrigerator are located in this area, allowing the small kitchen to be more spacious and provide you with a microwave and stove. Unlike other toy haulers, the bedroom is located in the rear but only becomes available when you assemble the dining sofas into a bed.

The bathroom is small but houses a spacious shower, and there is a flushing toilet and small sink. Some notable features present in this toy hauler are the LED interior lighting, the Amish crafted rail style cabinet doors, and the digital TV antenna.

Additionally, the KZ Escape E14 has an R-7 insulation rating, a diamond plate rock guard on the front, a durable roof with a 12-year warranty, and tinted windows.

2. Forest River Salem FSX Midwest 181RTX

If you want a toy hauler with plenty of modern features, a new and improved design, and the capability to sleep three people comfortably, you might want to look at the 2021 Forest River Salem FSX Midwest 181RTX.

This motorhome has an updated look that includes all-new fiberglass sides. As far as pricing is concerned, this model might be a steal for you if you have a small budget, as the approximated retail pricing on this unit is $18,000.

The Midwest 181RTX is 22 feet long, has a gross vehicle weight of 3,235 pounds, features two pass-through storage areas, and has a 12-foot long awning. Near the back, you will also likely notice the breathtaking panoramic window that will allow you to take in the sites of wherever you are camped.

Additionally, the heavy-duty 3,000-pound ramp door allows you to easily load and take with you any outdoor equipment or toys you may need for your next grand adventure.

The Interior:

This model has a private bedroom located at the front with a queen-sized bed, nightstand, and charging station, making it easy to charge up appliances while you relax in bed.

The bathroom is next to the bedroom and across from the kitchen and includes a toilet and shower.

Interestingly the Salem FSX Midwest 181RTX has a walk-in pantry and a storage bin area. Inside the kitchen are a stove, 6 cubic foot refrigerator, and microwave, which help make cooking an easier task while out on the road.

We all know how important features are when purchasing a new toy hauler and luckily for us, this unit comes equipped with a few impressive modern ones. This motorhome has WiFi prep, a 13,500 BTU roof-mounted air conditioner, and a 20k BTU furnace allowing four seasonal travel.

It also has upgraded Tuff Coat aluminum, fully insulated sidewalls, and roof, and fully electric self-adjusting brakes that ensure a safe journey.

1 Great Toy Hauler Between 3,500 And 4,500 Pounds That A Small SUV Can Tow

Smaller groups of people and couples traveling or participating in full-time living and who own a small SUV can opt for a slightly heavier and more spacious toy hauler than larger families with small SUVs.

This is because they likely won’t have as much additional weight that will negatively affect the overall towing capacity of their vehicles.

Should you have a small SUV similar to the 2021 Jaguar F-Pace, you won’t have any issue towing a toy hauler that has a gross vehicle capacity of between 4,935 pounds and 5,291 pounds. Remember, however, that this is the total towing capacity for this car, so you will need to ensure you by a lighter toy hauler to offset you and your passenger’s weight and luggage.

If you have a small SUV and are traveling with few people, you might be interested in the great toy hauler listed below.

The model has some great features that we have briefly touched on, and we have also included the estimated retail pricing.

3. 2021 Forest River No Boundaries 10.6

Should you be looking for a durable toy hauler that can handle rugged terrain and accommodate up to four people, you may want to consider the 2021 Forest River No Boundaries 10.6.

This model is very different from other available units because it has a rooftop tent and outdoor kitchen. The retail price for this toy hauler is estimated to be approximately $22,500, which makes it affordable for many.

Although this unit is visually appealing with comfortable furnishings, you need to note that it has a small cargo carrying area. The entire unit is also open plan and doesn’t process an interior kitchen or a private bedroom, nor does it have a bathroom.

If you’re okay with a simplistic design and have no qualms about using campground facilities, the No Boundaries 10.6 could be ideal.

The entire model measures 14 feet, and it has a gross vehicle weight rating of only 1,800 pounds, making it the most lightweight toy hauler on our list.

The Interior:

The design of this unit is very carefully done to ensure travelers get the most out of the interior space; however, the model is not very high and might not suit taller people.

There is cabinetry inside the motorhome and private storage areas located at the front. The fold-out sofa makes a comfortable bed for two people, and the rooftop tent sleeps two more people.

The outdoor kitchen pops out of the side of this toy hauler and provides a working two-plate stove and small refrigerator.

Additionally, the No Boundaries 10.6 comes equipped with a charging station, interior and exterior LED lighting, and a JBL portable Bluetooth speaker.

You can also opt to add on a cold-weather package which will allow you to use this toy hauler during the winter.


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