3 Great Toy Haulers With Fuel Stations (With Prices & Pictures)

Many people opt to own a toy hauler instead of a motorized motorhome for a multitude of reasons.

However, it can make camping trips and holidays tricky if you are considering an extended stay somewhere.

Fortunately, there are quite a few motorhome manufacturers that are producing toy haulers with fuel stations. These fuel stations allow you to travel further and are often more convenient if you frequently travel.

We have sifted through the different RV brands to find you a few of the greatest toy haulers with the fuel station feature:

2 Great Toy Haulers With Fuel Stations

Toy haulers with fuel stations are incredibly convenient for solo travelers and small families.

You may think that fifth wheel toy haulers are the only recreational vehicles that have this handy feature.

However, a few regular toy haulers now come equipped with fuel stations because manufacturers have noticed a demand for this particular feature.

If you know that you want a toy hauler and expect you to be traveling far away from fueling stations, you may want to consider the two options we have listed below.

Both of the below options have a fuel station feature along with other notable features and amenities:

1. 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 21LT

Nowadays, you can purchase a toy hauler in many different style themes, but one of the most popular go-to looks for RVers is a modern interior.

If you are searching for a new towable RV with a modern style with state-of-the-art appliances, you may want to consider the 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 21LT. This toy hauler by Coachmen is not only beautifully furnished but also solidly constructed.

Unlike other models, this one has nitro-filled tires that ensure it can travel over uneven terrain, tinted safety glass windows that keep the glare out of your motorhome, and adjusting safety brakes that allow for safe travels.

There is a 30-gallon fuel station, a power awning, aluminum wheels, and a 150,000 BTU air conditioning roof-mounted unit. These features ensure you will have comfortable camping excursions for decades.

The 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 21LT is 28 feet long, has a gross vehicle weight of 9,735 pounds, and total water carrying capacity of 98 gallons. This model also features on slide-out and can comfortably sleep, six people.

The Adrenaline 21LT has an estimated retail value of $35,500 if you purchase the model brand new, which places this toy hauler in the moderately inexpensive category.

The Interior:

The lightwood cabinetry and gleaming white countertops complement the solid black and silver appliances in the kitchen.

The kitchen is centrally located on the floorplan and is home to a uber-modern geometric backsplash that accentuates the overall modern theme of the Adrenaline 21LT.

There is also a three-burner stove with an oven, a small microwave, and a medium-sized refrigerator. On the far front wall of the kitchen is a 32 inch LED television that services the small recreational area opposite the kitchen.

This area has two comfortable black leather recliner chairs that come with seatbelts.

A large stainless steel kitchen sink is built into the countertop, with a residential faucet inside the kitchen.

At the rear of this toy hauler, a large cargo area doubles as a bedroom and dining room. Two fold-up black leather sofas face each other, and there is a spacious king-size drop-down bed. You will find a large, fully walkable bedroom that houses plenty of wardrobes and cupboard space through the passageway.

The queen size bed takes center stage in this room, along with the ambient LED lighting.

Most of us will spend plenty of time in the bathroom once or twice a day, so this room needs to be presentable and comfortable to be in.

Luckily, the Coachmen Adrenaline 21LT’s bathroom is gorgeous. It features light wood cabinetry, a marble-like countertop, a porcelain sink with a faucet complemented by brass-toned accents, and a spacious shower with brick-like decor.

2. 2021 Winnebago Spyder S29STT

The Winnebago brand has been a trusted motorhome manufacturer for decades in America.

Their toy haulers, although pricier, come with many features and amenities that ensure they stand the test of time.

Some notable construction features that set the 2021 Winnebago Spyder S29STT apart from its competition include the leaf spring suspension, cold crack-resistant flooring, aluminum frame, rear ramp door, and a 30-gallon fuel station.

The streamlined design of this motorhome allows it to be spacious and comfortable. This model can sleep up to six people and has one slide out that adds a little extra space for those who need it.

The overall length is 37 feet, and it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,995 pounds.

If you need a lot of extra cargo space, the 14 and a half foot long cargo area will likely impress you, as is the roof ladder that provides access to the roof. You can expect to pay $60,000 for this toy hauler, which is quite expensive, but you are paying more for quality.

The Interior:

Some might not like the interior as it does have a more traditional appearance.

The multi-toned vinyl wooden flooring, beige furniture, and dark wood cabinetry might not be to everyone’s liking, but it does give a homey feel to this motorhome.

A large drop-down queen-sized bed includes an additional mattress at the back of the 2021 Winnebago Spyder S29STT. The lounge area next to the kitchen also has a drop-down sofa that transforms into a double bed suitable for two people.

The kitchen is small but possesses everything a family or group of people traveling together could need. A large gas burner stove with a modest-sized oven and a hob, a large stainless steel microwave, and a residential-sized fridge.

There are also plenty of kitchen cupboards that you can use to store all your additional appliances or crockery and silverware. Furthermore, one of the most attractive features in this RV is the wrap-around counter island that features a large, deep-set residential sink with a faucet.

At the front of this Winnebago RV is a standard bedroom with a queen-sized bed and two wardrobes. If you want to, you can opt to have a king-size bed instead as the room is large enough. The bathroom is large and features a linen closet, a circular shower with glass doors, a flushing porcelain toilet, and a stainless steel sink with a faucet.

Additionally, the 2021 Winnebago Spyder comes with 2,500-pound tie-downs in the cargo area, ensuring that any equipment you are taking with you is secure.

There is also a handy outdoor shower where you can quickly hose yourself down before going inside for the day.

1 Great Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler That Has A Fuel Station

Camping trips and holidays can be ruined if you realize you are far away from a fueling station and have no backup fuel.

Fortunately, if you purchase a fifth-wheel toy hauler that comes equipped with a fuel station where you can store fuel, you won’t have this worry.

Fuel stations are handy if you have a large family that plans to take frequent off-grid trips as you can store the fuel you need for your generator and other appliances in the fuel station of your fifth-wheel toy hauler.

These fuel stations can also hold any fuel you need for outdoor equipment such as jet skis and ATVs.

Below we have provided one great fifth wheel toy hauler that comes equipped with a fuel station. We have also included the retail price you can expect to pay and the other features you can look forward to if you choose to buy the below model.

3. 2021 Keystone Fuzion 419

Large families need space when on holiday as it can get crowded once everyone has loaded their separate luggage.

Fortunately, the 2021 Keystone Fuzion 419 fifth wheel toy hauler has more than enough space with its three slides and total length of 41 feet.

This model can impressively sleep up to eight people, and it comes with three separate awnings, allowing each group of people to have their own outdoor shaded area. Additionally, the total dry weight for this fifth-wheel toy hauler is 15,240 pounds, so you will likely need a special towing vehicle.

If you plan to travel frequently outside of the summer months, you will likely be happy to learn that the 2021 Keystone Fuzion 419 is three seasonal. It also has a private 15-foot garage and a six-point hydraulic auto-leveling system.

Unlike the other toy hauler models on our list, this one has duel fuel tank stations, each with an impressive 30-gallon carrying capacity.

The Interior:

The interior of this motorhome is done in a gorgeous farmhouse style with plush leather sofas that can seat four people, dark-toned vinyl wood flooring, grey-toned wooden cabinetry, and spotless gleaming white countertops.

If you find yourself needing storage space, look no further than this unit as it has floor-to-ceiling cabinetry throughout the large kitchen.

The kitchen is definitely the focal point as it is architecturally designed to be visually pleasing. The white brick decal, stainless steel appliances, and large center island draw the eye. Additionally and uniquely to this model is foldaway seating built into the center island, which allows you to have breakfast in the heart of your motorhome.

Some motorhomes don’t follow through with their interior theme. This is not the case with the Keystone Fuzion 419, as the gorgeous farmhouse style and colors continue into the bedroom and bathrooms.

Large families will be pleased to learn that there are two bathrooms, one featuring a shower, sink, cabinetry, and toilet.

Additionally, some of the other features worth mentioning are the two power lifted beds found in the garage, the rear loft, the two air conditioning units, the electric fireplace, and the command smart automation system.

This fifth-wheel toy hauler is truly a home away from home.


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