3 Great Toy Haulers For Jetski (With Prices & Pictures)

Watersport fanatics who are part of the RV world likely enjoy taking all their favorite watersport equipment with them.

Additionally, there are those watersport lovers who want to enter into the RV world and purchase a toy hauler that can accommodate their equipment, such as their jetski and kayaks.

Whether you are new to the toy hauler world or are a veteran RVer, there is likely to be a toy hauler that can suit your needs.

We have combed the expansive RV market listings to find a few of the best toy haulers that are perfect for those wanting to take their jetski along with them when they travel:

How Big Is A Jetski?

The dimensions of a jetski are important to know if you plan on taking one with you in your toy hauler.

If you buy the wrong jetski or toy hauler, you might not be able to haul it.

Interestingly jetski dimensions have significantly increased over the years and have become far bulkier than the earlier models. The overall size will largely depend on the type of jetski you purchase and the brand you choose.

With all the different brands manufacturing jetski, it can be difficult to ascertain the average size. After some research, we understood that jetski starts at a length of 6 feet and 8 inches with a width of 2 feet and 1 inch.

Additionally, they can go up in size to an incredible 12 feet and 2 inches long with a width of 4 feet and 11 inches.

Now that you are aware of these different sizes, you can look at the toy hauler options we have presented. To limit your time trying to determine which one would be best, we have included the garage dimensions of each.

Before buying or seriously considering one of the models below, you should measure your jetski to make sure it can fit in the garage of the toy hauler you are interested in.

2 Great Toy Haulers That Can Fit A Jetski And Sleep, Four People:

Traveling or taking holiday trips with friends and family is always a joyous occasion, especially if you can take with you all the outdoor toys you need to have a good time.

Toy haulers were invented for precisely this purpose. They can haul items such as kayaks, motorcycles, ATVs, small boats, and jetski.

If you have a jetski and wonder what type of toy hauler can haul one or more, you should look at the two options we have provided below.

However, these two options are only ideal for traveling or participating in full-time living with groups of four or less.

1. 2022 Stealth Trailers Nomad 22FK (~$34,000)

The toy hauler with the largest garage on our list is also the most basic model with the least features.

Despite this, the 2022 Stealth Trailers Nomad 22FK is still worth considering especially if you need lots of space for your jetski and other outdoor items. This model is also wider than most toy haulers as it measures 8 feet and 6 inches across, and its deluxe RV ramp door allows for easy loading and offloading.

The 2022 Stealth Trailers Nomad 22Fk has an overall length of 27 feet, a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,990 pounds, and an impressive freshwater tank capacity of 46 gallons.

If you have extra gear that you want to haul and need more space than the 17-foot long garage area provides, you will like the extra storage compartment that spans the entire width of the model. For all this space, you might be shocked to learn that the retail price for this unit is only an estimated $34,000.

Although this model doesn’t have many features, it has the crucial amenities you need while camping. There is a front-facing kitchen equipped with a stove, fridge, microwave, and kitchen sink.

Additionally, there is also an indoor bathroom that features a shower and flushing toilet, and there is an outdoor shower that is uber convenient for those times when you need to wash off your equipment.

2. 2021 Forest River Wildwood 270RTK (~$28,000)

The motorhome brand Forest River is known for its durably constructed toy haulers that can contend with any adventure you throw at them.

Do you need a toy hauler that is luxurious but can handle rugged terrain? Must it also be able to haul your watersport equipment like your jetski? Should this be the case and you have a small budget, you might want to look at the 2021 Forest River Wildwood 270RTK.

This toy hauler has an approximate price point of $28,000, making it incredibly affordable when you consider the features and amenities equipped. The 2021 Forest River Wildwood 270RTK is equipped with a 14-foot garage. It can off-grid travel due to its extended power package, including a 30 amp controller, single battery, and 190-watt roof-mounted solar panel.

Moreover, this model is 32 feet and 2 inches long, has an unloaded vehicle weight of 5,877 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,974 pounds. With a price of only $28,000, it might be hard to believe that the 2021 Forest River Wildwood 270RTK comes equipped with luxury features and amenities.

Some notable features include a fireplace, airconditioner, an outdoor kitchen, two sleeper couches, an 11 cubic foot residential refrigerator, an outdoor hot and cold shower, and a small patio.

1 Great Toy Hauler That Can Fit A Jetski And Sleep, Six People:

Larger toy haulers are ideal for those wanting to experience the joys of adventure with a large group of people.

Luckily, thousands of different toy haulers are manufactured by numerous trustworthy motorhome brands that cater to bigger families and friends. Additionally, many of these big toy haulers can sleep up to six people and still provide a spacious garage where you can haul all your watersport equipment like fishing rods, kayaks, and jetski.

Below, similarly to how we did above, we have provided a great toy hauler option that we believe is perfect for larger groups looking to travel together and haul their outdoor watersport equipment.

We have also given a brief description of the model and have included the price so that you can determine if it is within the budget for you.

3. 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 23LT (~$44,000)

The most versatile model on our list is the 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 23LT. This toy hauler’s layout is designed to be easily maneuvered to provide space when you need it.

The roll-over sofas transform into beds or can be used as seating for a dining room table, and you can easily stow the furniture away to open up the 13 foot and 1-inch long garage area. This space is certainly large enough for you to store all kinds of equipment, including more than one jet ski.

The 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 23LT has “alumicage” construction, a heated and enclosed underbelly, vacuum bonded walls with Azdel composite paneling, and a crowned aluminum reinforced roof. These construction features guarantee that the model will last no matter what adventures you take, and best of all, you can travel during all four seasons.

Most four-season ready toy haulers will have high price points, but this model can be bought for a low cost of approximately $44,000.

This model is spacious because of the weight and length dimensions. The hitch weight is only 948 pounds which means you should have no problem towing it with a truck.

Additionally, the cargo-carrying capacity of 3,788 pounds and overall length of 29 feet and 7 inches means you won’t have to worry overly much about what you can take with you on your next trip.

Moreover, the 2021 Coachmen Adrenaline 23LT has some lovely features. There is a large king-sized bed situated in a private bedroom, and there is a fully equipped bathroom with a circular shower, flushing toilet, and bathroom sink with a cabinet.

Additionally, you might like the extra pass-through storage area, winterize ready kit, 39 inches LED television, USB charging ports, and ducted furnace.


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