4 Great Toy Haulers With Open Decks (With Prices & Pictures)

Even the biggest toy haulers can feel cramped at times.

This is likely the last thing you want when you have embarked on an exciting adventure or participating in full-time RV living.

Fortunately, motorhome manufacturers have seen this common problem and have in recent years begun addressing it. For example, you can now purchase a toy hauler that extends your outdoor living space by having an open deck.

If you want to alleviate that uncomfortable feeling of being cramped or have an open deck on your toy hauler because of the fantastic benefits, you should continue reading.

We have found some amazing toy haulers with an open deck that we believe could be perfect for you:

What Are The Benefits of Owning A Toy Hauler With an Open Deck?

Besides the notable benefit of extending the space of your toy hauler, an open deck has a few exceptional benefits you should be aware of.

We have provided a brief list of them below so that you are fully informed when you are ready to invest in a new toy hauler:

  1. An open deck allows you to have an outdoor area with breakfast or dinner out in the open but still safely off the ground.
  2. Enclosed open decks provide you with a comfortable space to safely exercise or meditate in nature without fearing pesky bugs and wild animals.
  3. When camped on a hill or near a water source, having an open deck will provide you with a better view and allow you to take in more of your surroundings.
  4. Open decks are a great addition for those who are enthusiastic about entertaining guests and family. They provide the additional space often needed to host a lovely outdoor event.

2 Great Toy Haulers With Open Decks:

It might be hard to believe, but a few regular toy haulers are equipped with an open deck.

These smaller toy haulers usually benefit significantly from having an open deck as they provide occupants with much more space. Unfortunately, they are harder to find, which is why we have found two great options that you should be aware of.

Below you will learn of the different features they possess, and you will also discover how much you should expect them to cost:

1. 2022 Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS (~$65,000)

The 2022 Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS is possibly one of the best new toy haulers to be manufactured with an open deck.

This toy hauler is ideal for anyone who wants a four-season toy hauler with superior insulation and durable construction features.

Despite all the notable features it is equipped with, you won’t need to spend a fortune. You can purchase the 2022 Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS for roughly $65,000.

This model has a length of 32 feet and 9 inches, with a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,900 pounds making it quite hefty. Additionally, the dry weight is 7,740 pounds, while the hitch weight is 1,087 pounds.

Although it is on the heavier side for a normal toy hauler, you will unlikely have any issues pulling it if you have a vehicle like a half-ton truck.

How a toy hauler is constructed and with what materials can make a massive difference on how long the unit will last you. Fortunately, you will have a built model to last if you purchase the 2022 Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS. This unit has a fiberglass exterior and is built with aluminum framing, making it lighter than its competitors.

Dry camping can sometimes be a challenge, but you won’t have that issue with this model. This is because it has a fantastic solar package and is equipped with a 4000 watt Onan generator. Additionally, if you plan to camp in remote locations, often you will like that this model has a large fuel station.

Besides the construction and dry camping amenities, there are many modern state-of-the-art features present in this unit.

Some of the most notable include an LED lighted patio awning, leather chairs, a double door fridge, a fully enclosed shower, outdoor speakers, a complete walk-around queen-sized bed, an air conditioning system, and a large furnace.

2. 2021 Forest River Work And Play 29SS (~$65,000)

Suppose you’re an avid adventurer who enjoys traveling with all your outdoor equipment like motorcycles and ATVs.

In that case, you need a toy hauler that is capable of providing comfort and cargo space. The lovely 2021 Forest River Work And Play 29SS are the best toy haulers built for this purpose. For this toy hauler, you should expect to pay around $46,000.

Additionally, this model isn’t titled work and play without reason. It comes equipped with a ramp door party kit that transforms your toy hauler by changing your ramp door into an open deck.

This adapted area provides you with a full-blown entertainment zone.

The 2021 Forest River Work And Play 29SS have an almost 16-foot long cargo area, a 30-gallon fuel station, a solar package, and a 5.5k generator. In addition, it has alumicage construction. An aluminum reinforced entirely walkable roof and vacuum-bonded walls with Azdel composite panels. These features make this toy hauler incredibly heavy-duty and perfect for off-road explorations.

This model is 36 feet long, has one slide out, and can sleep up to six people. Besides a toy hauler’s construction and exterior features, it’s important to note what interior features it possesses. You don’t want to invest in a unit that will have you uncomfortable.

Inside the Work And Play 29SS, you will find a fully equipped bathroom that has a shower with a skylight, a porcelain flush toilet, and a medicine cabinet. The kitchen has all the basic residential amenities needed, including a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and a kitchen sink with a faucet.

However, the best features are definitely the HD rubberized oil, gas, and moisture resistant flooring, satellite prep, camera prep, and auto-ignition furnace that has a wall-mounted thermostat.

1 Great Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers With Open Decks:

Even if you have a fifth-wheel toy hauler, you can still appreciate the additional space granted by having an open deck.

There are far more fifth wheel models with open decks than there are regular models.

Although this is beneficial as it provides you with more choices, it can make it more challenging to find one that adequately suits your needs and wants. That’s why we have taken some of the hard work out of the equation by seeking out one of the best fifth-wheel toy haulers with an open deck.

You will find the models below, along with a brief description and mentions of a few of their greatest features and amenities.

Additionally, you won’t have to be curious about pricing as we have also included how much you should expect its retail price to be.

3. 2021 Heartland Road Warrior 4275RW (~$65,000)

The most expensive model on our list also has the most features and the best open deck money can buy.

The 2021 Heartland Road Warrior 4275RW has a retail price of $134,000, but you’re paying for luxury, reliability, durability, and versatility.

This fifth-wheel toy hauler is equipped with a zero gravity ramp door that has a patio kit. This kit allows you to transform your ramp door into a large outdoor sitting or entertainment area. It also extends your 13-foot cargo area, which means you can accommodate more people when you are in the mood to entertain.

It is imperative to note weight and height ratings with fifth wheels as you need to ensure your towing vehicle is capable. You don’t want to purchase this unit if you cant hitch and pull it.

The Heartland Warrior 4275RW has a gross vehicle weight rating of 20,000 pounds, a dry weight of 15,729 pounds, a cargo capacity of 4,223 pounds, and a hitch weight of 3,525 pounds.

Additionally, this unit is 45 feet and 8 inches long with a height of 13 feet and 3 inches.

This model’s top interior features include a JBL hi-fi system, an incredibly high efficient 13,500 BTU air conditioning system, a sunken tub in the main private bedroom, and a luxury fireplace.

We know how important exterior features are, so we have managed to narrow down this model’s exhaustive exterior features to the top three. There are 20-watt solar panels with an inverter, a lockable 30-gallon fuel station with a pump and meter, and the whole unit has frameless tinted privacy windows.


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