3 Great Toy Haulers Under $10,000 (With Prices & Pictures)

Toy haulers are one of the best choices for those who want to experience numerous outdoor adventures. These motorhomes are often equipped with everything solo travelers and families need while on the road.

Although toy haulers are one of the cheaper motorhome categories, they can still be relatively expensive, especially if you want a luxury model. Luckily, buying a brand new toy hauler is not your only option!

Instead, you can purchase a quality pre-owned model within your budget.

So if you’re looking for a used toy hauler that will set you back less than $10,000, you have come to the right place:

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Toy Hauler?

When you decide to buy a toy hauler, you must carefully decide if this type of motorhome suits your needs, wants, and preferences.

After all, not every motorhome category suits everyone’s lifestyle.

Here are a few of the critical things you need to know before buying a toy hauler:

Ideal for Aventure:

A toy hauler could be beneficial if you like to adventure and want to take your outdoor items like your ATV, motorcycle, kayak, or bicycle with you.

These motorhomes usually have garage or cargo areas with tie-downs to ensure your items are safe and secure during your travels.


One of the most significant advantages of a toy hauler is adaptability.

You can use a toy hauler as an office, a playroom, an art studio, and plenty more.


There are not many motorhomes as convenient as toy haulers. You won’t need to tow your toys with a toy hauler separately.

These motorhomes have everything you need, including fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, and bedrooms, depending on the make, model, and brand.


Even if you buy a used toy hauler that is not that long, you will likely be mighty pleased to learn that most have plenty of space to cohabit comfortably.

Additionally, toy haulers have excellent storage capabilities, so you will likely have more than enough space for all your necessities.

Requires a Towing Vehicle: 

Since toy haulers are non-motorized, they require a towing vehicle.

The hauling vehicle you will need will depend on the gross vehicle weight rating of the toy hauler you plan to purchase.

Most toy haulers will require n SUV or truck, but some can be pulled by certain cars.

One Great Toy Hauler With Model Year 2005 That Is Under $10,000

If you like vintage-Esque motorhomes, you might want to consider purchasing a used 2005 model.

This model year might not have been that long ago, but it is considered an old (ahem, dinosaur alert) toy hauler to the general RV community.

The only problem is that older toy haulers can be quite problematic in mechanical and body construction. We recommend thoroughly examining the toy hauler you’re interested in if it’s a used model.

Since it can be somewhat challenging to find a quality pre-owned 2005 model, we want to share with you our top pick. These models are usually under $10,000 and are excellent purchases if you can find one in decent condition.

2005 K-Z Sportsmen 27SP

Those planning on using their used toy hauler for adventuring should consider the 2005 K-Z Sportsmen 27SP.

Although this model has a simple appearance, it has many features that make it ideal for life out on the road from campground to campground.

Since this model is popular because of its spaciousness, it’s unsurprising that it has a high retail cost of around $9,500.

The 2005 K-Z Sportsmen 27SP has an overall length of 27 feet long and can sleep six people comfortably. Interestingly, since these motorhomes were made of aluminum, they are guaranteed to last you almost as long as their previous owner if you can maintain them and keep them in good nick.

Curiously although the interior is not everyone’s cup of tea, these models are equipped with all the necessities you could need when traveling from place to place.

For example, inside the 2005 K-Z Sportsmen 27SP, there is a stove, a kitchen sink, a microwave, and enough countertop space to cook meals for everyone. Additionally, this toy hauler has a fully equipped bathroom, a queen-sized bed, and an awning.

Two Great Toy Haulers With Model Year 2007 That Are under $10,000

Motorhome production might have stagnated in 2007 because of the great recession, but that doesn’t mean a few gems were not manufactured and sold.

Many toy haulers were lauded for their modern features and amenities, so campers often purchased the two below models despite tight funds.

After researching the history of 2007 toy haulers, we came across these two noteworthy models because of their superb construction, decent pricing, and iconic aesthetic.

If you want a 2007 model, you might like the ones discussed below:

2007 Palomino Puma Unleashed 28TBU

If you’re after modern appliances but enjoy a more bohemian interior theme, you might like the 2007 Palomino Puma Unleashed 28TBU. This motorhome has a unique patterned interior color scheme with red and black patterned seating, tiles, and curtains.

Should this sound like your ideal home on wheels theme, you might like that this uber spacious model has an estimated retail price of $10,000, which is within budget.

The 2007 Palomino Puma Unleashed 28TBU has an overall length of 28 feet and can sleep up to six people like the previous model on our list. These models have many impressive features like their rooftop leader, durable roofing, and excellent mechanical components despite their age.

One of the best features that sets this model apart from its competition in this price range is its queen master bedroom, double bunk bed, and couch that converts into a bed. Its numerous storage compartments, air conditioners (rare in old models), and dual propane tanks make them incredibly attractive.

Yet, what you might like most about the 2007 Palomino Puma Unleashed 28TBU toy hauler is its indoor and outdoor stereo, awning, and fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.

2007 Forest River Wildwood Sport M-29FBSRV

For years Forest River has been a go-to choice for those seeking to buy a quality toy hauler.

So it’s not surprising that this model is quality, but it is somewhat surprising that the 2007 Forest River Wildwood M-29FBSRV is the cheapest toy hauler on our list, with an estimated retail value of around $7,900.

Yet, even though this RV is priced low, it has several attractive features that might be worth giving it a second look during your search for a new motorhome. Interestingly, this toy hauler is also unique in that it offers a separate living and cargo area, which is unlike the other models on our list.

This motorhomes garage is separated by a door, making it ideal for those who don’t want their outdoor items to crowd their living space.

The 2007 Forest River Wildwood Sport M-29FBSRV is 33 feet long, so it is the largest model on our list so; unsurprisingly, it’s also the most spacious and luxurious. Inside this unit is a comfortable dinette seating area where four people can enjoy a meal, and there is a spacious kitchen with plenty of storage and countertop space.

The kitchen itself has a refrigerator, a kitchen sink, a stove, and a microwave.

Additionally, like the other models on our list, this 2007 model also has a bathroom. Yet what sets it apart is a tub, shower, toilet, and wash hand basin. There is a comfortable queen-sized bed with side tables and plenty of cupboard space in the private bedroom.

We know it might not have the best interior color scheme, but there is potential for you to revamp this model and create the aesthetic you want.


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