3 Great Toy Haulers With Front Kitchens (With Prices & Pictures)

There are thousands of toy hauler models in the RV market, so it can be quite challenging to find a floorplan that you like.

If you’re looking for a brand new toy hauler with a rear kitchen, you, fortunately, won’t be disappointed as a few brands are now manufacturing toy haulers with a front kitchen floorplan.

However, it is more difficult to find a toy hauler with a front kitchen as it isn’t as popular a choice for RVers.

We have managed to find a few that we believe are great toy haulers that you should consider if you are looking for this particular floorplan type:

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler:

When looking for a toy hauler, you may come across a few fifth-wheel toy hauler options and not know the difference and why you should consider purchasing one.

To give you an idea of what a fifth-wheel toy hauler is, we have listed a few reasons why it would be likely beneficial to invest in one:


Unlike a few ordinary toy haulers, fifth-wheel toy haulers offer more space as they usually come equipped with several slideouts.

These slide-outs offer extra living room areas and sleeping accommodations, while some expand the model’s kitchen size.

For bigger families and full-time living individuals, fifth wheel toy haulers are worth considering if space is an important deciding factor.


Although it can be more difficult to maneuver a fifth-wheel toy hauler, it is more stable to drive than a regular toy hauler.

Fifth wheels have a more stable center of gravity with the model’s weight evenly centered and distributed between the axles of your towing vehicle.


If you’re a tall person, you likely know how frustrating it can be living or traveling in a toy hauler with a low ceiling height.

Fifth wheel toy haulers are therefore better suited to taller people as they offer higher ceiling heights.

Usually, a fifth-wheel toy hauler will have a higher ceiling height in the living areas than in the bedroom, which is important to remember.

2 Great Toy Haulers With Front Kitchens That Can Sleep Two People:

Even though rear kitchens are a more popular choice, there are a few RVers who want a front kitchen.

Luckily in our search, we came across two great toy haulers with a floorplan with a front kitchen. We found both of these options can sleep two people, and both are more affordable than some rear kitchen models.

Front kitchens can be incredibly convenient in a normal toy hauler if you don’t plan to use your kitchen too often or want a larger living area.

These kitchens also tend to be more private and out of the way, which is handy if you frequently entertain guests and family.

Below you will find the two options: how much they cost, a brief description of their attributes and amenities, and how spacious each of them is:

1. 2022 Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19TH (~$25,000)

If storage amenities are important for you in a smaller scale toy hauler, you may want to consider the popular 2022 Forest River Rockwood Geo pro G19TH.

It has two exterior storage compartments located on either side of the rig and multiple storage compartments within its interior. The Geo Pro G19Th is 20 feet long and has a total water capacity of 37 gallons, making it ideal for up to two occupants.

It has an approximate retail price of $25,000, which is fairly reasonable.

The 2022 Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19TH has an easily movable ramp door that measures 60 inches by 68 inches which is wide enough for you to easily load and offload all the outdoor equipment that you want to store onboard.

It also comes equipped with a 12-foot long power awning, frameless windows, an all-in-one TV/Wi-Fi booster, and a 190w solar panel that is roof-mounted.

The Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro also has a 13,500 BTU low-profile air conditioning unit, a 20,000 BTU furnace, and an auto-ignite gas or electric water heater. With these heating and cooling features installed, you won’t need to worry too much about traveling or living in extreme climates.

The Interior:

At the front of this toy hauler, you will find the kitchen and the bathroom directly across from it.

The kitchen is small but compact, with an L-Shaped countertop that has a granite appearance. The white-washed cabinetry complements the counters and lends an elegant appearance to space.

A small single stainless steel sink is built into the middle of the counter, and there is a microwave and stove. The fridge is fairly large, so it has been placed in the living room area near the LED television and sofas.

The bathroom is fully private with a door. Inside there is a flushing toilet and a large shower that also doubles as a shallow bathtub. This is convenient and handy for those who enjoy a soak after a long day adventuring in the wilderness. There is also a bathroom cupboard and a porcelain bathroom sink with a faucet.

At the rear of the Geo Pro G19TH, you will see the spacious cargo area where the living room is located. This area also doubles as a bedroom as the opposing futon sofas fold into beds for the toy haulers’ occupants. These sofas are 70 inches long, each providing a comfortable setting for those who will be sleeping on them.

Additionally, you will like that this toy hauler is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector and a ventilation fan and vent coverings.

2. Forest River Ibex 19QTH (~$27,500)

Should you be looking for a four-season toy hauler on a budget, you may want to have a closer look at the Forest River Ibex 19QTH.

This toy hauler is equipped with a 100W solar panel and a 1000W inverter. It also features a 15,000BTU air conditioning unit, tank heater pads, and a fully heated and enclosed underbelly.

The average price for the Ibex 19QTH is $27,500 if you are purchasing a brand new model from a dealership.

The Forest River Ibex 19QTH is 25 feet long and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 4470 pounds. It also has all-terrain tires making it ideal for those who want to experience an off-grid holiday.

There are also two pass-through storage areas, a lovely 16-foot awning that you can easily extract when you want to sit outdoors in the shade.

The Interior:

Unlike the previous toy hauler on our list, this model has a bedroom and kitchen located in the very front of it.

The grey tone cabinetry and kitchen counters are beautifully accented by the black kitchen sink and faucet and the glass-topped stove.

The entire kitchen comprises a single counter island, but it is spacious enough for one or two people to prepare meals. There is also a large refrigerator with a freezer compartment that is handy if you will be traveling or living in your toy hauler for a while.

At the very front, next to the kitchen, is a small but spacious bedroom that is private from the rest of the motorhome. In this room, you will find wooden cabinetry, a wardrobe, and a large queen-sized bed.

Next to the bedroom and across from the kitchen is the large bathroom. In the bathroom, the grey tone theme is continued with a wooden countertop on the bathroom cupboard.

There is also a sink with a hot and cold tap. The bathroom also has all the necessities you could need with a shower and a flushing toilet.

When you move down from the kitchen and into the cargo area, you will find a storage cupboard, a pantry, and a fold-up sofa. This room is sparse but spacious enough for all your equipment, with stable tie-downs placed along with the flooring that secures any bikes or ATVs.

1 Great Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler With A Front Kitchen That Can Sleep Six People:

Fifth wheel toy haulers are notoriously more expensive than regular toy haulers, which is why you will need a larger budget if you are planning on investing in a fifth wheel.

Unlike regular toy haulers, there are more fifth-wheel toy haulers that feature front kitchens, and these kitchens are usually much larger than what you would find in a small-scale toy hauler.

Below is one of the best fifth-wheel toy haulers that we have come across if you want a luxury feel and a front kitchen.

We have also included what you can expect to find in the unit and its average retail price.

3. 2021 Keystone Alpine 3790FK (~$71,000)

Suppose you want a spacious fifth-wheel toy hauler with superior features that include advanced suspension and luxury amenities; you may want to consider the 2021 Keystone Alpine 3790FK.

This Keystone Alpine has improved impact absorption and axle equalization, allowing owners to travel easily off-road without much hassle. The Keystone Alpine fifth wheel toy hauler features four slide-outs, and it is an impressive 42 feet long.

As this fifth wheel has luxury features and is larger than normal toy haulers, you can look to pay approximately $71,000.

It also has an all-in-one equipped waterworks exterior utility center, which sets it firmly apart from the other models on our list.

There is an easy siphon winterization system, a blank tank spray hookup, enclosed low point drain valves, a water heater bypass, and ducted heat for cold weather protection.

The Interior:

The kitchen is found at the front of this fifth-wheel toy hauler, and it is incredibly spacious.

There is more than enough walkable space for a family to prepare meals together and for you to entertain your guests. There is dark wood cabinetry topped by marble white counters that wrap around the entire room.

You will find a huge residential-sized refrigerator, a kitchen sink with a faucet, a microwave, and an oven with a three-burner stovetop in terms of appliances. This room also has a separate island where you can sit and eat.

Centrally located in the lounge, which features an electric fireplace and two trifold black leatherette sofas that sleep two each. There is also theatre seating that includes two recliner couches that face the LED television. Additionally, there is also a handy coat closet located near the steps that lead into a bedroom.

The bedroom in this unit is incredibly luxurious. There is a large king-size bed that has storage capabilities underneath. There are two large wardrobes and a chest of drawers where a wall-mounted television is located.

If you want a huge bathroom, this fifth-wheel toy hauler is definitely suited to you.

Inside the bathroom is a huge shower that has a large skylight and a built-in seat. There is a flushable toilet and cupboards that are topped by gleaming white marble.

This bathroom also features two bathroom sinks with faucets and two mirror-topped medicine cabinets, making it the perfect his and hers bathroom.

This unit also has a 35,000 BTU furnace, an air conditioning unit, and a convenient central vacuum system.


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