3 Popular Travel Trailers That Fits In A Garage (With Pictures & Prices)

Many people don’t have the funds to store their travel trailer at an RV storage facility when it’s not in use.

Additionally, many RVers don’t like the idea of keeping their travel trailer at a facility that they don’t know and trust. Suppose you are one of these people; you will likely be overjoyed to learn that a few travel trailers can be stored in a garage.

We will be briefly talking about a few of the most popular travel trailers that fit inside a garage so that you have an idea of which one is best suited to your needs and preferences:

Why Should You Store Your Travel Trailer In A Garage?

It’s no secret that most travel trailers cant be stored in a typical single garage, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions.

A standard garage is approximately 18 to 20 feet long and 9 to 10 feet wide. With these specifications, you can store a variety of small travel trailers.

Protect it From Harm:

A significantly important reason it’s a good idea to store your travel trailer in a garage is that it will be protected from the elements.

If you keep your travel trailer in a garage, you will be shielding it from the rain, snow, sleet, ice, hail, and wind.

By keeping it out of these elements, you extend how long it will last you.

Keep it Climate Controlled:

Another reason storing your travel trailer in a garage is an excellent idea is that you will keep it climate-controlled.

Since your garage is insulated, your motorhome will be insulated and better protected from extreme heat and extreme cold.

2 Popular Travel Trailers that fits in a Garage and Sleep 2-3 People:

If you’re looking for a smaller travel trailer that can sleep two to three people and fit inside a single garage, you will be pleased to discover that there are many available options.

Below we have spoken about two popular travel trailers amongst couples and small families. Each of them has its unique draws that make them worth considering.

In addition to mentioning why you should buy these particular motorhomes, we have also included how much you should expect to pay for them:

1. 2022 Safari Condo Alto F1743 (~$38,000)

Do you want a travel trailer that you know will be durable and comfortable while featuring revolutionary construction technology?

The 2022 Safari Condo F1743 is ideal for those seeking a travel trailer that will last for many years. This ultra-light motorhome has an uber-modern interior with light wood finishes, dependable appliances, ingenious storage facilities, and a space-saving floorplan.

It might surprise you that the model is priced at approximately $38,000.

The 2022 Safari Condo F1743 is 18 feet long and can sleep up to three people. It has a gross weight rating of 1,756 pounds making it easily towable by most SUVs and small cars. This model has a 15-gallon freshwater tank, a 15-gallon grey water tank, and a 12-gallon black water tank.

Unlike a few other travel trailers, this model has a revolutionary roof. The roof on this model is made from a single sheet without any joints. Interestingly, the walls and roof follow a sandwich construction method with a honeycomb core laminated with Alufiber on one side and aluminum on the other. Additionally, this model is made with water-resistant materials like Formica, glass, Alufiber, and aluminum.

Moreover, besides these impressive construction features, this travel trailer has a few interior and exterior features worth mentioning. Some of the exterior features include electric brakes, aerodynamic holding tanks built into the frame, a space and water heater, and 13-inch aluminum wheels.

The interior features that stand out include a shower, a fixed flush toilet and wash hand basin, a 60 inch by 81-inch queen size bed, a 36 inch by an 81-inch single bed, a convenient portable table, and a 3.1 cubic foot refrigerator.

2. 2022 Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth (~$18,600)

If you need a travel trailer that is going to keep up with all your future adventures, you might be interested in the 2022 Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth.

Although this travel trailer is one of the smallest on the RV market, it can still sleep, two people. Its simple yet lightweight design and convenient features make it immensely popular amongst those who only have a car as their motorhome towing vehicle. Since it is one of the smallest travel trailers, it is reasonably affordable at an approximate retail value of $18,600.

The 2022 Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth has an exterior length of 12 feet and 10 inches, an exterior width of 6 feet and 7 inches, an exterior height of 6 feet and 8 inches, and an interior height and width 4 feet and 7 inches.

This compact unit has a gross vehicle weight rating of 2,200 pounds, tongue weight of 127 pounds, a dry weight of 1,310 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of 990 pounds. Additionally, this model also includes a 5-gallon NATO can for freshwater.

This travel trailer is rugged and versatile. It can travel offroad and on-road and be towed by many four-cylinder vehicles. It also features innovative doors and hatches that unfold to offer ventilation and allow RVers to take in the sites at their campground.

Additionally, unlike many other small travel trailer options, the 2022 Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth can provide more than seven days off-grid. It has a built-in electrical system, a pre-wired solar inlet, and an external water system.

Moreover, although this model doesn’t have a bathroom, it does have several other features that make it attractive. For example, there is a spectacular pull-out kitchen. This kitchen is equipped with ample 5.5 square feet of counter space and storage compartments, a cutting board, and a portable two-burner stove.

Yet perhaps the best features of all include the 12 cubic foot space of under-bed storage, the LED interior lighting with reading light, the roof tracks for a roof rack system, and the option of adding a rooftop tent to increase the sleeping capacity of three people.

1 Popular Travel Trailer that fits in a Garage and Sleeps 5 People

Did you know that travel trailers small enough to fit into a garage can sleep five people?

It might not seem possible, but a few motorhome brands have achieved this feat. If you enjoy traveling with friends or have a moderately big family, you might like the travel trailer we have chosen to speak about below.

As we did above, we will speak about the features and amenities that make this motorhome worth considering as well as its estimated pricing:

3. 2022 Happier Camper HC1 (~$30,000)

Do you want a travel trailer that is not only small and maneuverable but also adaptive?

The 2022 Happier Camper HC1 is perfect for those seeking a travel trailer that can be altered at a moment’s notice. This model is unique because it features an adaptive floor grid system of modular components. These components can be adjusted to change how the interior of your motorhome looks to suit your needs and preferences.

You can expect to have to pay roughly $30,000 for this model.

The retro-modern 2022 Happier Camper HC1 has an overall length of 13 feet, an exterior height of 7 feet and 4 inches, an inside width of 6 feet and 6 inches, and an inside height of 6 feet and 1 inch. Unlike the other RVs on our list, this travel trailer has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 pounds, a dry weight of 1,100 pounds, and a tongue weight of 110 to 150 pounds.

Interestingly, this travel trailer’s water tank holding and plumbing capabilities are unique features. There is a 5-gallon freshwater tank, a 4-gallon grey water tank, and a road shower option. There is also a dry flush toilet option that doesn’t require any plumbing, and the waste bags are entirely disposable.

The construction features of the 2022 Happier camper HC1 are incredibly impressive. The HC1 is durably constructed with 100 percent fiberglass double hull handcrafted shells, custom durable components, and a honeycomb fiberglass floor grid. These materials and design choices ensure this travel trailer is built to last generations.

In addition to this, the HC1 also has a large hatch door, is equipped with premium fabrics and hardware, and is solar and off-grid ready.

Moreover, since it features a modular design, it can also be adapted to sleep five people comfortably, and you can take along many outdoor toys like fishing equipment and bicycles.


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