Used Yacht Prices: 12 Helpful Examples (With Pictures)

Used yacht prices can vary dramatically based on the size, year, brand, and type of yacht.

In this post, we’ll give examples of all of them so you can get an idea of what you might expect to pay for a used yacht.

We have divided the list into these sections:

  1. Prices on slightly used yachts
  2. Prices on yachts that are 5-10 years old
  3. Prices on yachts that are 10-20 years old
  4. Prices on yachts that are +20 years old

Let’s get started!

Prices On Slightly Used Yachts

1) 2018 Sea Ray L 55

This yacht is a 56’ long yacht with two twin inboard diesel motors.  It is a sleek looking motor yacht with a front deck that resembles that of a bowrider boat.  The beam is almost 16’ wide and the dry weight is 57,800 pounds.

The yacht holds 150 gallons of fresh water and has a holding tank of 68 gallons.  The fuel capacity is 580 gallons.

The Sea Ray has all of the options that you might find in a luxury apartment.  It has a side-by-side washer and dryer, a wine cooler, and a residential refrigerator, as well as an ice maker.  The windows have wood blinds on them and the flooring and the tables are teak.

The selling price for this yacht is $1,475,000.00.  If you were to finance it for 20 years at an interest rate of 4.99%, your monthly payments would be $9,726.00 a month.  It’s 2019 at the time of this writing so it makes sense that a yacht that is only a year old might still command such high prices.

2) 2018 Prestige S-Line 630 S

The Prestige has a single inboard diesel motor made by Volvo.  This powers its 63-foot length.

The yacht builder put a strong emphasis on interior space and while there is a nice seating area at the back of the boat, the rest of the yacht is made of entirely of interior space.  It isn’t surprising as the boat is in North Carolina where the winters are mild but still cold enough that you probably wouldn’t want to be outside on a yacht.

The salon area features a nice kitchen and a nice sitting area with couches and a television.  The berths are large and you’ll find a bed with a loveseat and a large computer desk next to it with room to space in the master berth.  You’ll also find a carpeted floor.

To buy this yacht you’ll need $1,790,000.00 or $11,803.00 a month.  This price is a few hundred thousand dollars more expensive than the last but you do get an additional 7 feet of length.

3) 2017 Horizon RP120

This yacht is 120’ long and has a beamwidth of 26’2”.  The fuel capacity is 8,000 gallons.

There is an on-deck master, five guest rooms, and crew quarters.  Each deck has entertainment areas and lounge areas for passengers to enjoy.

The garage and swim platform offers many opportunities for recreation and the yacht is built to take long cruises out to sea.  Also, the designer created the hull with resistance in mind so the hull has a sleek profile that offers less resistance than most ships of her size.

There are three rooms for the crew.  These rooms consist of two rooms with twin bunks and a set of captain’s quarters.  The captain’s cabin is fully set up with its own head and large television.

A year after the ship was built, the owner added a washer and dryer to the crew quarters as well as the guest quarters.  They also added an ice maker and ten new leather dining chairs as well as a custom leather sofa in the salon.

The Horizon is selling for $9,800,000.00.

This is dramatically more expensive than the previous models we looked at, but it’s also much longer.  It also has a lot more functionality as it can be used for longer sea voyages as well as for more recreational trips like Island hopping.

Prices On Yachts That Are 5 to 10 Years Old

4) 2014 Sunrise 147’ Motor Yacht

This motor yacht is 147’ long with a 29’3” beam.  It holds 14,794 gallons of fuel.  The yacht was built as a dive explorer yacht and it was designed by Paolo Scanu.  Cruising speeds of 12 knots can be had with this yacht.

The yacht has five large staterooms and can hold up to eleven guests comfortably.  Crew quarters consist of five cabins and can comfortably accommodate 10 people.

The upper deck has multiple sitting areas as well as a nice hot tub.  Even more outside sitting areas can be found on the center deck as well as the bottom deck.  Smaller boats can be launched from the back deck.

There is a small fitness center which features free weight and cardio equipment.  The kitchen isn’t quite as large as what you would expect on a yacht this size but it definitely has a luxurious feel to it.  The countertops and flooring are both marble.

The cost of this yacht is $14,900,000.00.

At $14,900,000.00, this five-year-old yacht is much more expensive than some of the yachts that are only a year old.  However, it is also much larger.  Even the beam is twice as wide as the beam on the Sea Ray.  The boat offers a lot of comfort and functionality, but you’ll pay for it even if you buy used.

5) 2013 Riva 75’ Venere Super

This yacht is 75’ long with an 18’9” wide beam.  The engine is a diesel engine and it has a fuel capacity of 1,453 gallons.

The yacht features 4 staterooms with en-suite bathrooms as well as 2 cabins for the crew.  In total, you can comfortably sleep up to 8 passengers and 3 crew members.

With a large number of on-suite bathrooms and separate living areas, this yacht looks more like a small boutique hotel than some of the other small yachts.  In fact, some of the bedrooms feature a dinette seating area within the berth itself.

The inside kitchen is smaller than you would think, but this is probably because there is also an outside area for cooking on one of the decks.  There are two large dining areas, one inside and one outside as well as a nice lounge area that can comfortably seat eight people.

The price of this yacht is currently at $2,499,950.00.  This comes out to about $1,724.00 a square foot.

This yacht is a good compromise for somebody looking to buy a newer and more luxurious sea-going yacht without having to pay over 5 million dollars.

6) 2012 San Lorenzo SL72

The San Lorenzo is 74.5’ long and 18’6” wide.  It has a large V12 engine and a 1,347-gallon fuel capacity.  The yacht was imported from Italy but features US power features.

This yacht was designed to have an open layout with an exterior that looks more like a large mega yacht.  At the transom, you’ll notice a large swim platform and a large dingy with a 40 HP motor.

The salon was built with luxury in mind and you’ll find a large leather couch in white with cabinets and end tables.  This room ends with a set of large glass doors that flow right into the back deck where there is also seating to be had.

The galley, as well as the dining area, are both spacious and a partition can be raised between both the galley and the dining area for additional privacy.  When people aren’t lounging, eating, or cooking, they can retire to their berths which feature televisions hidden inside of the mirrors.

The current price on this yacht is $2,198,000.00.

This yacht is comparable to the previous yacht but you save a couple hundred thousand dollars by going with a slightly older model.

Prices On Yachts That Are 10-20 Years Old

7) 2008 Viking Sport Cruisers by Princess 75 Motor Yacht

This large yacht is 75’ long with a beam width of 19’.  It has a cruising speed of 30 knots which it obtains with a set of twin inboard diesel motors.  These engines were both rebuilt in 2017 and only have 350 hours on them since the rebuild.

The deck teak is new and the interior also had a new overhaul back in 2016.  The owners also added a Sea Recovery Watermaker 1,200 GPD.

The interior of this yacht is reminiscent of a fancy townhouse.  It even has a spiral staircase leading up to the deck.  The bedrooms all have room to walk around the beds and the bathrooms are massive.  Ten people could sleep comfortably in this yacht.

This yacht includes a crew cabin that sleeps two.  This cabin has its own stall shower and ink within the head.  With a yacht this large, it makes sense that the owners would want to have comfortable crew quarters.

The price on this large motor yacht is $1,995,000.00.  Payments for the 20-year loan would be $13,155.00 a month.

Going with a 10-year-old yacht ends up saving you over half a million dollars when compared to the Riva.

8) 2003 Codecasa 205.05

This yacht has a length of 205.05’ and a beam width of 36’9”.  These dimensions make it larger than most homes.

The yacht almost resembles an old Victorian mansion inside.  It has a long formal dining room, a large bar, and massive berths with formal offices inside of them.

Some of the interior areas have dark and formal appearances to them while others are bright and cheery.  There is a home gym located near one of the decks and a nice hot tub on the upper deck.

You’ll find four separate stories to this yacht with an elevator to take you to each of them.  There is also a nice lounge area with bars on the top deck as well.

At the back of the boat, there is space for two smaller boats that can be launched.

The asking price on this yacht is $24,950,000.00.  This massive yacht comes with a massive price tag.  However, a yacht like this might take years to make.  Buying used means that you can own and use the yacht right away.

9) 2004 Oceanfast 174’ Custom Super Yacht

This yacht is 173.92’ long with a beam of 28’9” wide.  The fuel capacity is 23,326 gallons and the engine is a diesel engine.

The yacht is capable of transatlantic and transpacific crossings.  However, with a draft of only 8.5 feet, it can also land at most ports within the Bahamas.

This vessel has a unique battleship look to its exterior.  However, the inside looks more like a luxury hotel.  The back of the ship is an open deck that was intentionally left open so that the owner could reconfigure it at will.

Another unique feature on this yacht is the glass staircase that leads down to the guest quarters and up to the sky lounge from the salon.  This feature cost the owner over half a million dollars.

This boat is built for a large crew and you’ll find that even the captain’s quarters has its own en-suite bathroom.  The crew even gets its own lounge area and mess kitchen as well as full control rooms for the engineers.

You’ll need $14,900,000.00 to purchase this yacht.

A 30-foot drop in length ends up saving you over 10 million dollars compared to the Codecasa.

Prices On Yachts That Are Over 20 Years Old

10) 1999 Ferretti Yacht 72

The Feretti is 73’ long with an 18’ beam.  It has a diesel engine that can go up to 66.67 kilometers per hour.  The fuel capacity is 5,000 liters.

This engine provides a lot of power and range but guests don’t have to hear it run if they don’t want to.  The reason for this is that the interior salon has been thoroughly soundproofed.

There are four passenger cabins, 4 heads, and a crew cabin.  This provides comfortable sleeping quarters for eight guests and three crew members.

This yacht maybe 20 years old, but it’s interior is not.  The interior was just remodeled in 2019 and looking at it, you would think that the yacht was brand new.  Everything looks very modern, elegant, and zen-like in appearance.  Even the interior staircase is made up of stairs that seem to float up to the upper deck.

The kitchen and dining area look like something you would see in an ultra-modern house.  In fact, the dining table is made from thick glass and metal and features seating for seven people.

Most of the berths are simple yet comfortable with two rooms featuring large beds and two rooms featuring twin beds.  In the back, you can find a crew cabin that features bunks.

The cost of this yacht is $673,000.00.

Once you drop past twenty years, you can save a lot of money.  The nice advantage to this is that you can save up money to buy a yacht even on a modest salary.  Some retirees will sell their home and their vehicles and live the rest of their days on a nice older yacht.

11) 1989 Pacifica 78 Extended Cockpit

The Pacifica 78 has a length of 85 feet and a beam width of 19’5”.  The engine is diesel with 2,500-gallon fuel capacity.  The owners put $200,000.00 into upgrading the boat in 2018.

Upgrades include new AC, a new transmission, a new autopilot, new appliances, new faucets, new bedding, new pumps, and new batteries.  The port engine was also rebuilt.

From looking at the pictures, it seems that the outer deck areas all received new paint and the seating looks newer as well.  The interior, however, seems to be dated.

The sitting area reminds me of a living room that you might find in a larger house in the 1980s.  It even features a large tube television that any new owner would probably want to dispose of right away.

There are plenty of sleeping quarters with a large master stateroom with walk-in closet and ensuite head and a large VIP room with an ensuite as well.  Mid-ship, you’ll find a room that functions as either a library or an additional sleeping berth.  It also has its own head.  At the aft section of the boat, you’ll find traditional crew quarters that can sleep two.

The upper decks are quite spacious and the rear deck can hold a large dinghy.  This rear deck leads to a large engine room which would make the engine extremely easy to work on.

The owners have this yacht listed for sale at $590,000.00.

You may have to do some interior updating on this yacht, but with the $80,000.00 you save, it could be worth it.

12) 1979 Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht

The Hatteras is 64’ long with an 18’ beam.  It has a diesel engine with a fuel capacity of 700 gallons.  This yacht has an upgraded galley with new countertops and appliances inside.

The yacht features three guest cabins as well as crew quarters.  There are twins in two cabins, bunks in crew cabins, and a California king size bed in the master.

The salon has a couch and two recliners.  It also has a wet bar.  This area doesn’t appear to have been upgraded recently but everything appears to be in good shape.  Also, the original mahogany is still throughout the area.

The best part of this yacht is the outside decks.  These decks are spacious and even feature a table with a fire pit inside of it.

At a price of $298,000.00, you’ll end up paying about $259.00 a square foot.  This brings the price more in line with what you would pay for a small house near the beach.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, used yacht prices will vary dramatically depending on what year you go with and what size you decide to get.

Also, even older yachts can vary in price as some will have been updated and some will have not.

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