8 Vehicle Types & Camp Ground Rules (With Examples)

Camping is a great pastime for the whole family, but you want to be sure that your vehicle is allowed at a campground before you drive all the way there.

We have gathered all the information you will need for alternative vehicles while camping:

1. Do Campgrounds Allow Side-by-Sides or UTVs?

Bringing your UTV camping is always a toss-up when it comes to whether or not it is allowed.

Each campsite has its own rules and regulations when it comes to having certain vehicle types on their property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an idea of where your UTV will be welcome.

It is more likely that a campground allows a UTV if they offer trails or trail riding.

Often, these campsites will also allow you to rent a UTV if you do not already own one!

2. Do Campgrounds Allow School Buses?

It seems like converting a school bus to a recreational vehicle is all the rage these days.

A school bus transformed into an RV is a great way to customize and personalize your travel vehicle.

But the real question remains: will you be allowed in a campground?

This, like all things, can only be answered on a case-by-case basis.

Some campgrounds will allow you to bring a converted school bus, while others will not.

The following are reasons your converted bus might not be welcome at a campground:

Labeling & Size:

Even though tiny living is becoming more mainstream, a lot of old-fashioned campers consider renovated school buses as a nuisance and not a home.

Considered too large, in the way, and “not a real RV” means that your campground might not want them on the property.

If you were trying to park a school bus for a literal school camping trip, that would be a different story, as the bus would be parked away from the sites altogether.

Instead, it would take a lot of convincing or a very good campground owner to let you use your school bus on a small campsite.

Age Requirements:

Another thing to consider when visiting an RV park is the age of your vehicle.

Not only can a school bus conversion be turned away due to age, so can a traditional RV that is too old.

Because those restrictions exist, a campground may not allow you to bring your school bus camping.

Will Campgrounds Let You Sleep in Your Car?

Campgrounds will typically allow you to sleep in your car, under certain conditions.

Usually, campground owners are hesitant because people who sleep in their cars will try not to pay the campground fee for the site.

Most campgrounds are fine with you sleeping in your car as long as you pay them to use the site that you are staying at.

Do Campgrounds Allow Pop-up Campers?

Pop-up campers are the best mid-way point between an RV or Camper and a tent.

Not only is a pop-up camper easier to haul than a Camper and RV but gets you up and off the ground at night.

Pop-up campers are allowed in campsites. They are smaller than traditional Campers and RVs so they are not at risk of not fitting into the campsite.

Pop-up campers are also often allowed on tent sites and aren’t required to be in an RV-specific spot.

Do Campgrounds Allow Vans?

Campgrounds will allow converted vans in almost all instances.

If you are traveling with a converted van, the only place you might consider calling ahead is if you intend to stay at an RV Park.

These parks are not always accepting of converted vans.

You will have better luck being allowed at an RV park if your van is nice, new, and well-maintained.

However, you will likely only be allowed for a few days, rather than for weeks or long-stay durations like most RV-goers.

Do Campgrounds Allow Electric Scooters?

Some campgrounds will allow motorized vehicles like electric scooters and some will not.

It is best to call in advance to determine if you can bring your scooter before you arrive at the park.

Some parks are opting out of allowing off-road motorized vehicles due to the risk involved of having an unregistered vehicle on their property.

This could include motorized scooters, golf carts, and other unregistered vehicles.

Another concern is the noise that some of these vehicles make.

Do Campgrounds Allow Portable Hot Tubs?

When you are camping, you might want to enjoy the finer things in life, and all the comforts vacation has to offer.

One way to do this is by bringing an inflatable hot tub.

If this is something you intend to travel with, make sure that you call ahead to each place you intend to stay as each campground has its own rules.

Another thing to consider if you intend to use a portable hot tub is whether or not you will be able to fill it once you get to the campsite you are staying at.

Do Campgrounds Allow Cargo Trailers?

If you are interested in camping in a converted cargo trailer, you are probably wondering if you will be welcome in most campgrounds.

Similar to other converted vehicles, this can vary from campground to campground. Always make sure you call ahead and are positive you will be welcome.

When converting your cargo trailer, make sure you do your research and do it safely. Cargo trailers, unless properly converted can have trouble with ventilation.


No matter what you intend to camp in, you will want to be sure you are welcome before you head all the way to your destination with a banned vehicle.

Most campgrounds are willing to work with you if you are upfront with them and voice your concerns before booking.

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