What Are One-Story Houses Called? (5 Styles Explained)

While a one-story home may seem basic and sometimes boring, some amazing one-level homes with impressive layouts would be a perfect place to call your own.

But did you know that there are several different styles of single-level homes that each feature something unique?

So, before you think that smaller homes like these are created equal, check out some of the amazing layouts of this specific style of one-level homes.

1. Ranch-Style Houses

When talking about one-level homes, you must first start with the basics. A ranch-style home is the most common single-level home on the market.

The one feature that sets a ranch-style home apart from other single-level homes is that the entire home is built around the theory of an open design. This helps make the house feel larger than it is while allowing for better airflow and more light.

The most notable feature of a ranch-style home is that the outdoor space is an extension of the home itself. This is why many ranch homes have a prominent deck or patio feature.

Another thing to note about ranch-style homes is that they are often wider than tall.

The idea is that each room flows into the next without having a lot of walls blocking off each specific room and space. This gives the homeowner more creative control over how the house feels and flows.

The unique open floor plan or a ranch-style house is often designed in an L-shape, eventually leading to a large patio.

A ranch home is the most common because it is easier to transform into whatever layout works best for you and your family.

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2. Craftsman One-Level Homes

Craftsman houses first became popular in the early 1900s and were inspired by the art movement using well-designed architectural features that help make the home structural sound.

While craftsman homes can be multiple levels, single-level homes really put this design style on the map.

The style really lends itself to a strong design element. Using technically difficult features like intricate woodwork and stained-glass windows.

But, the one feature that sets a single-level craftsman house apart from other designs is the shaping of the home and the roof structure.

Craftsman homes often feature triangle roofs on the top of the home and an overhanging porch.

This helps to give the illusion of a two-story home while still having the convenience of a single-level home.

While this style has been popular for over a hundred years, to this day, it still remains one of the most preferred single-level designs. This is mainly due to the extra design touches that help elevate the home’s overall elegance.

This is done with a unique roof design and columns and exposed beams.

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3. Cottage Homes

Cottage-style homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger home buyers. This is because people are looking more at the design and quirkiness of a home versus having the best craftsmanship.

After all, nothing is more beautiful than a one-level cottage home surrounded by a field of wildflowers. What exactly is a cottage one-level home?

The term “cottage home,” or something referred to as a “bungalow,” directly refers to a home’s square footage.

The inside footage of cottages is far smaller than other traditional one-level homes. This helps to make the overall design unique because of the creative ways they home separate the spaces and rooms within.

Sometimes walking through a cottage home can feel like you are launched into middle-earth. This is because to fit so much into a smaller space, areas that are meant for storage have to clash with the living spaces.

This means there will be so many unique angles in the home and little tucked-away pockets that lend themselves to the simple lifestyle of living in a cottage home.

The main draw to a cottage home is that the design from the outside doesn’t make you feel like you will be cramped. Cottage homes are often designed with whimsical features like white picket fences, asymmetrical roof designs, and an overall unavoidable sense of charm.

4. Single-Level Mediterranean Homes

The beautiful tile and stone home completely inspires a Mediterranean home features all through Italy and Greece.

The main reason a Mediterranean-style house is perfect for a single-level design is that these homes, by nature, are made to feel light and full of flowing air.

Most notably, single-level Mediterranean houses use indoor and outdoor spaces as livable rooms.

For example, most Mediterranean houses allow you to easily move indoors to outdoors as an extension of the home, which works great for entertaining.

Most of the time, you will see this extension moving from the dining area right outside to a dining patio with a large European-style double door that is meant to be left open to allow air and sunshine in.

These single-level homes are most popular in areas with year-round warm weather. This is because the stone and tile work to keep the home’s inside temperature at a nice cool level.

The overall design of a Mediterranean home is that the features use materials found in nature to give them a comfort element and truly lend themselves to a carefree design.

From impeccable ironwork to carved stone, every inch of this style of single-level homes will almost feel like a work of art.

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5. Southwestern One-Level Houses

You can’t forget the classic southwest design when discussing popular styles of one-level homes in America.

This design is specially meant for states in the southern part of the country where temperatures and moisture levels are low.

Southwestern one-level homes are often designed to be shaped like a box. This means you won’t see sloped roofs or triangle roofs like you would with other styles like craftsman homes.

The idea behind this design is to create as much natural shade from the sun as possible using the home’s architecture.

So, instead of large sloped roofs, southwestern homes have flat roofs that hang over the edge to keep the home surrounded by shade.

While some people tend to find this style of home a little bit blocky, the special features that can be found in a southwestern-style one-level home really give them something special to help compensate for the square floor plan.

The idea behind a southwest-style home is that the inspiration comes from the outdoors, specifically the desert. This is done using texture, tile, and a specific color pallet that is true to the southwest.

It should also be noted that the floorplans and layouts for southwestern-style one-level homes take direct inspiration from “Spanish-style homes.”

The one thing that sets the two apart is the size of the home. Spanish-style homes are not usually one-level houses and sometimes can be compared to “mini-mansions.”

Southwest homes are unique in that they really lean into the smaller-scale design and make the home feel light and airy while still giving you the convenience of a one-level home.

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