What Is “Regatta” In Sailing? (Explained For Beginners)

If you are new to sailing, you may have heard the term “regatta” or even been invited to take part in one. But have you ever wondered what a regatta involves? 

In this article, we will explain what a regatta is and what to expect if you attend as a spectator or even if you want to take part:

So, What Is A Regatta?

A regatta is an event or series of events in which boats of the same class or type race against each other. Traditionally, these boat racing events consisted of rowing or sailing competitions, but more recently, even some powerboat races have been called regattas.  

Many regattas are named after a specific type of boat or class. Some of the more well-known are Olympic sailing classes like the 470s or the Laser class. However, a regatta can also be named after the town or venue where the racing takes place.

Two more well-known regattas are the famous Cowes Week held annually in the Isle of Wight and the Royal St John’s Regatta in North America. Regattas are mainly hosted by either yacht clubs, sailing associations, places, or the sailing schools themselves.

What Happens At A Regatta?

A sailing regatta can be a one-day or multi-day event lasting up to a maximum of one week or even longer for the ocean crossing events. Many regattas are amateur or non-professional competitions, while others are more glamorous events such as The America’s Cup.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they are usually well-organized events, with established rules and regulations which describe the procedures, duration, and timing of the races.

No matter the format, a regatta normally starts with a procession of the boats, not only competing ones. Some bigger events may also include boats of historical interest, such as tall ships, which add a certain drama to the event. All the boats will fly their signal flags during the procession, making it a very colorful event for the spectators.

The procession is followed by actual racing, where boats and teams compete in different classes. A class is where boats of the same design race against each other. The racing occurs during a sequence of events that may take all day or be held over more than one day.

A regatta can be organized as a championship for a particular type or class of boat. However, they are often organized by local clubs just for the thrill and excitement for people who love sailing, as a learning curve for amateur and professional sailors, and for advertising the sport to gain more members.

Regattas are very social events with teams expected to stay for the duration and participate in all aspects of the racing. Spectators are welcome to watch by booking a space on their boat or a spectator boat, as long as they stay off the course.

Most evenings, there will be parties, dinners, or other social activities, with the actual regatta culminating in a prize-giving ceremony where the winners are awarded cups, monetary prizes, or wreaths. Plus, the winners will get an honorary mention in their yacht club newsletters.

What Is The Meaning Of The Word “Regatta”?

The dictionary describes the meaning of the word regatta as a boat race with rowing boats, sailing yachts, or other vessels. It also describes a regatta as an organized series of boat races.

However, the word regatta originates from the early Venetian word “regata,” literally meaning a fight or contest. The word regatta was first documented in the 15th century when sailors used it for a gondola race in Venice.

The word regatta has been used as a name for boat competitions since the 18th century.

How Long Is A Regatta Race?

A regatta race will depend entirely on the different classes, the organizers, and the rules implemented by the different sailing associations. In addition, a regatta race can have many different classes within one race!

Regatta sailing is one of the most complicated sports in the world. However, regatta sailing is still popular among amateurs, leisure sailors, and professional sportspeople alike.

There are two main types of regatta sailing that will determine how long a regatta race is:

Short Course or Buoy Racing:

Short Course or Buoy Racing is where sailboats start simultaneously and sail around a set course (usually marked by buoys, hence the name buoy racing) for a pre-set or pre-agreed number of times. 

The first over the line usually wins as long as no penalties have been incurred. These round-the-buoy races last anywhere between 5 – 30 minutes.

Distance or Offshore Racing:

Distance or Offshore Racing is where sailboats race over longer distances and use landmarks, buoys, or other objects to mark their course. 

These races can last a few hours, days, or even weeks. The Sydney to Hobart annual regatta is a great example of this and takes place on Boxing Day each year and usually lasts between 2 – 4 days.

How Hard Is It To Sail A Regatta?

While there are many myths about taking part in a regatta, the races are open for all levels, from beginner to professional. While no one expects an amateur sailor to join a round-the-world yacht race (without some training), your local yacht club should be able to accommodate everyone!

If you are keen to participate in a regatta but don’t have any experience, then your local yacht club should be your first port of call. Many of these will have weekly racing programs where guests can join a members’ boat to gain some experience or see if this is a sport for you.

If you decide that sailing and racing is your thing, then the next step would be to join a beginner sailing course to learn the basics and to be able to follow commands. Safety is always a priority on a sailboat, especially during regattas, as there is always a chance of a dramatic moment on a racing yacht, and things can happen fast.

A crew member may get tangled up in the lines, someone else will not hear a command and can get hit by a boom, or there is even a danger of someone falling overboard!

As you become more experienced, you will then be able to appreciate the tactics involved in sailing a regatta. But like anything, sailing a regatta may seem hard at first, but you must learn to walk before you can run, and then everything will fall into place.

Is Regatta For Everyone Or By Invite-Only?

Whether a regatta is for everyone or by invite only will depend on the status of the race.

Many club-level regattas are open for everyone to join, and they even encourage novice sailors to participate. 

However, at a national level or one-class racing events, these regattas are more likely to be invite-only as they want the best of the best to compete:

Why Are Regattas So Popular?

Regattas are so popular because not only are they fun to take part in, but they are also fun from a spectator’s point of view.

A regatta is often a social event with spectator points along the shore, spectator boats to watch all the action from the water, parties, live music, and events for the kids.

You can also choose to attend all kinds of regatta, from a classic yacht regatta, with beautiful wooden boats, to a modern racing yacht regatta with their modern racing machines. Every regatta is different, and it’s not only about enjoying the boats.

You can also enjoy the varying landscapes, the view of the sails on the water, the mood of the sea and the wind, plus the action of the crews themselves working like a well-oiled machine.

A regatta is a healthy and fun outdoor experience which, once you get addicted, you will want to take part in, as either a spectator or a participant, time and time again.


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