Where Are RV Water Filters Located? (6 Places To Check)

Although it’s convenient to get water from campground sources, do you know what’s in the water you’re drinking or using to cook, clean, and bathe at these various locations?

Since it’s unlikely that you know exactly what is in the water at these places, it’s incredibly important to have a working RV water pump.

Yet, it’s even more important to know where your RV Water filter is so that you can replace filters or fix or replace them if it ever breaks.

What Is An RV Water Filter?

Ultimately, an RV water filter is a convenient device installed in your motorhome to filter your water while you camp.

There are numerous types of water filter systems that your motorhome can have equipped. Yet, you should know that there are different types of RV water filters.

Most motorhomes have a built-in water filtration system, but often others will have other types of filters added on.

This is especially true if you purchase a second-hand motorhome, as many RVers choose to add additional water filters or replace their manufacturer’s ones.

Additionally, some water filters are better than others, but the most convenient aspect of a water filter is that they are often small and compact. You can keep yourself and your family safe with an RV water filter.

What Are The Six Places Where An RV Water Filter Can Be Located?

Some places where an RV water filter can be located are likely to shock you.

Additionally, you might not know that every manufacturer likes to install their RV water filter in a different location. That’s why there are many locations where you can find an RV water filter.

See below to learn where you need to look if you have bought a new or second-hand motorhome and want to find your RVs water filter.

1. Under The Kitchen Sink

One of the common places you can find a motorhome’s water filter is under the kitchen sink.

Usually, the water filters installed in this location are servicing a separate drinking water tap. This means that the other faucets in your home are not running filtered water.

The water filter under the kitchen sink is often hidden behind a luan panel. In some models like the Apline 3500 RE, this water filter is behind this panel but near an electrical panel and converter (much to the dismay of some RV owners).

Interestingly you should also note that the water filter housing under the sink is not much different than what you would find in your wet bay.

2. In The Wet Bay

Unfortunately, motorhomes with their water filter installed in the wet bay often experience breakages. This is usually the case with people traveling in cold weather, as the cold (or freezing) climate damages a water filtration system.

This location can also be difficult to navigate, so many RVers choose to disable a water filter in this location and install an under-sink one.

3. In A Kitchen Cabinet

If a water filter is not located under your kitchen sink, you should look in the kitchen cabinets nearby.  In that case, it won’t be easy to access because it is usually situated directly under the counter behind a set of drawers in a tight space.

Additionally, the water filters in this location usually only service one drinking water tap and not the entire motorhome.

4. Near The Convenience Center

Another popular location for an RV water filter is near the convenience center in the basement on the driver’s side. If your water filter is here, it will be behind a door near your basement valves.

The water filters in this location are usually a whole-house type, but they only filter the water that runs from your spigot to your fixtures.

It also won’t be filtered if you use the fast-fill feature in your motorhome to fill up your holding tank.

5. At The Spigot

If you have bought a second-hand motorhome, the last owners might have installed a water filter at the spigot.

These water filters only service the tap they are on, but the benefit is that you often don’t get a plastic taste or smell with these filters.

Additionally, having a water filter at the spigot and one that services the whole motorhome ensures you have clean water because it helps to keep your RV water cleaner.

6. In The Control Panel Area

It might surprise some, but many motorhomes have water filters installed inside a control panel.

For example, the Nautilus RVs have their water filters located inside a control panel area, and they are not hard to miss because they are attached to the wall.

You must be incredibly careful if you ever need to replace or fix a water filter in this location. You will need to stabilize the bracket to carefully twist the canister off counterclockwise.

If you’re not careful, you will rip the canister’s (water filter) bracket off the wall. Fortunately, the water filters inside a motorhome’s control panel area are relatively easy to get to and change.

In The Back Storage Compartment

The back storage compartment of your motorhome is another common location for a manufacturer to install a water filter. Usually, the back storage compartments can also house a water pump and a power converter, depending on your model if your filter is in this spot.

You will need to remove the panel to determine if your RV water filter is in the back storage compartment. Unfortunately, this location is difficult to navigate because of the compact space.

For example, you will have to completely empty the storage compartment and crawl inside of it to remove four screws so that the panel can be removed and the water filter accessed.

Many RVers bypass this type of water filtration system because it is challenging to access.

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Why Do You Need A Motorhome Water Filter?

In truth, there are numerous places that you will travel to throughout the country where municipal water supplies are not safe to drink. Many places claim a safe water source, but this isn’t always the case.

Without a water filter, you will be forced to trust the campground’s water source, and there could be contaminants and harsh chemicals within it that are used to clean it. For example, water is often treated with chlorine, which has been proven to have adverse effects (admittedly in high doses and over a prolonged period).

If you drink contaminated water, you could become incredibly ill. With a water filter in place, you minimize your chances of getting sick from the water you drink and bathe in.

Moreover, your freshwater tanks might not be the cleanest. Often many RVers don’t realize the contaminants that can grow in their water tanks if they are not routinely thoroughly cleaned.

Luckily, having a water filter in your RV will ensure you receive clean water always, even if your freshwater tank isn’t as clean as it should be.


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