Why Are Bass Boats So Expensive? (Explained for Beginners)

Bass boats have a reputation for being an investment.

You may have heard they’re much more expensive in comparison to other, similar types of boats.

Why are bass boats so expensive?

Bass boats are so finely tuned and specifically designed for bass fishing, that they are not much good for any other kind of boating. This allows for nimble maneuverability on the lakes, rivers, and streams where bass fish are found. This can increase the price of the boat.

In this article, we aim to bring you up to speed on why people make this investment in the first place, why bass boats do have such an inflated price tag:

Are Bass Boats More Expensive Than Similar Boat Types?

Bass boats must be technologically equipped if they want to stand out in the competitive world of bass fishing.

With that in mind, bass boats are often associated with high-end manufacturing and have a degree of luxury about them.

However, more often than not, the companies which produce bass boats will also produce regular fishing boats, and often for a similar price.

The only problem is that bass boats are so finely tuned and specifically designed for bass fishing, that they are not much good for any other kind of boating.

This means that if you want a boat that does it all, a bass boat would be a waste of money.

How Much do Bass Boats Actually Cost?

On average, bass boats mostly fall into the range of about $20,000 to $45,000. That’s not to say you can’t get bass boats cheaper.

For the smallest, most basic bass boat out there, you can expect a price tag of approximately $10,000.

Similarly, on the other end of the spectrum, the most luxurious bass boat money can set you back about $100,000.

5 Advantages of a Bass Boat:

Bass boats are specifically designed for bass fishing.

Here are some of the ways they are adapted from regular fishing boats:

1. Lightweight and Sleek Design

This allows for nimble maneuverability on the lakes, rivers, and streams where bass fish are found.

2. Low Profile

The flat bottom and shallow draft of a bass boat mean there is less water disturbance and, therefore, better fishing.

3. Smoother Ride

Due also to the flat bottomed design, bass boats will glide across the water rather than cutting through it like some powerboats.

This makes for easier handling, ideal for long days on the water.

4. Duel Motors

An outboard motor allows for quick navigation, whereas a trolling motor allows the angler to move at a slow pace while fishing.

Some top-end bass boats can reach up to 116 mph.

5. Built-in Equipment

Most bass boats come with almost all the kit you’d need for a day on the water.

Swivel chairs allow the angler to cast to any position around the boat, as well as storage bins for rods and lures.

These boats also come with a live well, which circulates water and keeps caught fish alive and fresh.

What are the Cheapest Bass Boat Brands?

Maybe $67 000 is a little out of your budget; that’s understandable! So what options are there for a cheaper alternative?

The boats from Tracker Boats are some of the most affordable on the market.

To give you an example; The Bass Tracker Classic XL is priced at only $10 995! It’s easy to assume that at such a low cost, you’d be missing out on a tonne of features, but that’s not the case!

A little shorter than some other bass boats on the market, but by no means unimpressive, this Bass Tracker measures 16′ 8″, has room for up to four people, contains an 8″ lockable rod box, six other storage compartments, and a 21-gallon recirculating live well.

The one thing you would potentially be missing out on is some horsepower, with a max recommendation of 50 HP, compared to the Puma FTD’s 200 – 300. This is mainly due to one of the biggest savings of the boat; the engine.

The Mercury 90 ELPT FourStroke outboard gives an estimated top speed of 44 mph, but that is what keeps the boat relatively cheap. If you’re impressed with the boat, but feel the need for more power, it is possible to upgrade to a faster 115 horsepower engine.

What is the Best Bass Boat for Your Money?

Bass boats are highly customizable. They vary depending on the individual’s needs.

Some boats may prioritize speed, but lose out on space, some might have all the bells and whistles and gadgets, but not have the power to match another model.

Many people will spend the money on the aspect that is most important to them, and may have to accept other parts of their boat may not compare to someone else’s.

Some things to consider when thinking about what you need in your boat:

  • Do you want to use your bass boat for simple, relaxed, recreational fishing?
  • Will you be using your bass boat for competitive or professional angling?
  • How important is a smooth ride, and reliable performance on the water to you?
  • Will you be taking your bass boat on any custom bass fishing excursions?
  • Do you intend to use your boat for multi-purpose fishing excursions?

With so many factors, it is hard to give a single “one size fits all” recommendation.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, the Puma FTD from Bass Cat Boats might be the one for you. Although boasting the lofty price tag of nearly $67 000, the Puma FTD really does have it all.

The FTD in the boat’s name stands for Full Team Deck, which means the boat is plenty big enough for you and a buddy to cast side by side on the boat’s deck.

Not only have the folks at Bass Cat fitted this boat out with all the gadgets you might need, but they’ve also done it twice!

Tips on How to Save Money When Buying a Bass Boat:

From this article, hopefully, you will have a greater understanding of why bass boats are so expensive, but also why people would want to make that investment.

Before wrapping up, here are some final tips to consider before buying a bass boat:

1. Do you Definitely Need a Bass Boat?

If you’re looking to take your boat on a variety of fishing trips, you will waste your money if you go for a bass boat!

They’re specifically designed for bass fishing.

2. Practice

If you’re a total newbie, most websites will offer you places where you can rent a boat.

Try out as many as you can, and make sure you’re not going to be disappointed with the one you commit to.

3. What Specific Kit do you Need?

Remember, bass boats are highly customizable.

Some boats may come with features you don’t need; some may have upgrades available that you want.

Check specifications, phone dealerships, make sure the boat you’re getting is the right one for you!

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