Why Are Fleming Yachts So Expensive? (Explained)

Fleming yachts are known for their luxurious design and high-quality construction, which often comes with a hefty price tag.

These boats are a means of transportation, a status symbol, and a place to relax and entertain.

However, the cost of a Fleming yacht goes beyond just the materials and labor involved in building it. Several factors contribute to the high price of these yachts, including the brand’s reputation, the level of customization available, and the level of service and support provided to customers.

This article will explore why Fleming yachts are so expensive and what sets them apart from other boats on the market.

Here’s Why Fleming Yachts Are So Expensive:

A Fleming Yacht represents timeless style, and quality found in no other brand. Only the best top-quality materials are used to build these boats, incorporating the most modern systems. Fleming yachts have a classic look and are packed with the latest technology.

Check how much a small yacht costs.

How Much Do Fleming Boats Cost?

Establishing how much a new Fleming Yacht costs is hard as there is no available pricing on the company’s website.

However, after scouring various reviews and boating websites, we have established that a new Fleming 55 has a starting price of a cool $2.5 million.

Fleming Yachts offer pre-owned boats for sale, but again no prices are given on their website – the old adage ‘if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it’ seems to apply here!

Nevertheless, other boating websites offer secondhand Fleming Yachts for sale.

At the time of writing, the ever-popular Yachtworld.com, which has one of the largest selections of pre-owned boats and connects professional yacht brokers with clients worldwide, had 29 Fleming Yachts for sale. These include nine new vessels and 20 secondhand yachts.

Prices on Yachtworld.com start from $449,900 for a Fleming 55 Pilothouse Motoryacht from 1991 and go all the way up to $7.85 million for a Fleming 78 from 2019.

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Are Fleming Yachts Built Better Than Other Yachts?

In 1986, Fleming Yacht’s mission statement was “to build the best boat we know how,” and this ongoing commitment to build the best long-distance cruising motor yachts remains in place today.

All Fleming Yachts are built using hand lay-up techniques and feature solid fiberglass hulls reinforced by an interlocking grid of frames and full-length, box-section stringers. This extremely strong stiffening system creates a hull that will not flex, even under stress, during severe weather conditions.

This solid fiberglass construction also provides superior impact resistance, making them suitable for conditions in high latitudes.

While the hull design of Fleming Yachts hasn’t changed much over the years, the systems have undergone a continuous process of innovation and evolution.

Over the years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of improvements and upgrades to the vessel’s electrical and mechanical systems. These new, more modern engines and advanced systems have kept Fleming Yachts at the forefront of marine technology.

With all this emphasis on the exterior and safety of each boat, the interior has not been neglected. The same timeless elegance and quality have been extended right throughout Fleming Yachts.

Firstly, Fleming Yachts are renowned for offering their owners and crew a peaceful, quiet, and vibration-free cruising lifestyle.

The accommodation includes beautifully appointed cabins and heads with countless semi-custom layout options to suit every combination, from a cruising couple to a family of 10.

In addition, the boats provide plenty of storage for everyone with no wasted space and with cabinets that are built into the yacht rather than modular designs that are installed separately. This ensures structural integrity, a fit, and a superior quality finish that will last a lifetime.

Few motor yachts in this size range can boast the same quality of finish and attention to detail as a Fleming Yacht.

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Are Fleming Yachts More Expensive Than Similar Brands?

Similar brands to Fleming include Grand Banks, Outer Reef, and Kadey-Krogen, which all offer luxury long-distance motor cruising yachts.

But are Fleming Yachts more expensive than these similar brands? Let’s take a closer look:

Brand/Model Year Price
Fleming 58 2021 $3,708,705
Grand Banks 60 2019 $3,695,000
Outer Reef N/A N/A
Kadey-Krogen 58EB 2018 $2,499,00

The search criteria used were for a 55 – 65 foot motor boat from 2015 – now. Unfortunately, there was no information available for an Outer Reef that fitted this outline.

However, using the search criteria specified, you will notice that the Fleming and the Grand Banks come out with similar pricing.

This comes as no surprise as the founder of Fleming Yachts, Tony Fleming, served as the technical director of American Marine in Hong Kong, the builder of the Grand Banks line of trawler yachts.

He was responsible for developing these well-known yachts and organized the company’s new yard in Singapore.

He also advanced to become their General Manager before leaving in 1983 to develop his brand of luxury go-anywhere motor yachts, Fleming Yachts.

How Quickly Do Fleming Boats Depreciate Compared To Other Brands?

With a Fleming Yacht, no two boats are the same, and while we’ve all heard this before, it seems to be more true with Fleming than with any other brand.

In fact, according to the few dealers who specialize in Fleming boats, they don’t even talk about the year a model was launched; instead, they talk about the hull numbers.

Fundamentally, their most popular model, the Fleming 55, is the same hull as it was launched in 1986.

However, each model launched can have up to 8-10 engine and system improvements compared to its predecessor. This means there have been thousands of alterations to this model alone.

In addition, as Fleming Boats are not cheap yachts, to begin with, their owners are known to maintain and look after their boats well.

This, coupled with the fact that each Fleming Yacht is unique, typically means Fleming Boats retain their value extremely well and much better than similar brands.

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What Are The Most Expensive Fleming Boats?

As with any yacht brand, the most expensive Fleming Yachts are the newest and the biggest. However, with Fleming, all their boats are expensive!

Take a look at the general specifications of each model here:

LOA Hull 55′ 9″
16.9 m
62′ 9″
19.1 m
67′ 4″
20.5 m
77′ 8″
23.66 m
78′ 5″
23.95 m
LOA Total 60′ 9″
18.5 m
65′ 9″
19.94 m
70′ 10″
21.6 m
81′ 6″
24.84 m
85′ 2″
25.98 m
LWL 50′ 10″
15.5 m
56′ 8″
17.3 m
61′ 11″
18.9 m
72′ 4″
22.05 m
72′ 3″
22.05 m
Beam 16′ 0″
4.8 m
17′ 6″
5.33 m
18′ 8″
5.7 m
21′ 5″
6.527 m
21′ 2″
6.48 m
Draft 5′ 0″
1.52 m
5′ 0″
1.52 m
5′ 0″
1.52 m
5′ 0″
1.52 m
5′ 5″
1.69 m
Air Draft 16′ 0″
4.88 m
17′ 0″
5.18 m
17′ 11″
5.5 m
21′ 8″
6.6 m
20′ 0″
6.10 m
Disp Light 67,801 lbs
30,754 kg
88,000 lbs
40,000 kg
102,698 lbs
46,583 kg
165,048 lbs
74,865 kg
146,280 lbs
66,350 kg
Disp Full 80,178 lbs
36,368 kg
105,600 lbs
48,000 kg
124,663 lbs
56,546 kg
197,800 lbs
89,721 kg
183,050 lbs
83,030 kg
Fuel 1,000 US gals
3,785 liters
1,450 US gals
5,488 liters
1,700 US gals
6,435 liters
3,000 US gals
11,356 liters
3,170 US gals
12,000 liters
Fresh Water 300 US gals
1,135 liters
320 US gals
1,211 liters
400 US gals
1,514 liters
440 US gals
1,676 liters
500 US gals
1,900 liters
Black Water 100 US gals
378 liters
165 US gals
625 liters
330 US gals
1,247 liters
230 US gals
870 liters
224 US gals
850 liters

[Table courtesy of Flemingyachts.com]

Even for the smallest Fleming, the Fleming 55, the price will set you back a minimum of $2.5 million for a basic new yacht.

The most expensive Fleming Yacht, the Fleming 85, which has yet to be launched, is rumored to have a starting price tag of around $7 million, excluding tax.

What Are The Cheapest Fleming Boats?

There is no such thing as a cheap Fleming boat.

However, the cheapest Fleming Boats can be found on the secondhand yacht market if you look for the oldest and the smallest model.

When writing, a quick search on Yachtworld.com came up with a Fleming 55 Pilothouse model from 1991 that is on the market for $449,900. While the inventory boasts plenty of recent upgrades, you should conduct a professional marine survey if you want to purchase any secondhand boat.

This will help identify any hidden problems that may cost you a fortune in the long run.

Do People Typically Pay Full Price Or Get A Discount?

Fleming Yachts are built to a superior high spec and standard and only produce around 18 boats per year.

As a low-volume producer, with each new boat built to the new owner’s requirements, people will typically pay full price and not get a discount.

Contact a broker who specializes in Fleming Yachts, depending on the seller’s circumstances and your buying terms. You may be lucky enough to negotiate a discount on a pre-owned yacht.


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Fleming 55: Time-Tested Motoryacht

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