11 Clever Desks For Small Bedrooms You’ll Love

Establishing a dedicated workspace, even in a small bedroom, is crucial for productivity and focus.

As small bedrooms lack the luxury of expansive floor plans, a clever desk can help you make the most of limited space!

Let’s explore a range of desks perfect for tiny homes and bedrooms.

Murphy Bed with a Built-in Desk

tilt-away bed with built-in desk INSTAGRAM @tiltawaybedsau

This Murphy bed features a built-in desk that lets you transform your cozy sleeping space to a practical workstation. This is an ideal solution if you’re working from home!

In this photo, the bed easily retracts to reveal a spacious desk surface with a depth of 550m.

The desk is strong enough for you to leave your regularly used items such as laptops, books, and notepads. What’s more, you won’t need to remove them when the bed comes down!

Suspended Working Desk

suspended desk INSTAGRAM @19eightythree.sg

This minimalist bedroom features a suspended desk crafted with sleek lines and neutral tones. It offers a dedicated workspace without overwhelming the visual simplicity of the space.

With the right measurements, you can also have a bedside table that doubles as a desk area to maximize the space in your cozy bedroom!

Like in the photo, you can add focused and discreet task lighting, such as a pendant light or adjustable wall sconces, to illuminate the workspace.

Loft Beds with Desks

bed with built-in desk INSTAGRAM @juzinterior

In the cozy confines of this studio apartment, the low loft bed creates a distinct visual separation between the sleeping and working areas.

You can add built-in storage solutions within the desk or loft bed structure. That way, you have a convenient space for organizing books, stationery, and work essentials.

I also recommend getting dual-purpose furniture, such as a storage ottoman, for versatility in your studio apartment’s limited space.

under bed desk on pegboard INSTAGRAM @kitsmart_nz

If you want a more comprehensive loft bed unit, this one features a built-in study set.

The study set has a dedicated desk for laptops, a box with a cover for storing essentials, and a practical shelf for additional organization.

I love the pegboard design of the study set! It’s great at evoking a sense of efficiency and purpose.

Don’t forget to choose a comfortable and stylish ergonomic chair that complements the overall design.

corner bed with desk underneath INSTAGRAM @yourlifeiswhatyoumakeit

Here’s a bedroom where modern design meets efficient functionality. The loft bed becomes a central piece with its sleek lines, black finish, and the seamless integration of a study desk.

The wooden study desk adds warmth and organic texture to the space. It creates a harmonious contrast with the boldness of the black frame.

I suggest installing floating shelves beside the desk area to display decorative items or provide additional storage. Feel free also to hand artwork and wall decor!

Wall Mounted Folding Desks

wooden wall desk INSTAGRAM @wlfrdson

This bedroom boasts a custom wall-mounted folding desk in light-toned wood, accompanied by a matching wishbone chair.

When not in use, you can easily fold the desk against the wall, reclaiming valuable floor space. This feature is especially crucial in smaller bedrooms where every inch matters.

This ensemble not only maximizes space but also introduces a touch of timeless sophistication to your bedroom. Their classic designs and matching wood finish give off stylish vibes for a work or study spot.

minimalist wooden desk INSTAGRAM @desmeublesquidurent

Here’s another foldable desk, this time crafted from solid oak that radiates warmth and durability.

Many wall-mounted folding desks, like this one, come with additional features like built-in shelves, storage compartments, or organizational elements. They’re great at enhancing the desk area’s utility!

However, I would choose a more comfortable chair if you plan on working long hours on this desk. You can also place a soft rug beneath the desk and chair to add warmth and comfort.

foldable wal desk INSTAGRAM @lozi_designs

If you’re looking for a more chic and elegant foldable desk, this drop-leaf piece offers a stylish compact workspace.

The desk is designed with a mechanism that allows its sides, known as the leaves, to be extended or folded down as needed.

This piece will be a charming addition to your bedroom or home office. Its color also adds a sense of lightness, making it ideal for smaller spaces that benefit from an airy and uncluttered feel.

Wall desk on ropes INSTAGRAM @wedowood

Those looking to add a statement piece to their workspace will love this beautiful loop desk. It can be folded both upwards and downwards depending on your needs and the amount of space in the room.

I love how the natural oak brings a sense of organic beauty to the space. Complemented by golden strings, the desk doubles as an eye-catching piece.

I think a statement chair with a unique design or luxurious upholstery will complement the desk’s aesthetic.

Mobile Desks

sliding bed side desk INSTAGRAM @illumsg

This mobile desk seamlessly combines compactness with adjustable height, offering a flexible workspace that adapts to your preferences.

Its compact and foldable design makes it an ideal solution if you’re looking for a portable and space-efficient workstation.

Whether you prefer sitting or standing while working, the desk can accommodate various postures for comfortable and productive sessions. This can also be used as a bedside tray –  pretty cool!

foldable desk with wheels INSTAGRAM @magicalfay

Last on our list is another mobile desk with a foldable feature! This one has a longer surface when extended.

When not in use, the top plate can be folded into a compact size, perfect if you’re seeking a portable and multifunctional workspace.

Whether you’re a remote worker, a student, or simply in need of a flexible setup, this mobile desk will adapt to your lifestyle needs!

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