14 Small Galley Kitchens That Work Really Well

In city apartments or small homes where every inch counts, a galley kitchen is the ultimate space-saver.

Are you dealing with a small galley space? No problem! We love gathering kitchen layouts that make the most of limited square footage.

So, check out these galley kitchens – each one’s a clever mix of style and practicality, proving that you can have a perfectly functional and stylish kitchen in tight spots.

Yellow Galley Kitchens

yellow galley kitchen with dining area by the window

This adorable galley kitchen’s got a pop of energy with matching yellow upper and lower cabinets, making the whole space feel lively and playful.

This kitchen is all about being efficient, with parallel countertops and cabinets to keep things streamlined. And at the end of it, there’s a cozy dining nook with a small table and two chairs, set up just right by a window.

Choosing light-toned wood flooring goes perfectly with the cheerful yellow cabinets, giving the kitchen a warm and inviting vibe.

yellow galley kitchen

Here’s another stylish kitchen that also features bold matching yellow upper and lower cabinets.

However, this one has a handy shelf above the sink area for easy access to daily kitchen essentials. It also features a herringbone tile pattern that adds a touch of sophistication and makes things visually interesting.

There’s also a small wooden counter with two stools, creating a dining nook right by a window so you can soak up some natural light.

Minimalist Modern Galley Kitchens

wooden countertop galley kitchen

Lit up by the natural light pouring in from skylight windows, this kitchen feels all open and breezy.

The upper and lower cabinets give off a clean and clutter-free look. The drawers have no handles or pulls, keeping in line with contemporary minimalist design.

The backsplash is all decked out with white subway tiles, adding some texture while sticking to the color scheme. Underfoot, the light-toned wooden floor further elevates the modern and streamlined feel of the space.

wooden kitchen countertop and shelf

This kitchen is also about keeping things simple and classy with its white cabinets and light-toned wood flooring. It’s also flooded with natural light from skylight windows on the left side, with the angular ceiling adding a cool modern touch to the design.

The backsplash, with those white brick tiles, gives a subtle yet touchable backdrop.

This setup is better for those who want to store dry ingredients on open shelves instead of in cabinets.

galley kitchen with full glass window

This galley kitchen soaks up tons of natural light, thanks to those floor-to-ceiling windows that really open up the whole place and connect it to the outdoors.

The wooden countertops also bring in this cozy warmth and a bit of natural texture, finding that sweet spot between modern chic and organic design.

I also love the green touches of nature. There are potted plants all over the countertops, bringing in life and energy to the whole kitchen.

under ceiling kitchen cabinets

Here’s another galley kitchen with contemporary aesthetics and windows that flood the space with natural light. The kitchen also has a cool light-toned wood finish that ties everything together.

What makes this kitchen stand out from the rest of the minimalist layouts is the under-cabinet lighting that accentuates the clean lines of the space.

This layout is perfect if you don’t need many cabinets in your kitchen. You can use the walls on the right side for wall décor.

All-White Galley Kitchens

kitchen cabinet with built-in shelves INSTAGRAM @pedininw

This classic minimalist kitchen is a perfect blend of timeless style and easy simplicity. Bathed in a pristine white palette, the silver chrome accents contribute a touch of modernity and sophistication.

At the left side, the cabinets are designed with built-in shelves at the corner, offering both functional storage and an easy spot for tasteful display.

The fruit holder is an eye-catching pop of color, breaking up the monotony. I also love the marble backsplash that matches with the countertops.

white kitchen with narrow counter INSTAGRAM @vda_designs

Here’s another all-white kitchen with silver chrome accents, this time with traditional cabinets instead of minimalist ones.

On the right side is a narrow counter that adds a touch of asymmetry and gives you a handy spot to store dry ingredients or create a mini coffee bar.

Another standout feature of this kitchen is the herringbone pattern on the floor that guides you towards the entryway, adding a bit of direction and flow to the whole setup.

Farmhouse-Style Galley Kitchens

spice rack and rod with hooks INSTAGRAM @littleterracedhouse

I absolutely love this cozy farmhouse style-kitchen with soft green accents. The colors create such a warm and refreshing atmosphere!

Now, let’s talk details – on the left side, there’s a wall-mounted four-tier spice rack that’s not just practical but adds a distinct rustic charm. It’s a great way to optimize vertical space in a small kitchen!

Practicality also meets convenience in this kitchen with the inclusion of a washing machine and dishwasher, seamlessly integrated into the farmhouse aesthetic.

tall wooden kitchen cabinet INSTAGRAM @frampton_co

This kitchen is a heartwarming space with classic touches that make the farmhouse style so beloved.

The mini French door is a charming focal point, contributing a touch of elegance and a connection to the outdoors. Feel free to install a window beside the door to bring in more natural light.

The flooring, adorned with a blue herringbone pattern, adds a playful and nostalgic element, directing attention toward the door and creating a sense of flow within the galley layout.

kitchen with floating shelves INSTAGRAM @michelle_shakallis_interiors

Here’s a cozy galley kitchen where every inch is designed for efficiency and charm.

The highlight of the space is the inviting breakfast nook nestled by a window, infusing the kitchen with a delightful touch of comfort and a connection to the outdoors.

The breakfast nook counter has been subtly cut out, creating a cozy alcove where bar stools neatly tuck underneath. It’s a perfect spot for a quick meal or a moment of relaxation.

compact kitchen with round shelves INSTAGRAM @dauphineinteriors

Here’s a lovely galley kitchen decked out with ticking stripe flooring. The pattern, with its linear and elongated design, visually guides your eye through the kitchen, drawing attention towards the double doors that open into the garden beyond.

If you have limited space inside your kitchen, hanging pots outside is a creative way to store them and free up space indoors.

Side note: I love how this kitchen optimizes vertical space with multiple shelves and cabinets. Very clever storage solutions!

Studio Apartment with a Galley Kitchen

Narrow kitchen with mug rack on wall INSTAGRAM @frau.ramona

This galley layout maximizes every inch, utilizing the limited space to its full potential.

On the right, a narrow counter accommodates essential appliances, creating a mini culinary hub. A toaster, cookie jars, and a blender share this space, offering convenience without compromising style.

Hooks are strategically placed to hang teacups, adding a touch of whimsy and making the most of vertical storage. Natural light streams into the kitchen through a small window, brightening the space.

Galley Kitchen Pantry

pantry with wooden floating shelves INSTAGRAM @westofmain

This galley-style pantry is not just beautiful but it also blends seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen, sporting the same glazed subway tile and ebony cabinetry.

I love how this pantry is not just a storage solution; it’s a well-planned extension of the kitchen, offering convenience, organization, and a touch of elegance in a limited space.

Look how it even has a dining spot for your pups! You could also fit a dog crate in the space below the right counter.

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