4 Best Class A Motorhome Covers (Pros & Cons)

Owning a recreational vehicle is a significant investment, especially if you are always touring the road or are an avid traveler.

If you value your Class A RV investment, you will want to protect your RV from extending its life on the road and eliminating unnecessary maintenance costs.

One of the best ways to protect your Class A motorhome is with a functional RV cover. 

Let’s explore some of the best Class A motorhome covers on the market:

1. North East Harbor Motorhome Cover (Budget Pick)

Our budget pick for one of the best Class A motorhome covers is the North East Harbor cover.

This motorhome cover will fit right into most budgets at only $153 on Amazon.

The four bonded polypropylene layers offer excellent protection for your Class A RV from all weather conditions and the environment, including rainfall, sun, snow, sand, sticky tree sap, dirt and dust, and bird droppings.

If moisture does enter your RV, then the breathable material helps eliminate moisture because it evaporates quickly through the fabric.

The zippered access allows entry and exit to the motorhome with zippered door panels. There are also openings for the engine and the storage areas.

The North East Harbor cover fits Class A motorhomes that range from 35ft to 37ft with a width of up to 106″.

The Pros of the North East Harbor Cover:

  • Quick installation: There is a quick-release strapping system that allows for fast installation and removal of the motorhome cover.
  • Air vents: There are breathable air vents that help prevent lofting and allow for evaporation of any internal moisture.
  • Secure fit: The motorhome is covered well and protected from all the elements because of the heavy-duty shock cord helm and the tie-down straps that help keep the cover down and tightly-fitted.
  • Universal size: The cover is suitable for Class A, B, and C motorhomes, as well as 5th wheels and camper trailers too.
  • Heavy-duty fabric: There are 4 layers of material on the top of the cover and 1 layer on the front, sides, and back. All seams are double stitched.

The Cons of the North East Harbor Cover:

  • Despite the seams being double stitched, some users have commonly complained that they do not stand up well against heavy use.
  • The size does not allow for an antenna or air conditioner.

2. RVMasking 6 Layer Class A RV Cover (The Overall Winner)

The RVMasking motorhome cover carries quite an expensive price tag, but the quality is matched, and these covers can fit up to 42ft motorhomes.

There are three covers available for Class A motorhomes, all of which fit different sizes:

  1. 31.1 – 34ft cover
  2. 34.1 – 38.4ft cover
  3. 38.1 – 42ft cover

On Amazon, all of these covers are priced at $439.99 and include the following:

  • 4 Tire covers
  • 2 Windproof straps
  • Tongue jack cover
  • Adhesive repair patch
  • 6 Gutter protectors
  • 3-year warranty
  • Storage bag

The 2020 version of the RVMasking cover has been upgraded to include materials that can withstand heavier environmental force and heavier wear and tear.

It has a durable, ripstop 6-ply fabric for the top of the RV and 3-ply fabric sides.

The top and the motorhome cover sides have been reinforced with cotton PVC lining and double-stitched seams.

The Pros of the RVMasking Cover:

  • The cover protects a Class A RV against water, dirt, and sun damage.
  • The 2020 cover has been upgraded to be windproof and has 8 waterproof straps and buckles to reinforce this ability.
    • There are also an extra 2 straps that have been specifically designed to stop the cover from blowing away and tearing in heavy winds.
  • Easy installation is offered by the integrated strap attachments and weighted toss bags.
    • This eliminates the need to crawl underneath the RV when installing the tension straps on the cover.
  • The front and rear tension panels are adjustable, and the hem corners are elasticized; this allows for a custom fit and better protection.

The Cons of the RVMasking Cover:

  • The setup instructions are confusing and may over-complicate the installation process.
  • The small pouches over the gutters tend to tear easily.
  • The measurements are not accurate to that of standard size motorhomes.

To overcome this problem, do not use the RV model or manufacturer number stated as the actual length; measure your RV yourself.

If your RV length falls in between the available cover sizes, rather choose the larger size for a better fit that will not damage your RV.

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive Skyshield Deluxe (Class A)

The Classic Accessories motorhome cover offers 6 different covers, all of which are suited for specific Class A RVs.

They include the following:

  • 24′ – 28’ft
  • 28′ – 30’ft
  • 30′-33’ft
  • 33′-37’ft
  • 37′-40’ft
  • 40′-42’ft

The pricing varies from one size to another.

When purchasing this cover on Amazon, the smallest size averages $375 and the largest size averages at the cost of $400.

The top of the cover is Bonded DuPont Tyvek fabric and provides long-lasting UV protection and is waterproof to prevent water from getting through the cover.

The SkyShield also provides a bonded tear-resistant PolyPRO3 top as well as PermaPro ripstop sides.

These reinforced, heavy-duty materials allow for protection throughout all seasons of the year and eliminate possible wind and storm damage.

The air vents reduce wind lofting and prevent moisture from building up inside the cover.

This eliminates the growth of mildew and mold on the cover.

The Pros of the Classic Accessories SkyShield Cover:

  • Easy installation: The integrated undercarriage strap system has click-close straps and a weighted toss puck system that allows for easy and quick installation and eliminates the need to crawl underneath the RV to fit the cover.
  • Easy access: The side and rear panels feature zippers that allow for easy access into and out of the motorhome when the cover is on.

The Cons of the Classic Accessories SkyShield Cover:

  • The cover does not cover the wheels.
    • This does not bother many people, but some RVers want full protection for their Class A motorhome, including the wheels.
  • The straps seem to be of lower quality than the cover itself.

4. Kind Bird Class A RV Cover

The King Bird Class A motorhome cover is a high-quality cover that has a two-year warranty.

On Amazon, this cover can be purchased between $290 and $330, depending on the size you need. The smallest size is 30′-33′, and the largest size is 40′-43′.

One of the features the brand boasts is that it is tear-proof. Their newly developed mixed anti-UV fabric for the cover’s top panel is extra thick and has five heavy-duty layers rip-proof.

The side panels are 3 layers thick and are non-woven.

There are 6 air vents on both sides, which can eliminate wind stress and reduce moisture build-up.

The Pros of the King Bird Cover:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Water repellent and UV resistant
  • Snow protection
  • Bird dropping protection
  • Scratch protection

The Cons of the King Bird Cover:

  • There is no cover for the tires
  • There are often measurement problems, so ensure you measure the exact size of your RV carefully.

How Much Should You REALLY Pay for a Class A Motorhome Cover?

Purchasing a motorhome cover will eliminate UV degradation, water damage, and other environmental damage.

You will certainly save yourself a lot of money in repair and maintenance if you put some extra change into buying a decent motorhome cover.

Class A RV covers are a lengthy and worthwhile investment, so we suggest buying a high-quality cover for the best protection there is. This may come at a higher price.

Pricing for a motorhome cover depends on the size of your RV and the added features of the cover, which may include:

  • The number of fabric or polyester layers (more expensive covers have more layers and less chance of tearing)
  • Additional protection with UV resistance and water-repelling properties.
  • Tie-down straps that wrap around the undercarriage of the RV to further secure the cover.
  • Air vents to eliminate mold and mildew formation and for added wind-resistance.
  • Tire covers.

While budget pick covers like the North East Harbor cover offer great value for money around the $150 mark, there are less protective layers.

We suggest spending a little more and budgeting around $350 for a high-quality cover with all of the above features; it will definitely last a lot longer and eliminate the need to purchase covers in the future.

The RVMasking cover exceeds the $350 suggested budget and offers a lot more than is actually necessary, although it is still our overall winner when it comes down to quality and great features.

The Classic Accessories SkyShield and King Bird covers fit our suggested price and cover your RV throughout all the year’s seasons.

Hence, they are definitely a great buy, and ideally, what you should be paying for a Class A motorhome cover.

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