How Much Do Used RVs Cost? (21 Helpful Examples)

Many people spend hours dreaming of owning a brand new RV.

After seeing the price of a new RV, their dreams quickly give way to reality, and they wonder if they can save money by buying a used RV.

Here are 21 examples of used RVs that you can use to get a good idea of what used RVs costs to buy:

16′ – 20′ Foot Travel Trailers

Campers between 16′ and 20′ are popular among small vehicle owners.

These campers are easy to tow, easy to park, and easy to store.  As a result, these campers’ demand is high, and used prices aren’t as low as people might think.

Here are some examples of used 16′ to 20′ travel trailers to consider.

1. The 2010 Kz Sportsmen Classic 14RK

The 14RK is a small camper that comes in at less than 20 feet, including the trailer hitch.

It has a hitch weight of only 180 pounds and a dry weight of only 1,870 pounds.

This camper has a full kitchen, a wet bath, and a dinette that doubles as a bed.

The small size and weight of it make it a great camper for people with small tow vehicles, but not so great for people with large families who are all looking to sleep inside of the same camper.

The price of this used RV is only $9,995.00.

2. The 2013 Jayco Jay Feather Ultra Lite X17Z

Jayco’s Ultra Lite X17Z has an overall length of 18’6″, a width of 8′, and a height of 9.67 feet.

The interior height is 6’6″.

This camper weighs in at only 2,785 pounds, but its hitch weight is 395 pounds.

As a result, you’ll be able to tow this with smaller trucks, but you may need a weight-distribution hitch to balance the hitch weight out.

This camper’s unique feature is that it has two tent beds, which gives it the ability to sleep 6 people within the camper.  This is no small feat as the camper also has a full bathroom with a bathtub and a kitchen, and a u-shaped dinette.

You can get all of this used for only $11,000.00.

3. The 2015 Forest River Salem Cruise Lite 185RB

Forest River’s Salem Cruise Lite 185RB is a 20′ camper that weighs in less than 3,000 pounds.

This camper’s additional size means that it has room inside for a bedroom area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a dinette that can also double as a bed.

The Cruise Lite models have gotten larger over the past few years, so you won’t be able to find one that is less than 22′ long unless you buy used.

As a bonus for buying used, you’ll only pay around $11,000.00, which is significantly less than a newer model.

21′ – 30′ Foot Travel Trailers

Campers between 21′ and 30′ are popular among retirees and people with large families.

These campers are more difficult to tow, park, and store, but they provide great value. This is especially true in the used RV market.

Here are some examples of used 21′ to 30′ travel trailers to consider.

4. The 2010 Dutchmen 25CGS

Dutchmen’s 25 feet models are popular among campers as they’re not too large but not too small either.

This particular model weighs in at a little less than 7,000 pounds and has a sleeping capacity of 6 people.

The camper features a large bathroom with a tub and a small but fully-equipped kitchen. It also has a large bed, a sofa, and a dinette.

The sofa and dinette both convert into sleeping areas.

Expect to pay around $14,000.00 for this used RV model.

5. The 2012 Keystone Outback 210RS

Keystone’s Outback 210RS is a 22′ long camper that weighs in at under 5,000 pounds.

It is made of fiberglass and has a sleeping capacity of 7.

An interesting feature of this camper is the solid rear slide-out that holds a king-size bed. When not in use, this slide covers the dinette and the sofa.

At the front of this camper are bunk beds, a full bathroom, and an interior kitchen. There is also an outside camp kitchen as well.

You’ll pay around $16,000.00 for this travel trailer.

6. The 2014 Winnebago Minnie 2201DS

Winnebago’s Minnie 2201DS comes in at 23′ long inside and 27′ long outside.

It has a GVW of 7,000 pounds, 1 slide-out, and sleeps, 4 people.

The interior has a spacious kitchen and bathroom inside as well as a small kitchen outside. There is a large bedroom at the front and a dinette in the camper’s center that doubles as a double bed.

This camper also features modern amenities and conveniences like a 400-watt solar system that can be used for off-grid power generation and hookups for indoor and outdoor televisions.

A camper like this will cost you about $18,000.00

Fifth Wheel Campers

Fifth wheel campers are a niche camper that only pickup truck drivers can truly take advantage of.

This being said, they offer a lot of room, and they can be easier to tow than traditional travel trailers of the same size.

Here are some examples of used fifth wheels to consider.

7.The 2013 Keystone Springdale 242FWR

The Keystone Springdale 242FWR is a 25′ long fifth wheel camper.

It features 1 slide-out, a kitchen with a large sink, a nice sitting area, a large dinette, a big bathroom, and a loft-style bedroom.

This camper’s relatively short length and light weight make it easier to tow than most fifth-wheel campers. The downside is that the bedroom does not have any floor space other than the bed.

You can get this camper as well as similar campers in this size range for around $10,000.00.

8. The 2011 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 316RKBS

Forest River’s Heritage Glen is 31 feet long, and it features two slide-outs.

One of these slide-outs adds space to the bedroom while the other slide-out houses a large free-standing dinette and a 68″ sofa.

This camper looks more spacious than many apartments as it features a large kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom.  It even has an electric fireplace and a ceiling fan.

The bathroom is large, and the toilet and shower look like they belong in a house rather than a camper.

Even though this camper is large, you’ll only be able to sleep 4 people in it. This is because while the sofa can turn into a bed, the dinette cannot. As a result, you have one main bed in the bedroom and one guest bedroom on the sofa.

Expect to pay around $12,000.00 for this fifth wheel camper.

9. The 2015 Forest River Surveyor Fifth Wheel 292RETS

Forest River’s Surveyor lineup is a popular line that sells well each year.

These campers always seem to have nice finishes and great layouts.

This particular camper has many slide-outs on each side, which makes it nice and wide when they’re all opened up. As a result, you get a walk-around bed, a large vanity, and a large bathroom that can be accessed from two entry points.

You also get a large kitchen, a free-standing dinette, a sofa, and two recliners.

A fifth wheel like this will cost you about $16,000.00

Truck Campers

Truck campers are also niche campers that require the owner to have a pickup truck.

The nice thing about these campers is that they don’t have to take up any extra space.

Here are some examples of used truck campers.

10. The 2013 Travel Lite Truck Camper 800 Series

The Travel Lite Truck Camper is interesting in that it has a hardtop but still weighs in at less than 2,500 pounds.

You can read more about this company in our article about the Travel Lite RVs.

This makes it both a durable and lightweight camper.

All of the 800 Series models are built to be placed in an 8-foot truck bed, so you’ll need a large truck bed to use this camper.

I like the fact that this camper manages to squeeze in a bathroom, a kitchen, a dinette, and a queen-size bed. The dinette can also convert to a bed, which makes this a great little camper for young families.

A camper like this will cost you around $8,000.00

11. The 2013 Palomino Maverick M-2902 Max Series

Palomino has been making truck campers for a very long time, and they have many models to choose from.

I like the Max Series because it features a full wet-bath, a large kitchenette, a dining area, and a queen bed with storage chests built along either side of the bed. They can fit all of this by building the dinette onto a slide-out.

The dinette also turns into a bed that can sleep two people, so you end up with a truck camper that comfortably sleeps 4 people.

You’ll pay around $14,000.00 for a camper like this.

12. The 2015 NorthStar TC 800

NorthStar makes a nice lineup of pop-up truck campers.

These campers are nice because they are lighter than hard-sided campers, and they have a lower profile while driving.

This particular camper features a queen bed, a small dinette, a toilet room, and a small kitchenette. There isn’t any place to shower inside, so you’ll have to shower outside, or at the campground, you’re staying in.

It has a weight of fewer than 2,000 pounds and an overall length of fewer than 15 feet.

You’ll pay around $15,000.00 for a camper like this.

Class A RVs

Class A RVs are large, self-contained campers that are great for full-timing and long vacations.

These campers are often too expensive for everybody to buy new, so many people consider buying them used instead.

Here are some used examples of class A RVs.

13. The 2014 Newell Coach 2020P

The 2014 Newell Coach 2020P is a large 45′ class A camper that is built for luxury.

This camper has a massive kitchen, a large living area, and a dinette. It also has a built-in office area and multiple bathrooms.

Within the RV, you’ll also find a dishwasher and a washer/dryer, so you’ll never have to leave the RV if you don’t want to.

Although this RV is quite large, it only features sleeping for up to 4 people, two in the bedroom and two in the convertible sofa bed.

While you will save money by purchasing this used, you can still expect to pay upwards of a million dollars for this RV.

14. The 2015 Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Bus

Large used Class A RVs don’t have to cost a million dollars.

A 2015 Allegro Bus can be had for about $250,000.00.

This motorhome is also 45 feet long, and it also features a large kitchen, a dinette, a sitting area, and a spacious bathroom.

You will miss out on the extra half-bath that the Newell coach had, but you’ll have all of the other spaces.

You’ll also have a washer and a dryer in this RV, but you won’t have a dishwasher.

On the plus side, you’ll save $750,000, which is more than enough money for you to buy your own dishwasher.

15. The Forest River Georgetown 330TS

Forest River makes every class of RV you can think of, and class A motorhomes are no exception.

Their Georgetown 330TS model is about 35 feet long and 8′ 5″ wide.

This motorhome also features a bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, dinette, and sofa. However, these areas are all a little more compressed in this motorhome versus the large motorhomes we discussed earlier.

The fuel type on this RV is also different because it is a gas engine versus a diesel engine.

Although this class A might be a little smaller and its engine may not be as durable, you’ll only pay about $43,000.00 for this RV.

Class B RVs

Class B RVs are the smallest motorhomes on the market.

They are extremely popular on the new and used market, and you’ll find that even used models can be costly.

Here are some examples of used class B RVs.

16. The Winnebago Era 170X

This motorhome is a 24′ long motorhome with a diesel engine.

It features a rear bench that folds into a bed, as well as a small bathroom and a small kitchen.

While this RV is fully contained, it doesn’t provide a lot of extra room. It’s perfect for short weekend getaways but would probably feel a bit too cramped for full-time living.

Winnebago is one of the most popular class B and class C RV makers, and their RVs tend to hold their value.  Expect to pay around $55,000.00 for this RV.

17. The 2015 Airstream Interstate 3500 Lounge EXT

The 2015 Airstream Interstate has a rear couch that extends back into a bed.

It also has two reclining seats, as well as the driver’s seat and passenger seat. This gives you the ability to transport 7 people and sleep, 2 people.

You’ll find a kitchen and a small wet bath in between the couch and the seating areas. The front seats swivel back to a small table that can serve as a dinette area. A table can also be added to the front of the couch to provide a second dining area.

Airstreams tend to hold their value, and this RV is no exception. Expect to pay around $115,000.00 for this motorhome.

18. The 2013 RoadTrek Ranger RT

The RoadTrek Ranger is a 19′ long motorhome that is perfect for traveling.

It has a V-8 gas engine and can be parked in most standard parking spaces.

While this motorhome may feel a bit cramped at times, it does have everything you need to live. Upon entry, you’ll find a kitchenette and a small bathroom.

Move past this area, and you’ll find a sitting area that can be converted into a bed.

You can get this class B motorhome for about $63,000.00.

Class C RVs

Class C RVs are a nice option because they are smaller than Class A RVs, larger than Class B RVs, and less expensive than both of them.

Here are some examples of used Class C RVs.

19. The 2010 Forest River Sunseeker 3100

Forest River’s Sunseeker 3100 is a 32′ long class C motorhome with a single slide-out.

This RV features a queen bed in the rear, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a dinette in the center, and a living area in the front.

It also has a loft bed located over the top of the driver’s seat. This gives you comfortable sleeping for four in a relatively small motorhome.

You can pick one of these up for less than $30,000.00.

20. The 2015 Forest River Forester 3011DS

A 2015 Forest River Class C motorhome of equal size to 2010 will cost you about twice as much.

The Forester has a bedroom with a queen-size bed, a bathroom, a u-shaped dinette, a kitchen, a living area, and a loft bed and costs $60,000.00.

This makes a lot of sense since motorhome type RVs depreciate more like cars than campers, and five years can make a big difference.

21. The 2013 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 24C

Thor’s Four Winds 24C is a smaller 25′ long class C motorhome.

This motorhome also offers a full bathroom, kitchen, and dinette area with a loft bed over the cab.

Its size is missing some space in the bedroom, and it lacks a living room sofa. This being said, it’s still large enough to offer everything a small family would need to go camping for a while.

Expect to pay around $50,000.00 for something like this.

Final Thoughts:

The amount of money you pay for a used RV will vary depending on what kind of RV you buy as well as what model year you decide to buy.


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