6 Best Class A RVs With Bed Over Driver (with Pictures)

There are a surprising amount of different bed types available in Class A RVs, including island, fixed, luton, transverse, French drop-down, cabover, corner, and many more.

We will be exploring the best Class A RVs with a bed over the driver (better known as a cabover or luton).

What is a Cabover?

A cabover refers to a bed that is situated above the driver’s cab.

These beds are normally in an east-west or transverse position, but some may feature a north-south arrangement.

The advantage of a cabover is that they save space in your RV. This particular bed arrangement allows for the floorplan to feature more bedroom areas.

They are more popular in Class C RVs, but some Class A RVs have this bed over the driver.

Let’s take a lot at some of the Class A RVs:

1. Thor Motor Coach Aria

The Thor Motor Coach brand is a popular choice for many RVers and their Class A motorhome offers luxurious travel for the entire family.

Their Class A RVs are much larger than their other models and offer the space and feel of a residential home while commanding the highways in style and with some serious power.

Thor Motor Coach offers several Class A models that have a bed over the driver, and took the opportunity to explore them!

Floorplan 3701

A Cummins diesel engine powers the Thor Motor Coach Aria.

This turbocharged RV has a Freightliner chassis and 360hp, as well as a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The driver will enjoy sitting behind the wheel of this powerful RV; there is speed, power, and comfort. 3 Slide-outs extend Thor Aria’s living area and allow this RV to sleep up to 8 people.

The main bedroom features luxury sleeping at its best with a Tilt-A-View inclining King Bed, full wardrobes, a dresser, and even a 32″ LED TV for catching up on your favorite episodes while staying snug in bed.

The bed over the driver is a full double bed with a Cotton Cloud mattress for comfort. The area itself measures 48″ x 76″.

The overcab sleeping space is a power drop-down, hide-away section, and an additional room for the family to sleep comfortably.

There are also two convertible sofa beds in the living area, which measure 98″. If you do not want the sofa beds, you can opt for leatherette triple reclining theater seating with footrests instead.

Additional features of the Thor Motor Coach Aria 3701 include:

  • A Whisper Air Central Cooling system keeps the RV cool inside.
  • An electric fireplace that is remote controlled.
  • An electric induction cooktop in the kitchen
  • An exterior entertainment system that features a 39″ LED TV on a swivel bracket and Sound Bar with Bluetooth.
  • Beautifully finished and polished porcelain tile flooring.

Floorplan 4000

Many features remain the same across the various Thor Motor Coach Aria floorplans, for instance, the engine, transmission, chassis, exterior features, and electronics.

The Aria 4000 floorplan does, however, offer more rooms.

There are two bathrooms on this floorplan, a private bathroom in the main bedroom.

The main bedroom shares a similar layout to 3701, and there is also a sofa bed to sleep on. An additional room has bunk beds in the Aria 4000; a sleeping arrangement the 3701 does not feature.

Additional sleeping space is offered for family and friends in the power drop-down overcab area above the driver.

This space measures 48″ x 76″ and has a luxurious Cotton Cloud mattress.

2. Thor Motor Coach Palazzo 33.5

The Palazzo Thor Motor Coach has remained true to its name; it is definitely a palazzo and sleeps up to 9 people in this RV.

A full-wall slide provides loads of additional room for all of the amenities it features, while a second slide in the main bedroom is a full wardrobe that can store just about anything from garments and towels to toiletries.

The multi-functional living space in the Palazzo 33.5 has a 72″ Dream dinette and a full residential fridge that the whole family can share.

The main bedroom has a Tilt-A-View inclining Queen bed as well as 32″ LED TV and enough closet space for everyone to store their clothes in.

A second bedroom has 27″ x 74″ bunk beds, converting either into another wardrobe or a sofa.

If you need another sleeping area, there is one above the driver, which measures 54″ x 74″, a perfect space for older children to enjoy some privacy. There is also the 68″ sofa bed. We can understand how this RV has enough space for 9 people to sleep in it comfortably.

Additional features include the following:

  • Dual fuel fills for added convenience
  • An Automatic startup generator
  • Enough space for a washer/dryer
  • The kitchen has an electric induction cooktop
  • A 10.1″ Dash Radio with touch screen
  • Onan RV QD diesel-powered generator
  • Tankless water heater
  • An exterior 39″ LED TV (one of four TVs in this floorplan)

3. Thor Motor Coach Venetian B42

Luxury was a focus point when this RV by Thor Motor Coach was designed.

The Venetian B42 also sleeps up to 9 people and has 3 slide-outs to really optimize and increase the living space in this RV.

There are two bathrooms, both with decently sized showers and space for linen and a stack washer/dryer.

One of the bathrooms is privately located in the main bedroom at the back of the RV.

The main bedroom is a master suite and has a Tilt-A-View inclining king bed, two wardrobes, a dresser, and a 32″ LED TV.

A second smaller room has a set of 27″ x 74″ bunk beds. This is the ideal sleeping space for the children, and they will definitely enjoy their own 15″ LED TVs with a DVD player for each bed. The second full bathroom is situated across from the bunk bed area.

Situated above the driver, there is a drop-down overhead bunk that offers a sleeping area of 54″ x 76″ and a full-size comfortable mattress.

Additional sleeping space is offered by the 80″ sofa bed and 90″ Dream dinette.

While added sleeping offers more than enough space for the entire family, this floorplan has also fitted in a residential refrigerator and two pantries.

Some of the highlights of the Venetian B42 include:

  • A raised Freightliner XC rail chassis with an Atlas foundation
  • Air-Ride suspension system for a smooth ride.
  • Leatherette passenger seats with electric footrests
  • A central vacuum system
  • 10,000 Cummins Onan RV QD diesel generator
  • SurgeGuard technology protection

4. Coachman RV Sportscoach SRS RD 366BH

Coachman has also produced a Class A RV that features a bed over the driver.

The master bedroom has unique barn-style doors and is situated at the back of the RV.

It is nothing short of space; in fact, you may even forget that you are on an RV and feel right at home. There is a 72″ x 76″ king-size bed and more than enough clothing space with a full wardrobe and overhead compartments.

The children will love sleeping in the drop-down cab bunk situated above the driver in the front of the RV.

There is an additional single bunk, 68″ sofa bed, and a dinette that converts into a bed to add enough sleeping room for up to 8 people.

An enjoyable and smooth ride is offered by the air suspension chassis and air brakes on the Freightliner chassis’s straight line.

While this RV may feel monstrous to drive, the side color cameras and dashboard monitors are there to help you see all those tricky angles.

Additional highlights for the Sportscoach SRS RD 366BH include:

  • The single bunk can be converted into a pull-out desk space
  • There are a stainless steel microwave and flip-up countertop in the kitchen
  • Fully automatic leveling jacks that aid an easy setup

5. 2020 Fleetwood RV Pace Arrow 33D

High-class style and unmatched quality are why we featured the Fleetwood Class A Pace Arrow 33D on our list of best Class A RVs.

Sleeping up to 7 people, this Fleetwood RV offers a lot of space, especially with 2 slide-outs to extend the living and sleeping areas.

The private bedroom has a Serenity Series queen bed, 3 full-size wardrobes, a fireplace, and a 43″ pop-up LED TV.

The bed above the driver is a Hide-A-Loft drop bed that features a queen-size mattress, definitely one of the larger overcab sleeping spaces available for RVs.

The bathroom also adds a touch of home comfort with a beautiful spa bath separated from the toilet and basin area.

Additional features for this RV include:

  • 43″ LED TV in the living area
  • Hardwood cabinetry
  • 90-Gallon fuel tank
  • Air suspension deflation system and electronic cruise control
  • Residential stainless-steel refrigerator

Final Thoughts:

Having a bed over the driver’s area in a Class A RV offers more living and sleeping space within the RV and a smaller private area for older children and family members to rest in.

The only disadvantage is that the person sleeping against the interior sidewall will need to crawl over the other person to get back down, not much of a disadvantage when you really think about it.

Still, it may be difficult for adults to maneuver around comfortably.



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