9 Great Class A RVs That Sleep 6-10 People (With Pictures)

Class A RVs come in a wide variety of sizes, and there are many different floorplans available.

From huge rigs that comfortably sleep 10 or more people to smaller motorhomes with beds for 6 people, there’s a Class A option for everyone.

We’ve found 9 great Class A RVs with sleeping capacities ranging from 6-10 people.

Class A RVs That Sleep up to 6 People

For couples or smaller families that want a Class A motorhome without too much extra room, these options could be the way to go.

1. Forest River FR3 30DS

At 31′ 8″ in length, the Forest River FR3 is on the smaller end of the Class A spectrum but doesn’t sacrifice comfort or space.

This Class A RV feels luxurious, with features like a king-size bed, washer/dryer, and a huge 4 door fridge.

The Forest River FR3 has 2 slide-outs, one with the couch and banquette combo and the other with the king bed. This means that the RV manages to retain an open floorplan, which adds to the feeling of a spacious living area.

Additional sleeping options come in the form of a hide-a-bed couch and a power-fold bunk at the front of the RV.

Costing around $100,000, this Class A RV will comfortably sleep 6 people, making it a great choice for families.

2. Winnebago Intent 30R

Another Class A RV on the smaller side, the Winnebago Intent, is compact luxury on wheels.

Although this motorhome is just over 30′ in length, it has an amazing slide-out that runs almost the entire length of the vehicle on the driver side. This design feature opens up a lot of space, giving the Intent a really open floorplan.

The Winnebago Intent is designed with pet lovers in mind. The outside tailgate package features a kitchen, LED lighting, and an entertainment center, and also has a nifty PetPal leash tie-down.

Another feature that pet owners will appreciate is the Pet Palace, an under-bed sleeping area with a doggie door.

This Class A RV has been designed with more than just Fido’s comfort in mind, though.

There’s ample sleeping space for 6 people, including a king-size bed and a StudioLoft bed that’s accessed by a ladder.

A Winnebago Intent 30R will cost you around $110,000.

3. Thor Vegas 25.6

At 27′ in length, the Thor Vegas is the shortest Class A RV on our list.

This motorhome stands out from the rest because it is designed to go off-grid, making it perfect for families that want to go a little further afield than just the next RV park.

The Vegas has a sturdy, utility-focused build and is also equipped with connectivity in mind. It comes with the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi/4G/TV antenna and an Onan RV QG 4000 gas generator and is also solar-ready.

Another fantastic feature is the RapidCamp+, which allows you to control all the RV’s systems from your phone. Once you’re off-grid, you’ll be able to use the app to monitor levels, set the generator to auto-start, turn on lights, and much more.

Although the Vegas is designed to go further than its competitors, it still retains a luxury feel.

The interior design is sleek and modern and comfortably sleeps up to 6 people.

You’ll probably pay between $80,000 and $90,000 for a Thor Vegas.

4. Newmar Ventana

If you’re looking for a sleek Class A RV that has all the comforts of home and maybe more, then the Newmar Ventana is definitely worth considering.

With 18 different available floorplans, the Ventana has an option for everyone, and 6 people will sleep in comfort. The Ventana even comes with pillow-top mattresses, so getting a restful night’s sleep won’t be an issue.

The Ventana is built on an aluminum and fiberglass frame and has 3 slide-outs, making this an RV with more than enough space for everyone to stretch out and relax.

Aside from all the high-end interior touches, like polished countertops, concealed hinges on the closets, and soft-close drawers, the Newmar Ventana uses a proprietary Comfortdrive steering cruise control system, which makes it a breeze to cruise the highways.

The Ventana doesn’t come cheap! You’ll need to pay around $280,000.

Class A RVs That Sleep up to 8 People

Larger groups or families that need extra space have plenty of options too. Here are some Class A RVs that sleep up to 8 people.

5. Thor A.C.E. 30.2

Thor Motorcoach designed the A.C.E. 30.2 intending to create a compact, easily maneuverable Class A RV. This motorhome is fun to drive and can manage roads that some of its larger cousins cannot navigate.

The A.C.E has a family-friendly layout, featuring a sofa-bed, convertible dinette, and bunk beds that kids will love. A drop-down bunk provides even more sleeping space, meaning this RV will easily sleep 8 people.

Although some people report that the kitchen is rather small, this is offset by the increased spaciousness of the seating areas.

The Thor A.C.E. is one of the more affordable options on our list, at around $70,000.

6. Winnebago Vista 31 BE

Here’s another Class A RV that is just perfect for families on the move.

Winnebago has been producing RVs for over 60 years, and this company really knows what it’s doing when it comes to design.

The Vista features the kind of functional, well-imagined floorplan that has made Winnebago so successful, with a full wall slide-out that adds a massive amount of extra living space.

This Class A RV will easily sleep 8 people. There’s a huge master bedroom with a queen-size bed at the rear of the vehicle, as well as bunk beds and a retractable StudioLoft bed above the cab.

Although the Vista does have a somewhat compact kitchen, the clever use of an L-shaped counter provides easy access to the fridge and stove.

The intelligent design also extends to the walk-through bathroom, allowing access to the master bedroom when the slide-out is retracted.

The Winnebago Vista costs around $115,000.

7. Tiffin Allegro 36 UA

Measuring a whopping 38′ in length, the Tiffin Allegro is a huge motorhome that’s definitely been designed with large families in mind.

The Allegro features a full-wall slide-out that can come with a dinette and sofa bed or a massive U-shaped seating area Tiffin calls its ‘Luxury Lounge.’ This RV is perfect for dinner parties or game nights.

Once it’s time to turn in for the night, there’ll be plenty of sleeping space for up to 8 people in the Allegro.

At the rear of the Allegro, there’s a king-size bed with a large adjacent bathroom, and toward the front there are bunk beds with an additional half-bath.

You can expect to pay around $160,000 for an Allegro 36 UA.

Class A RVs That Sleep up to 10 People

For the largest families or those who want the option to bring friends along for the ride, there are Class A RVs that sleep up to 10 people.

8. Jayco Alante 31R

Jayco is a hugely popular company that produces some of the best-selling Class A RVs on the market.

The Alante 31R is a thoughtfully designed motorhome that sleeps 10 people comfortably. Aside from the queen-size bed at the rear, there are 2 bunk beds, 2 sofa beds, and a bunkhouse, which means that everyone will have a place to sleep in peace!

The 2 slide-outs create tons of extra space, and the center kitchen becomes the hub of this motorhome. There’s a 3 burner stove, large fridge, and bench seating, so family mealtimes will be easy to manage.

The only downside is that the bunk beds are located right next to the main entryway, making it hard for kids to sleep if there’s are still enjoying themselves outside at night.

For a lightly used Alante 31R, you can expect to pay around $80,000.

9. Fleetwood Bounder 36H

The Fleetwood Bounder 36H is another really spacious Class A RV that adds a touch of luxury to your family camping trip.

The Bounder comes in at 37′ 7″ in length and has triple slide-outs, which means there’s more than enough space for everyone to feel comfortable.

There are all of the features that you would expect from a large Class A RV, including plenty of storage space, a large and well-appointed kitchen, and an entertainment center.

As far as sleeping arrangements go, the Bounder has enough room to sleep 10 people comfortably. There’s a large master bedroom at the rear, with a king-size bed, as well as bunk beds, a sofa bed, and a convertible dinette toward the front of the vehicle.

A major bonus is a fact that the Bounder has 2 bathrooms.

There’s a huge master bath next to the main bedroom, as well as a smaller half-bath across from the bunk beds, which means the kids won’t have far to go in the middle of the night.

Add in an optional washer/dryer combo, and the Fleetwood Bounder is the perfect getaway vehicle for large families!


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