Do Campervans Have Showers & Bathrooms? (4 Examples)

Having a shower on a long trip is an amenity most people will be looking for when they buy their first campervan.

However, showers and bathrooms in your campervan can make the cost go way up in comparison to the basic models.

If these amenities are important to you, there are a few things that you should consider before moving forward:

A Short Answer on Campervans Having Showers & Bathrooms:

In general, not many campervans have a shower and bathroom. This is because these amenities tend to take up a lot of space in a campervan. There are, however, a few campervans that come equipped with a pre-installed shower and bathroom.

Are There Any Campervan Models That Come With A Shower?

Although it is not the norm for a campervan to come with bathroom amenities, recently, there have been improvements in the industry.

You can now buy a campervan with a shower and often a bathroom too.

However, the campervans that come with a shower and bathroom are not as affordable as those that don’t have these amenities.

You should find that the additional costs are well worth it for the convenience and the time you will save by not searching out bathroom facilities when traveling.

1. The Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.2 Campervan

The Canadian company Pleasure-Way has designed this campervan to accommodate two people in luxury.

There is more than enough space at a length of almost 22 feet and a height of  6ft 6 inches.

These campervans are considered somewhat of a luxury model, and the starting price for the Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.2 campervan is $136,000.

With this campervan, not only will you get quality standard features, but you will also have the convenience of off-grid luxury.

This campervan features a huge bathroom area with a handheld shower, stainless steel sink, and even features a medicine cabinet. The bathroom is complete with a traditional ceramic style toilet that has a foot flushing mechanism.

What’s more impressive is the 11-gallon black water tank that allows for less frequent pit stops.

However, the ceramic style toilet means that you will have to utilize a hose and macerator pump to dump waste at an RV park or campgrounds.

2. The Roadtrek Zion Campervan

If you’re looking for a more affordable campervan with a shower and bathroom, then the Roadtrek Zion is one to consider.

This 20 ft 9-inch campervan built on a Ram ProMaster 3500 extended chassis has a starting price of roughly $102,000.

The Roadtrek Zion sleeps three and is one of the best campervans for small families that want bathroom amenities. The bathroom features are basic but more than adequate.

With this campervan, you will have a bathroom sink, toilet, and shower.

As a bonus included in the vans amenities is an instant hot water heater, you will always have the luxury of hot showers.

The 9.6-gallon black water tank is large enough for a family of three, and the size is perfect if you have a long journey ahead.

3. The Airstream Interstate 19 Campervan

The Airstream company has been in the business for more than 100 years, so it stands to reason that they would have a campervan with a shower.

This best selling campervan is 19ft long, sleeps two, and has a price point of nearly $162,000.

Airstream is known for its ingenious and efficient space-saving campervans, and they have demonstrated this perfectly in the Airstream Interstate 19.

This van has a small bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior.

The wet bath facilities in this campervan include a toilet, sink, and shower. Ingeniously the shower head doubles as a faucet for the sink.

For some flair, you will also be treated to a built-in shampoo and conditioner station in the bathroom area.

As you can tell, the small compact bathroom may be designed with space-saving in mind, but it’s definitely cozy.

4.The Pleasure-Way Ascent Campervan

Another campervan from Pleasure-Way is the Ascent model.

Although a smaller campervan at 19ft 5 inches, this compact design sleeps two, has a shower and bathroom, and starts at a moderate $145,000.

The Pleasure-Way Ascent campervan has impressive features that attribute to its compact design. However, the focal point of this van has to be is the campervans generously sized bathroom.

There is a space-saving corner sink with its own faucet, a shower, and a ceramic toilet with a mechanical foot flush mechanism.

There is an awning style window for ventilation that includes a privacy curtain to complete this bathroom area.

Another great feature that this campervan has is an enormous 12-gallon black water tank.

If you choose to add solar to the campervan, this feature will let you travel for quite some time off-grid.

How Do People Living In A Campervan Typically Shower?

Not everyone can afford or wants to buy a campervan with a shower.

There are various ways that people typically shower when living in a campervan.

Let us take a look below and see some of the options available to you:

Public Shower Facilities

Popularly many people living in a campervan will use public shower facilities.

At first glance, this may sound weird, but it is the easiest way for someone to shower after days of traveling in a van.

Some of the public shower facilities will charge you a fee whilst others won’t.  Some places with public showers include gyms, public pools, beach restrooms, and community centers.

Most of the time, these facilities will have other amenities that you can utilize while there, like free WiFi.

Importantly remember to wear some type of shoe when using a public shower facility to prevent any chance of contracting a disease or infection if the facility isn’t the cleanest.

Truck Stop Shower Facilities

You might not believe it at first, but many truck stops offer shower facilities.

Truck stops are designed with the mindset that people often need a place to rest and shower after long journeys.

Note that some truck stops are free, but others you may have to pay to enter the shower facilities, or you might be required to buy gas first.

Additionally, truck stops often have other amenities that you can make use of while there, such as laundry mats and restaurants, as well as a convenience store where you can stock up on some supplies.

Campground Shower Facilities

The majority of campgrounds have shower facilities.

Depending on the campground, you may need to pay more to use their shower facilities.

Most campgrounds will strictly control who has access to the shower and bathrooms, and you will have to get a key from a person in charge.

Conveniently with campground shower facilities, you don’t need to worry about water and will be able to utilize the shower facilities to your heart’s content.

Can You Install A Shower In Your Campervan?

Often what drives us to ask if we can install a campervan shower in our campervan is simply how much more convenient it makes our lives.

We can install a shower in a campervan, but we have to consider a few factors first:

  • How much space do you have: First and foremost, you need to consider if you have enough space for a campervan shower.
  • What electrics do you have: Depending on your campervan, you will need to establish if your electric system can handle a basic hot water camper shower.
  • Is your water tank large enough: The majority of showers utilize a lot of water, so you need to find out if your campervan water system has a big enough capacity.

Once we have considered these factors, we can decide if we want to install an indoor or an outdoor shower.

Essentially if you have enough space and height in your campervan, then you can opt for the indoor shower option; otherwise, an outdoor shower or portable shower could be your best option.

How Do Showers Work In Campervans?

Surprisingly campervan showers work similarly to normal house showers.

In most campervans, a small boiler is installed and heats the water in roughly ten minutes.

The main difference with a campervan shower is that your shower’s water will drain into a holding tank.

You will have to drain this tank regularly.

What Is The Smallest Campervan You Can Buy With A Shower?

Most campervans that have pre-installed showers are on the large side.

There is, however, a fairly affordable 17ft campervan that you can purchase that comes with a shower and bathroom.

The Karmann Danny 530 Fiat Talento based camper van comes in at under $70,000. The bathroom and shower are situated in the van’s rear and can be entered from the inside and outside.

The vans bathroom has a toilet and a sink with a retractable faucet that doubles as a handheld shower.

Amazingly this small campervan not only has a compact bathroom, but this campervan can also sleep four.

Can You Get Portable Showers For Van Life?

In short, the answer is a conclusive yes; you can get many different kinds of portable showers for van life.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding a portable shower that suits your budget.

Below we have listed a few different types of portable showers that you can use:

  • Portable non-heated camp shower bag
  • Solar heated shower bags
  • Pocket portable showers
  • Portable Battery-powered shower heads
  • Pressurized portable showers
  • Portable battery-operated complete shower systems
  • Liquid Propane portable tankless heated showers


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