How Much Do Campervans Cost? 14 Examples (With Pictures)

Buying the campervan that both fits your needs and budget can be a stressful endeavor if you don’t know where to start.

Luckily, campervans come in a wide range of amenities and prices.

If you are curious about where to begin, we’ve outlined a few examples for you:

General Campervan Pricing & Amenities:

Campervans’ prices will range from as little as $10,000 to upwards of $120,000. Depending on the size, brand, amenities (such as sleeping space, kitchenettes, dining, and bathroom) you could be paying on either end of the spectrum or somewhere in between.

What is the Cheapest Campervan You Can Get?

If you are looking for a campervan that will not put a dent in your pocket, we have listed the following for easy consideration.

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1. The Ram Promaster City (Starting at $9,000)

This campervan is very compact and is great for couples or anyone looking for something minimal and inexpensive.

The Ram Promaster City comes in two basic models:

  1. The first model has a large double bed that spans the interior of the van. It is designed with a pullout kitchen, so your meals can be made and eaten outdoors.
  2. The second Promaster City model is one with a U-shaped bench seat. This seat converts to a double bed for sleeping.

This way, you can hang out in your camper without spreading out the bed.

With this option, you will be losing an in-van kitchen, but this still a great option for quick and really short camping trips.

2. The Hillside Leisure Dalbury E-Electric (Starting at $30,000)

If you want to “go green” on the earth and in your pocket, then the Dalbury e-electric is for you.

This campervan goes from 0 to 80% with only 30 minutes of fast charge and assures you of zero-emissions on your commute.

Inside the van, you get classy fittings with a clean look. It features spinning seats that are easily converted to a bed for your night time. There is also a kitchen with a spacious sink, a tuck-away hob, and a 39-liter 12V refrigerator.

The Dalbury is produced by Hillside Leisure and comes with a 95-watt solar panel to supply all your gadgets with enough power.

Aside from the many great features this van has to offer; the best part is that it is free of tax!

Check out these campervans with awnings as well.

3. The VW Caddy (Starting at $35,000)

Since it is not particularly big, the VW Caddy is relatively inexpensive, and you can make regular trips with it.

Inside the Caddy, it is quite cozy, as it seats 4 people conveniently while still providing enough room to pack all you need for your trip. The passenger seats can be rearranged into a large double bed that is big enough to hold two grown-ups with ease.

Also, the pop-top allows you to stand easily inside the van, especially when cooking.

It also features a complete kitchenette with a sink, a fridge, and a two-burner hob. Ample storage for all your essentials and carry-ons are placed on a wall.

With swivel seats and a removable dining table, this campervan is great for short camping trips or weekends outdoors.

4. Sportsmobile Classic (Starting at $39,100)

From the name, you can rightly guess that this campervan is built for off-road fanatics.

This campervan has a distinctive look that features a Ford Cutaway body molded with a steel reinforced fiberglass shell.

You do not have to worry about the headroom as it has a pop-top roof built to flush into the shell when dropped, delivering a perfect streamline appearance.

The doors on the side of this campervan open outward, and when you couple this with the included awning, you get a cool alfresco setting.

With an interior made for comfort, there is a bed that folds out, easily converting the ample space into a sleeping area.

When the bed is folded or not, the inside always feels spacious as there are enough cabinets and storage spaces built on the walls of the van.

Flushed into this plenty storage design is the kitchen that comprises a microwave oven, sink, and fridge.

5. Citroen Campster ($41,000)

This subtle campervan is just right for those who like to camp without drawing attention.

Presenting more space that can fit a family with kids, the Citroen Campster features pop-tops that can be extra sleeping space or just a shaded rooftop gazing spot.

This pop-top also means that you will be able to stand tall in your camper with all the extra headroom.

For storage, the Citroen Campster brings enough cupboards and drawers that can fit your cooking accessories, camping essentials and still leave you with a whole lot more space to utilize.

You can swivel the two front seats around to form four-seater dining.

The kitchen holds a sink and hob that you can remove to create more space. The standard model provides you with a 95Ah battery to keep your gadgets powered as you go.

6. Citroen Wildcamp (Starting at $47,970)

The Citroen Wildcamp brings some classic style to camping.

The Wildcamp is definitely a head-turner as it presents you with comfortable off-grid camping. The Wildcamp is inspired by the classic Type H van but blended with brand new ideas.

It features a fold-down ladder, a roof rack for all your large carry-ons, and is powered by a 161hp BlueHDi diesel engine. It comes with some standard features like the Hill Start Assist that will make rough terrains a breeze.

Having loads of storage space, the inside of the Wildcamp breathes a clean, spacious, and fresh look. It also has a large bed that will comfortably hold two people.

The kitchen is made for ease as it holds a two-burner gas hob. There are a 12V refrigerator and stainless steel sink.

The bathroom also offers some unique solutions so you can avoid digging whenever you have to go.

7. The Sunlight Cliff 600 (Starting at $49,000)

From a relatively new line of campervans, the Sunlight Cliff 600 was assembled on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

It is pretty upscale for its price, but with enough storage area for your camping gears and huge accessories, the Sunlight cliff 600 is well worth it.

The interior is planned with a fresh design, easily appealing to the senses and the wooden touch makes you feel at home.

There is a large foldable double bed at the back with storage space underneath.

The front seats swivel into the dining area, providing a four-seat dining setting.

You are provided a kitchenette for preparing your meals with enough storage, a spacious washroom that includes the shower, toilet, sink, and a lot more storage.

What is the Most Expensive Campervan You Can Get?

The following campervans start just above the $100k mark and are great for you if you are looking for luxury and do not mind spending a few more on the perfect campervan.

8. The Winnebago Solis (Starting at $100,667)

The Solis is a campervan that is designed with families in mind.

Although it has a small appearance,  it is built to accommodate more with a height reaching slightly over 6 feet on the inside.

Without raising the pop-top, that is enough for an average height person to stand tall.

The pop-top provides sleeping space for two, as does the standard foldable Murphy bed in the van.

If you plan to have more people in your van, you can swap out the Murphy bed for a rear sofa bed to create a mini lounge. For more comfort, there is a hot/cold water sink in the kitchen.

The kitchen also comes with a two-burner stove and a refrigerator.

You can reach the pop-top with the provided ladder.

Featuring a Truma heating system, the van also comes with a 220-watt solar panel to keep you recharged as you go.

9. The VW Crafter MaxTraxx ($103,499)

VanWorx brings this campervan with capabilities for rugged terrains while still providing spacious comfort.

This van is designed to take extra capabilities that will reduce stress when plowing really rough terrains.

Stepping into the MaxTraxx, it is pretty cozy and can easily sleep a family of four with the fold-out bed option. There is a kitchen area with a functioning fridge.

To the back is a comfy double bed right above the garage for storage. In front of this bed is the seating area, with front swivel seats to complete the look.

There is a larger model that features a table and a bigger bed, a complete shower room, and a refrigerator.

This campervan offers lots of customizable extras for a tailored camping experience, so it is built on request.

10. The Hymer Aktiv 2.0 (Starting at $114,127)

If you have a large family, you will need a campervan that can accommodate your traveling party.

The Hymer Aktiv 2.0 is for you. With sleeping space for two in the pop-top, more space in the double bed at the rear of the van, you’ve got enough to comfortably sleep four people.

There is a dining area at the front of the van that can be transformed into another bed if necessary.

The Hymer active is well sectioned, giving the feel of a real home on wheels. The rear sofa serves as an extra seating area during commute so that you can sit more than four people on a trip.

To cater to everyone, there is a dining table at the front with swivel front seats, a full kitchenette, and a compact shower.

11. The Benchmark Ford Transit Camper (Starting at $125,000)

Benchmark vehicles have converted the Ford Transit into a sturdy camper, armed with rugged features for any terrain.

It has a roof rack to carry your camping gear and a ladder. Even with its sturdy off-road tires, it comes with an additional wheel placed at the backdoor and a winch located on the front.

The inside is a complementing shade of casual and lightness. It is pretty spacious, with an elevated bed that folds at the back, creating even more space for storage.

The front features driving seats that swivel and an evenly spaced kitchen.

The kitchen cooker and sink convert into storage tops or worktops by simply covering them.

12. The Winnebago Revel (Starting at $129,375)

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter, the Winnebago Revel comes with many features, and if you are looking to mix luxury with adventure, this is a great campervan for you.

The Winnebago lets you revel in your camping experience by providing you with a powered patio awning and complementary lighting so you can enjoy the outdoors when it is dark.

With a sturdy roof rack for larger gears and a convenient ladder, there are many more storage options on the inside. The interior is neat, fresh, and contemporary.

It is designed for a luxurious feel as everything fits. There is a modern kitchen, seating, and dining space, shower, and toilet.

It provides a double bed for a good rest. The bed can be raised to the camper’s ceiling with just a button, giving you an entire van of storage space.

Fitted with a 200-watt solar power system, it will keep you and your gadgets going. The Winnebago has a heating system providing you with warmth at extreme temperatures.

It is also fitted with a hot water system for hot showers whenever you need it. You get all the luxury for your money.

13. The Storyteller Overland Mode (Starting at $150,000)

The Overland Mode is a campervan with space-saving features.

It features a tough roof rack for carry-ons and a ladder precisely placed for accessibility.

Fitted with a high-quality energy management system, it comes with a massive 3,600-watt inverter capable of powering the rooftop A/C and keeping all your gadgets alive.

Step into the Mode to find a neat layout with a folding bed at the rear of the van. The middle seat is strong and adjustable for reclining to preferred positions and can also be converted into a bed.

The kitchen comes with a fridge, stove, and microwave.

You even get an indoor hot and cold shower that can be concealed in the overhead cabinet.

There is also a rear shower bin that you can makeshift into a mini bathtub.

14. The Roadtrek Adventurous (Starting at $151,510)

Coming with Mercedes’ top-notch AWD system, this campervan offers you everything to suit your needs.

If you are traveling with more people, the RS model is great for you as it provides sleeping space for four people and can seat up to seven people. If you have a lot of gear to carry, the CS model is your best bet.

It has sleeping space for three and can seat up to six people.

The CS model gives up a seat for a huge cupboard and a larger refrigerator. Both models come with a huge rear bed, sturdy and well-thought overhead cabinets, kitchen, and shower.

Brilliantly divided to simulate two rooms, the Roadtrek adventurous comes with Alde water heating for warmth and AC when needed.

Final Thoughts

Buying the perfect campervan can be a little tedious, but this article would definitely take the edge off.

Ranging over safety, ruggedness, adventure, and luxury, we know that whatever campervan you choose from this page, you can be assured of a great camping experience.


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