5 Best Campervans with Rear Lounges (With pictures)

Campervans are great because they give their owners the ability to drive right up to some of the best views on earth.

Getting a campervan with a rear lounge is the best way to take full advantage of this benefit!

Here are the 5 best campervans with rear lounges:

1. Leisure Van’s Wonder Rear Lounge Model

Leisure Van’s Wonder model is a 24’9” long class B camper built on a Ford Transit chassis.

This campervan is unique in that a V-6 engine with eco-boost powers it.

The Wonder has a fantastic floorplan for couples and single travelers looking for a vehicle that they can realistically and comfortably live in full-time.

In the front, you’ll find a small kitchen area with a television and two comfortable seats.  Spin the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat around, and you end up with a nice lounge area in the front.

Move past this area towards the rear of the camper, and you’ll find a shower area, toilet, and sink to your left and right.

This in-between space creates a nice separation between you and the rear lounge area. The rear lounge area consists of a couch that faces a television.

There are also large windows so that you can take full advantage of the outdoor views.  Fold the bed down over the couch, and you’ll also be able to enjoy these views.

Expect to pay around $130,000.00 for this campervan.

2. The Sportsmobile

Looking for a 4×4 campervan with a rear lounge that you can take almost anywhere?

Buy a Sportsmobile, and you’ll be able to back right up to views that just can’t be accessed with a normal campervan!

The Sportsmobile is built on a wide variety of chassis.  You can build it on a Mercedes Sprinter, a Ford Transit, a Dodge Promaster, and even a Chevy E-Van.

Their most popular layout is the one that features a rear lounge.  This comes in the form of a rear dinette that offers up views on either side of the van and the rear of the van.

Sportsmobiles are made to order, so you’ll find that prices vary.

This being said, Sportsmobile says that they have options for as little as $85,000.00. At $85,000.00, this pricing isn’t out of line with many of the other class B campervans on the market.

You’ll also find that the resale values on these campers tend to be pretty high, so you won’t be stuck with it when it comes time to go bigger.

3. The Airstream Interstate 19

The Airstream Interstate is a 19-foot long campervan that seats 4 and sleeps 2.

The Airstream Interstate is small enough to fit in a standard parking space but large enough to house a wet bath, a kitchen, and a lounge area, which doubles as a bedroom.

This lounge area is, of course, located at the rear of the campervan, and it consists of a couch as well as two chairs.  There are windows at the rear and on the sides, and a television mounted directly in front.

Unfortunately, fitting all of this into a compact campervan isn’t cheap.

To buy this campervan, you’ll need about $160,000.00.

4. The Coachman Beyond 22D – EB

Coachman’s Beyond campervan model is a 22-foot long campervan with a 3.5 Liter Eco Boost Engine and an all-wheel-drive transmission.

This camper is built on a Ford Transit Chassis. It features modern technology: a blind spot information system, a side sensing system, a camera system, a lane-keeping system, and a post-collision braking system.

As a result, this vehicle is very safe and easy to drive.

This campervan has a layout that features a wet bath and a galley kitchen in the front, and a set of sofas in the rear.  These sofas serve as the lounge area, the dining area, and the bedroom.

Place removable tables between the sofas, and you have a dining area.  Remove the tables, and you have a comfortable lounge area.

Fold the sofas down, and you have a bedroom.

These features make this camper incredibly versatile and easy to use.  On the flip side, full-timers might not like the idea of living in the same small space all day and night.

Want to buy your own Coachman Beyond?  If so, expect to pay around $117,000.00

5. The RoadTrek Adventurous CS

RoadTrek’s Adventurous CS model is built on a 170” long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

Its layout offers two separate living areas with a bathroom and a kitchen in the center.

The daytime layout offers a dining area in the front and a lounge area in the rear.  The front dining area can convert to a sleeping area for one, and the rear area can convert to a sleeping area for two.

While this campervan isn’t very large, it does offer a 10-gallon black water tank, a 20-gallon gray water tank, and a 30-gallon freshwater tank.

It also offers an interior standing height of 6’3” and an interior aisle width of 28”.

I wouldn’t recommend this camper as a full-time camper for a family of three, but it would make a great weekend vehicle for a family of three.

If you’re looking to purchase this vehicle right now, you’ll have to wait.  This model won’t be available until the summer of 2021.

Unfortunately, pricing won’t be available until this time, either.

My guess, though, is that it will cost upwards of $150,000.00.

Final Thoughts

Campervans with rear lounges are easy to find.

The only difficulty you might find is in choosing between all of the great options available to you.







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