4 Great Camper Vans With Ford Transit Chassis (With Images)

When searching for a new RV to purchase, we want to make sure that we choose one of the market-leading models.

Often we want a model that is reliable and has some of the best features and amenities available. Many great RV options meet these requirements, but a few RVs built using the Ford Transit Chassis stand out from the rest.

We have been looking into these models and have found a few great RVs so that you can test out if the hype meets your expectations:

Forest River Inc Class C RVs

When choosing RV manufacturers, Forest River Inc is one of the most prominent brands in this field.

Forest River Inc has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

They are known for having a large array of RVs available to meet every budget. No matter what you’re looking for, your likely to find it with this brand as their market influence is significant.

With the exceptional quality of RVs usually offered by this brand, we wanted to see if their Ford Transit Chassis RV models match the usual excellence they offer.

We found that Forest River Inc has a few great RVs built on a Ford Transit Chassis, but we found one that stands out:

1. Sunseeker TS2370 RV

The Explore Sunseeker Ts RV by Forest River Inc has a unique split level design on a Ford Transit Chassis, giving this model the maximum amount of headroom in the living area.

If you are environmentally conscious, then this RV is likely to appeal to you as it has been certified green by TRA certification.

The features and amenities in this RV are quite impressive. The kitchen area is well designed and equipped with a convection oven, sink with faucet, and stove.

You need not worry about always buying bottled water either, as this RV comes with a water filtration system, and there is a smoke detector for added safety.

The countertops are beautifully done, and the wood finishing gives the space a great contrast of colors and textures.

This RV also has a Truma Combi water heater/furnace for those winter nights out on the road. You will also have a 13500 BTU ceiling ducted roof air system and an Onan generator.

The Sunseeker has a fantastic bathroom that consists of a composite toilet, electric roof fan, motion sensor lighting, and a shower head with flexible extension that you can adjust.

You can sleep comfortably on the memory foam mattress and relax after a long drive by watching the 12V TV that’s included with the Sunseeker.

If you prefer watching TV in the lounge, this RV will suit you just fine as there is a 12V LED adjustable side TV, and let’s not forget about the 12V USB charging station.

Coachmen Class C RVs

Coachmen is a division of Forest River Inc and is one of the best-selling RV brands in America.

Coachmen have more than fifty years of experience in putting forth only the highest standard of quality RVs.

The reliable and innovative RVs that Coachmen is known for can be seen in their Ford Transit models.

If we look at how affordable many of their RVs are, we can see why Coachmen is one of the most sought-after brands.

Specifically, there was one model that caught our eye:

2. Orion Traveler T21RS – DSO RV

When looking for RVs that are built on a Ford Transit Chassis, we found the Orion T21RS.

This RV boasts luxurious and spacious interiors and is competitively affordable when compared with other C class RVs. What’s great about this award-winning RV is how powerful it is, and you don’t have to sacrifice fuel efficiency with the 3.6 Liter 280HP V6 engine.

The equipment you can expect to receive includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, an LP leak alarm, RVS rear camera, and a pre-wired satellite dish to keep you up to date on current affairs.

For all your summer camping expeditions, the Orion comes with a 13500 low profile ducted AC unit to help keep you and your travel companions cool.

The handy wall-mounted thermostat will let you easily judge if you need to switch on your AC.

Inside the Orion, the bathroom amenities are not only modern but also functional. You will have an inside and outside shower capability. The inside shower has a curved plastic shower door to ensure your safety and an easy to use composite foot flush toilet.

Numerous other bathroom features add to the ambiance of this space.

Moving onward to the sleeping and living areas, the Orion RV allows for a spacious arrangement due to it being built on a Ford Transit Chassis. You can look forward to a full queen-sized bed that comes with a bunk ladder, and privacy window covers so you won’t be disturbed when you’re getting in your beauty sleep.

The kitchen is spacious and has all the features you could need while traveling and is near the comfortable seated living area.

Winnebago Class C RVs

Winnebago is a world-class brand operating since 1958 and has sold more than 400000 RVs impressively.

Over the years, they have brought exceptional RV models to the market.

This tried and trusted brand now has a legendarily constructed RV on a Ford Transit Chassis.

This RV household name is for many a go-to brand. Winnebago consistently provides smartly designed interiors with innovative features, and their Ford Transit Chassis base models are no exception.

One model, in particular, is making waves in the RV sphere.

3. Winnebago Fuse RV

As we know, Winnebago offers premium quality RVs and has been doing so for a very long time.

The Winnebago Fuse 2020 model that’s built on a Ford Transit Chassis offers luxury and flexibility to suit any purpose, whether wandering off the beaten path or cruising through the city streets.

This RV interior is well laid out with numerous smart features, and the comfortable, stylish finishes make the Compass your home away from home. The Winnebago Fuse can comfortably sleep three with a queen-sized bed and a fold-out sofa bed. 

There is a room divider curtain that sections off the living area from the bedroom. The living room is spacious and includes a dinette area and a TV room in one.

The gorgeously designed galley kitchen with the decorative backsplash is perfect for friends and family. You will have a convection oven, microwave oven, two-burner range top stove with the kitchen, and a stainless steel sink with faucet.

This RV also comes with a pantry to store all your non-perishables.

You shouldn’t worry too much about cleaning the moderately sized bathroom as the shower comes with a retractable self-cleaning shower screen. Additionally, the flexible shower head and toilet with foot flushing mechanism make this bathroom convenient to use.

The Winnebego Fuse also has a heating system and an AC system.

Safety is a priority, and Winnebago realizes this by installing LP, Smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

You will also have a ground fault interrupter and a fire extinguisher, so you know you’re safe while in your RV.

Thor Class B+ RVs

Thor’s motorcoach brand is the number one RV brand in North America, and they produce almost one out of every four motorhomes sold every year.

Although not as prominent as Coachmen and Winnebago, Thor’s brand shouldn’t be placed aside too easily when seeking a quality RV.

Founded in 2010, this brand has been providing world-class recognizable RVs since its inception. They aim to supply consumers with the latest cutting-edge RV technology that fits their lifestyle and budgeting needs.

Putting their money where their mouth is, Thor has managed to produce a new B+ RV built on a Ford Transit Chassis that comes with all the bells and whistles.

4. Compass AWD 23TW RV

The 2021 Compass RV B+ model by Thor Motor Coach is where performance meets luxury.

The Compass is more than just an RV; it is also a recreational utility vehicle. This means you will have all the pleasure comforts of home with you whilst out on the road.

This RV is smaller than others available to purchase.

However, don’t be too quick in judging this B+ RV, as it may be small, but it is mighty. Using a Ford Transit Chassis, this RV comes with a 3.5 Liter V-6 EcoBoost Turbo Gas Engine providing 310HP and 400LB-ft of torque.

Although smaller than other RVs, this doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing any luxuries. The Compass’s interior is decorated with neutral tone greys and whites to create a modern chic look.

The Compass has beautiful vinyl flooring, euro-style cabinetry, and LED lighting.

You will find a single door fridge, two-burner gas cooktop, convection oven, and a large single stainless steel sink with a single handle faucet in the kitchen.

If you thought the kitchen was amazing, wait till you hear about the bedroom and bathroom areas. In the bedroom, you will find a euro-style flip-up queen size bed with a reversible mattress.

The bathroom mimics a traditional house bathroom with a flushing toilet and shower.

Conveniently, the bedroom has a USB charging center for electronics and a 12V outlet CPAP machine.




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