Best Class A Motorhomes With Queen Size Beds (With Pictures)

Family trips and vacations are often the year’s highlights, and being comfortable while on vacation is an important component to consider.

It’s often beneficial to have an RV with one or more queen-sized beds to be able to rest after an action-packed day.

We have searched every possible nook and cranny to compile a list with a few must-see RVs featuring queen-sized beds that will help bring a comfortable experience to you and your passengers:*

RVs With a Single Queen-Size Bed:

With all the numerous RV makes and models available on the market today, quite a few come with a single queen-sized bed.

RV floorplans featuring a single queen-sized bed are possibly the most popular and easiest to find. From luxury to more budget-friendly options, there is an RV with a queen-sized bed to suit everyone.

As there are many on offer, we have selected the ones that we believe possibly classify as a must-see:

1. Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA Class A RV

The Allegro Red Class A RV is one of the more expensive models available for purchase.

However, you likely won’t mind paying the extra price point with luxury features and spacious accommodations on offer in this RV. The Allegro Red by Tiffin can sleep up to five people and features four slides.

At 35 ft 2 inches long with an internal height of 7ft, there is more than enough space for this RV to feature all the amenities you would need away from home. The Allegro Red has its own private bedroom where you will find the queen-sized bed, and above the bed is an overhead cabinet for storage. You will also find in the bedroom a closet and TV/

This RV interior is beautiful with ceramic tile flooring, a soundbar system, high gloss handcrafted cabinetry throughout, and panoramic galley windows.

Inside, the lounge area has a sofa bed, where the extra sleeping space is located. Some recliners face another TV, and adjacent to the sofa can comfortably seat four when it comes time for meals. The Allegro Red also features a full bathroom with a large radius shower and houses a toilet and a wash hand basin.

With this RV, you will get a luxurious kitchen with a residential-sized refrigerator, a convection oven, and three cooktop burners. There is also a duel sink with its own faucet for convenient clean up after meals.

If you’re worried about kitchen space, the Allegro Red RV has you covered with the featured pantry next to the fridge.

If you want a luxury RV that’s designed with comfortability in mind, then the Allegro Red might be worth considering.

Check out these gorgeous farmhouse-style RVs.

2. Winnebago Forza 34T RV

If you want an RV that can sleep five, then the Winnebago Forza could be the perfect fit with a rear private bedroom.

This RV features two slides and comes in at 36ft long with an internal height of just under 7ft. This 2021 class A diesel motorhome has some impressive features throughout.

With the capacity to sleep five, this RV comes with a queen-sized bed in the private bedroom and has a rest easy sofa bed and fold down dinette bed for family and friends. Additionally, if you decide you need extra sleeping arrangements, you can add a studio loft bed above the cab as an optional extra.

The bathroom in this RV is gorgeously done with a massive 38-inch by 30-inch shower. There is also a toilet and a spacious counter and bathroom sink for extra space when you need to get ready for a day out. The shower also features a skylight that gives the bathroom natural lighting and provides more standing space.

In the upscale modern lounge of the Winnebago Forza, there is chic vinyl flooring throughout, and you can even add an optional fireplace to make it that much cozy. The RV features two recliners and theatre-style seating, and a benchmark dinette across from the kitchen.

There is a handy storage area for an optional washer/dryer in the kitchen next to the residential-sized refrigerator with a lovely ice-making capability. You will find a three burner cooktop and an L shaped kitchen counter that features a flip-up countertop extender within the kitchen.

There is also a savvy double kitchen sink with a faucet, and there is a modern microwave/convection oven that comes with a range fan and is touch-controlled.

If these features fail to impress, the PowerLine energy management system ensures your systems in the RV will never overload. There is also a home theatre system, 50-inch television, and an OnePlace systems center to control all the tech features in the Winnebago Forza.

RVs with Two Queen Size Beds:

Traveling with friends and family can be difficult, especially if you don’t have enough space for everyone to have a good night’s rest after a day filled with activities.

Many RVs feature floorplans with two queen-sized beds for all those who require more sleeping space and want themselves and their travel companions comfortable.

Let’s look at a few that have the queen-sized bed capacity you’re looking for:

3. Forest River Wildwood 37BHSS2Q  Travel Trailer RV

The Forest River Wildwood is an RV travel trailer with all the space and comfort requirements you could need.

With a length of 39 ft, it has more than enough space to fit the two queen-sized beds that it features. The 2021 model is new and improved and has a range of features and amenities that are sure to entice.

What’s great about this RV travel trailer is that it features not one but two private bedrooms with their own queen-sized bed. This is perfect for all those couples who want to go on holiday together or those families that want to bring along the inlaws while vacationing. Additionally, this unit has a sleeping capacity for up to seven people, so it is ideal for all trips.

This RV travel trailer features a slide-out living area to create extra space. In the Wildwood, the bathroom can be accessed from the rear bedroom, and it features a radius shower with glass doors and a toilet and wash hand basin.

The dark wood finish decor continues in the kitchen, and there are gorgeous marble look countertops with a 3 burner cooktop and residential-sized fridge. The kitchen is open plan and leads into the dinette area and the lounge. The lounge comes with comfortable leatherlike sofas in an L shape.

Alongside the lounge is the dinette that can seat four, and to top it off, there is a luxurious carpet along the length of the lounge area.

4. Forest River Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L Travel Trailer RV

There are eight different floor plans with the Forest River Alpha Wolf, and two of them feature family-oriented queen-sized beds in two different private bedrooms.

This travel trailer is versatile and more affordable than some of its counterparts. At 36.8 ft long, this RV can accommodate exemplary features and amenities, no matter your tastes. With this travel trailer RV, both the master bedroom and the second bedroom come with quality queen-sized beds, which is important for adult sleepers who need a good night’s rest.

In the lounge portion of this travel trailer is where you will find the additional sleeping areas.

The U shaped dinette and the jackknife sofa both fold out to create beds. If we look at the kitchen section of this RV, you won’t be disappointed. There is plenty of counter space for those nights where you want to put out a spread, and the residential-sized refrigerator can keep all the leftovers safely stowed away.

The Forest River Alpha Wolf also features a full bathroom with all the standard features, and the lounge also has a television. Another fantastic feature is the outdoor kitchen that this travel trailer offers.

The outdoor kitchen comes with a freezer, fridge, and a two-burner stove, as well as a sink for convenience.

RV with Multiple Queen Size Beds

If you’re someone who frequently travels with large groups, it would be beneficial to look into an RV that will give you an adequate amount of space and versatility you need.

Why struggle with camping tents that are often uncomfortable and lead to nights of fitful sleep when you could opt for an RV with three queen-sized beds.

If you’re looking for an RV that comes with three queen-sized beds but won’t cost you a fortune, and if you want one that isn’t huge but compact, there are options available to you.

We have found one RV that we think could provide you what you’re searching for:

5. Forest River Rockwood Roo 183 Travel Trailer RV

Should you be after value for money and an RV travel trailer that will be an investment, you may want to look at the Forest River Rockwood Roo.

This compact RV travel trailer packs a punch with its host of quality amenities and features. With a floor plan to suit every need, you’re sure to enjoy the versatility the Rockwood Roo provides.

The travel trailer features an incredible three queen-sized beds in its expandable 183 floorplans. Two are situated at both ends of the travel trailer and one on the back left-hand side. Comfortable yet practical, you won’t have a problem traveling with large groups of friends or even the extended family.

There is a tub surround in the bathroom, a radius shower with glass doors, and a shower miser water saver system. Additionally, there is also a toilet and a bathroom sink. The lounge area has gorgeous slate wood detailing with faux wood floor vinyl that adds an element of luxury to the travel trailer.

There are a sofa and a dinette with a fireplace and one of the three televisions.

The kitchen houses a double door gas/electric refrigerator, 3 burners high output gas range, and a gas oven. There is an extendible kitchen countertop for added space for those times that you need more space while cooking.

For those who prefer filtered water, you can save on water costs with the water purification system installed by the kitchen sink.

The Forest River Rockwood Roo has a whole variety of many more features, and these are just a few that you would get if you bought this three queen-sized bed featured travel trailer.


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