4 Beautiful RVs with Farmhouse-Style Interior (With Pictures)

There are few things as pleasing as enjoying a glass of crisp lemonade in a beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

When you think of RVs, it may be hard to believe that a few models come with a farmhouse style interior, but this style has recently grown in popularity and many RV companies.

Fortunately, after some searching, we have found a few RVs that have beautiful farmhouse style interiors for you to look at and consider when purchasing your next motorhome.

Class A RVs With Farmhouse Style Interiors:

With the massive uptick in popularity, farmhouse style interiors in RVs are becoming more prominent on the market and can be seen in many Class ARVs.

In this RV category, you can expect a motorhome that is not only sturdy but also versatile. However, RVs’ cost with this style can be slightly more expensive than other interior themes, but it’s often worth it for the gorgeously charming theme you receive.

A farmhouse interior is all about versatility, practicality, and comfort. You will find that in most Class A motorhomes, a farmhouse style interior is identifiable due to the white wood finishes and warm wood tones.

This interior style is perfect for those RVers looking for simplicity and a cozy farmhouse vibe where they can change their surroundings to suit their needs.

Below we’re going to look at a few beautiful Class A RV farmhouse style interiors:

1. Fleetwood Discovery LXE 44B RV

If you’re looking for a Class A RV with a beautiful luxury farmhouse style interior, then the Fleetwood Discovery LXE could be worth looking into.

This motorhome comes equipped with four slide outs to create that extra space when you need it and has a length of 44 feet. With how spacious this model is, there is lots of room for you to add your own personal touches.

With the Fleetwood discovery, you can expect to pay roughly $343,000.

Kitchen & Interior:

Inside this RV, the farmhouse style interior is truly a sight to behold.

With gorgeous white wood cabinetry and furniture, the interior is both cozy and bright. The white-washed wood vinyl flooring creates a luxurious atmosphere, and combined with the gorgeous furnishings and marble look white countertops, you may find yourself wanting to stay indoors more often.

The lounge section is open plan and is situated in the front of this Class A. Alongside the lounge on one end is the dining area, and on the other end is the kitchen.

The ceilings are high in this section and have an artistically designed cutout skylight to add to the luxurious feel. To further brighten this entire area is the luminous LED lighting.

Lounge & Dining:

Throughout the entire lounge, kitchen, and dining area is gorgeous white wood cabinetry offering plenty of storage solutions.

The lounge furniture is white, and there are a three-seater and two single-seater sofas, which should you be someone who likes to entertain guests. The kitchen has a gorgeous backsplash in black, grey, and white tones and many modern appliances.

There is a large stainless steel sink built into the countertop with its own faucet, and there is a dishwasher for those days when you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Additionally, you will have a huge double door refrigerator with a water dispenser and a bottom drawer freezer.

There is also a microwave and ceramic glass top two-burner stove. You won’t have to worry about where you should store your groceries as there is a pantry.

The dinette area has a wrap-around couch that can seat up to five people and a window where you can look out and enjoy the view while partaking in a meal with guests.

There are also cupboards above this area to store any plates or cutlery that you use when dining.

Bedroom & Bathroom:

Towards the back of the RV is where you will find the bedroom and bathroom.

The bedroom features a comfortable king-sized bed, and there is storage galore.

The farmhouse style interior further continues in the bathroom. You will notice white wood cabinetry set off by the same decorative backsplash as seen in the kitchen.

There is a porcelain toilet and wash hand basin in the half bathroom. The theme continues in the massive full bathroom, and there are a huge shower and bathroom sink and a toilet.

The bathroom leads out into another bedroom, where two bunk beds come with a sturdy ladder.

With many more features and amenities n offer, such as three airconditioners and a safe TV camera view system, the Fleetwood Discovery LXE 44B could be the best RV investment option for you.

2. American Coach American Tradition 42Q RV

Luxury Farmhouse style interiors can be pricey in class A RVs, as shown in the 2021 American Coach American Tradition.

However, the features and amenities are exemplary and create an RV experience that feels like home. With three slide outs and at a length of 42 feet, there is space enough to make this RV an excellent temporary or permanent residence.

This RV also has a state of the art technological features such as the touchscreen control panel. On it, you can start the generator, lock the step, turn the lighting on and off, and check the water levels of the various holding tanks.

The estimated starting price for the American Tradition is roughly $420,000.

Interior & Kitchen:

Throughout this RV, the farmhouse style interior is present with the beautiful white wood cabinetry and sparkling countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

Inside the American Tradition motorhome, the living room is located in the front and features beige leatherette sofas that add warmth to the theme. The flooring is stunning and looks like white marble ceramic tiles and complements the weight and beige tone backsplash in the kitchen.

The dining room section is home to a small two-person seating arrangement with a large window alongside it to take in the views in each unique location you visit. To keep this entire section cool during blistering summers is centrally located airconditioners.

If you want warmth during the winter, then your in luck with this model as it features an electric fireplace near the dinette.

You will find that the kitchen is well lit with LED lighting and that there is a window strategically placed alongside the sink to bring in natural lighting while you wash up in the large sink. Above the countertop, you will find a convection microwave and, alongside the counter, a massive double door residential fridge.

Next to the sink is a glass top stove that is ultra-modern and can be covered to create more counter space.

Bedroom & Bathroom:

In the rear, you will find the private master bedroom and the large bathroom.

The bedroom is immaculately done with the same farmhouse style interior, and there is tons of space to move around the king-sized bed.

The massive modern bathroom will have you wanting to spend time in it, with a huge shower that features a fold-down wooden seat and a wall cut ut for all your shower toiletries. Inside the shower itself, a skylight lets in natural light, and gorgeous grey tile work surrounds the shower cubicle.

Along one end of the bathroom, there is also a toilet and a wash hand basin with a mirror above it. These are just a fraction of the incredible features offered.

Fifth Wheel RVs With Farmhouse Style Interior:

When you think of the fifth wheel RVs available, your mind might not straight away associate a farmhouse style interior with them.

This is partly because some of them used to be manufactured with basic themes and weren’t as luxurious or as modern as some other RV categories.

Over the years, this has since changed with the times, and there are indeed many fifth-wheel RVs for you to choose between that feature farmhouse style interiors.

The definition of a farmhouse style interior differs from brand to brand, but normally you will find the RVs with this style will have white wood cabinetry or very light wood cabinetry.

The living areas and kitchen in this RV category will also be modern but homey and offer style versatility.

We will look at below two fifth-wheel RVs with gorgeous farmhouse style interiors.

3. Jayco Eagle 357MDOK Fith Wheel RV

The most budget-friendly RV option on this list is the Jayco Eagle fifth wheel RV.

This motorhome can sleep up to nine people, and it features four slide-outs that provide the space you need when adventuring.

With a length of 42 feet, it can compete with RVs in other categories, especially with a starting price of roughly $63,000.

You might want to examine this fifth wheel if you’re looking for an RV with a farmhouse style interior and a large accommodation capacity.

At first glance, Jayco’s model might not seem as luxurious as other fifth wheels available, but the 2021 Jayco Eagle offers quality furnishings for a reasonable price point.


The living areas are a study in contrast with white wood cabinetry accentuated by dark wood accents.

On one end of this fifth wheel is where the living ara is. The furnishings are modest but comfortable, and best of all, they accentuate the farmhouse style interior present throughout.

Two grey sofas each seat two, and there is also an electric fireplace and TV. This section of the RV is very cozy and perfect for relaxing after a day filled with activity.

The modern farmhouse style kitchen is beautiful to look at and even better to work in. The kitchen features a center island where the dual sinks are located. Additionally, a convection microwave, a large residential-sized refrigerator, and a three burner stove are also available.

Storage won’t be a problem in this RV as there is plenty of space for you to pack away all items you want to keep hidden and safe.

Alongside the kitchen is a small dinette area that is cozy and can seat two people at a time and look out at your surroundings with the booth windows. If you follow the stairs up to the fifth wheel’s rear, you will find the master bedroom and bathroom.

Before you get to this section, you will find the other bedroom with a bunk bed and two reclining sofas.

The private master bedroom is airy and spacious with a king-sized bed and lots of space to move around. In the bedroom, there is also a chest of drawers and a mirrored closet. Some might consider the bathroom small, but the shower itself is large.

With a marble look, decorative features, and a porcelain toilet and bathroom sink, you’re bound to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing look of this room.

4. Jayco North Point 387FBTS Fifth Wheel RV

Slightly more expensive than the Jayco Eagle fifth wheel RV is the Jayco North Point.

This motorhome costs roughly $650,00 and features a beautiful farmhouse style interior. With the 2021 model, there are three slide outs, and it has a sleeping capacity of six people.

Offering luxury features for an affordable price, this fifth wheel is perhaps worth considering.

As is standard with farmhouse style interior, you will find lots of white wood cabinetry in this fifth wheel throughout the living room and the kitchen areas. A beautiful center island has a glossy granite-look countertop that matches the other counters in the kitchen.

Built into this island is the sink that comes with a faucet and handy drying rack.

The appliances are modern are all stainless steel.

Although small, the kitchen does feature a huge double door fridge freezer combo, a three burner gas stove, and a microwave. Directly opposite the counter island, you will find the all dinette area that has seating for two.

Next to the kitchen is the living room that has an electric fireplace and LED TV. Another amazing feature is the two reclining chairs that face the television and the three-seater sofa surrounded by windows.

The bathroom has gorgeous detailing, with the shower interior matching the stunning flooring.

The farmhouse style continues in the bathroom with the white wood cabinetry and wooden shower seat.

There is also a porcelain toilet and a bathroom sink.

Inside the bedroom is a large comfortable bed that has windows surrounding it to let in natural lighting. Although the bedroom is small, there is still enough space for you to move about freely. Additionally, there are wardrobes for all your storage needs.

You will also, with this model, have roof access with the attached outdoor ladder.


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