4 RVs With FRONT Living Rooms (Fifth Wheel & Class A’s)

While we are out on the road or parked at a campsite, most of us at some point will want to host an event or entertain some friends and family in our RV.

It’s often much easier to have a living room area near the front of an RV for such occasions.

Fortunately, there are many RVs across the various RV categories that come with a front living room.

After spending some time searching for some of the must-see RVs, we came across a few options worth looking at if you are in the market for an RV with a front living room.

Fifth Wheel RVs With Front Living Rooms:

Fifth wheels have come a long way in their development since their inception in the 1920s.

With many companies constantly adapting models and creating more innovative layout ideas each year, few fifth-wheel RVs now have front living rooms.

Having a living room in the front section of a fifth wheel allows for a private bedroom area in the rear. Most people will find that this will create a more traditional living room feel with the living area being in the front of the fifth wheel RV.

Let’s look at two options that could potentially be the best fifth wheel RV front living room option for you:

1. The Keystone Laredo Fifth Wheel 353FL RV

Should you happen to be in the market for a fifth wheel under $100,000, then the Keystone Lerado fifth wheel RV is one to look at.

The Lerado can sleep six people and has four slides to provide you that extra space you might need while traveling. With a length of 39 ft and 7 inches and a height of 13ft 2 inches, you will likely have more than enough space to entertain.

The brand Keystone has outdone themselves with the 2020 fifth-wheel Lerado RV model. There is a private rear bedroom for those who enjoy their privacy and in this bedroom is a queen-sized bed.

As the bedroom’s location is in the rear, it allows for more walking space in the bedroom, and there is even a large wardrobe on one side of the room where you can store everything and anything.

This fifth wheel comes with a fantastic front living room, perfect for when you need to entertain visitors. The lounge features a modern contemporary design and comes equipped with opposing sofa slides and theatre-style seating.

The arched ceilings open up the living room and make it appear roomier than it is.

Inside the kitchen is a Furion range with oven, microwave, residential-sized sink, and an 18 cubic ft refrigerator. With the kitchen being close to the lounge and dinette area, it is both convenient and spacious.

There is plenty of counter space with the kitchen’s U shape design, and the arched ceilings continue in the kitchen, creating more headroom and an open-air feel while cooking.

Another great amenity that the Laredo features is the private bathroom. The bathroom comes with a large shower with a built-in seat, and there is a toilet and wash hand basin. Inside the bathroom itself, there is also a storage area/closet to keep all the necessary bathroom toiletries.

With many more features in this fifth wheel, RV could have everything you need for your next grand adventure.

2. The Forest River Cardinal Luxury Fifth Wheel

Are you someone who is looking for a fifth wheel RV to travel in or live in full time? The Forest River Cardinal Luxury is perfect for those full-time RVers.

The price of this RV is reasonable with the many luxury features and amenities it offers. This fifth wheel comes in at a starting price of just over $101,000 and can easily and comfortably sleep five people.

The Cardinal Luxury fifth wheel RV is 41 ft long with a height of 13ft.

You’re probably wondering what makes this fifth wheel a luxury RV. Well, many high-end features and amenities come with the Cardinal Luxury. The dinette in this fifth wheel is a buffet-style, and in this area, there is also a 32 inch exterior TV.

You can dine in style while browsing the news to stay ahead of events.

Another luxury feature that makes life easier is the central vacuuming system that comes with this model. Now when you need to prepare for a social event, it will be easy to clean all areas, including the front living room.

Inside the front living room area, there is a three-seat leather sofa that has a tri-fold bed. There are end tables on the sides with 2.0 USB charging ports, which is very convenient for when you want to laze about on the couch after a long day.

Additionally, the front living room also comes with power theatre seats with cool LED lights and a massage function, further substantiating this fifth wheel’s luxury amenities claims. In the lunge section of the

Cardinal Luxury, there are also four residential-style chairs, and two of them have flip-up storage where you can keep any fragile goods you need safely stowed away.

Heading over to the kitchen, you will see a decorative solid wood frame door, and the pantry features many drawers for additional kitchen storage. There are a massive farmhouse size residential sink and an RV chef collection that includes an oven and stovetop.

To top it all off, the bedroom comes with a king-sized bed and its own fireplace.  If you’re looking for luxury, then the Cardinal Luxury fifth wheel RV by Forest River is worth looking into as there are many more features and amenities, including a gorgeous bathroom that has a shower, sink, and toilet.

Class A RVs With Front Living Rooms:

Class A RVs are possibly one of the best-constructed amongst the different RV categories.

These motorhomes are often built on a solid heavy-duty frame and come at various sizes and prices to suit most people’s needs and budgets. With how popular this RV class is, there are many models to choose from with front living room layouts.

Having a Class A RV with a front living room allows for lots of extra headroom and movability around all the different sections of the motorhome.

Additionally, many will enjoy how the bathroom has extra headroom and space to move freely within due to the living room being situated near the front of the RV.

3. Entegra Coach Vision

This Class A RV may be small and compact, but it is mighty with its V8 engine.

The Entegra Coach Vision has two slides to provide additional space. With a price point of just under $99,000, you will get many impressive features and amenities included and equipped in this Class A RV.

The 2021 Entegra is 29ft long and comes equipped with two air conditioners to ensure you travel in cool comfort.

The Entegra Coach Vision is a luxury Class A that is smaller than some of its competitors in this category, but that by no means makes it inferior.

In the front section of this RV, you will find the front living room that features theatre seating with a center console with cup holder placements. The colors for the furnishings and central theme in this RV are neutral yet classic and give the room a light, airy feel.

There is also copious amounts of storage space with many cupboards throughout the entirety of the Entegra Coach Vision.  The television is located on the dinette side, so you will be comfortable whether you choose to watch from the booth or the sofa.

The kitchen is located next to the booth dinette area for convenience, and although it is small, it has all the modern appliances you need while traveling.

Inside the kitchen, you will find a large stainless steel sink with a faucet, a stove with an oven, and a refrigerator. The countertops are beautiful with a marble look and are two-toned with beige and white. You will find a counter extension on the kitchen counter side that you can flip up to create more space while cooking all your favorite recipes.

Just because you’re opting for a motorhome doesn’t mean you won’t have the luxury associated with residential residence. This RV features a large bathroom with all the convenient amenities you would have in a physical house.

There is a large shower, a wash hand basin, and a toilet, and of course, the theme is gorgeous as the bathroom continues with the beige and white tones on the countertop and walls.

4. Forest River Berkshire XL 40E RV

In the RV world, Forest River is a well-known and trusted brand.

They have just released an exceptional Class A RV, which is their 2021 Berkshire XL. This RV is more expensive than Some of the other Class As in its category, with a starting price of just under $290,000.

However, you will receive many outstanding features and amenities with this RV. The Berkshire XL has three slides, sleeps up to 9, and is 41ft long, so there is lots of space for both you and your family. One of the sleeping accommodations is located on the wall of one of the slides, and it features bunk beds, while the private master bedroom features a king-size bed.

What’s lovely about the private bedroom is that it has its own full bathroom.

There are actually two full bathrooms in this luxury RV. The master bedroom bathroom features a bathroom sink with an overhead mirror, a 38 inch by 32-inch shower, toilet, and linen closet.

The second bathroom is located across from the bunk bed slide out and features a 30 inch by 36-inch shower, wash hand basin, and toilet.

If we look at the bedroom features, there is a ceiling fan to help with those hot summer evenings, a full dresser, and a 32 inch LED TV. If you want to spend the whole day sequestered in your bedroom, you can do so in comfort, and you will be entertained.

The Berkshire XL has a front living room conveniently located near the dinette and the kitchen. Not only is the entire living room section done in gorgeous nudes, greys, and light wood cabinetry, but the rest of the motorhome follows the same classic theme.

The sofa has a hide a bed that converts into additional sleeping space for whoever may need it. There is also a cozy electric fireplace and a 43 inch LED TV in the front living room.

This Class A RVs features don’t end there as the kitchen has some lovely modern appliances and plenty of room to cook for all those you are traveling, camping, or living with. Inside the kitchen are a huge residential-sized refrigerator, kitchen sink, and beautiful high gloss countertops.

Additionally, you can even opt to have a dishwasher installed with an upgrade package, making clean up even easier.


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