4 Must-See RVs With Motorcycle Storage (With Pictures)

For the adventurers at heart, there’s often nothing better than taking a trip in your RV with friends and family and all your outdoor toys.

Having an RV with motorcycle storage is not only convenient, but it also helps make the trip that much more exciting.

Luckily for us, there are RVs with motorcycle storage for when you’re finished having fun for the day.

We’ve put together a few must-see RVs that have the storage you need for all your outdoor toys.

Class A RVs With Motorcycle Storage:

You might not immediately associate a Class A RV with having motorcycle storage.

There are indeed a few Class A RVs that have motorcycle storage facilities. Often these RVs are designed for functionality alongside spaciousness and high-end amenities.

With how sturdy Class A RVs actually are, it makes sense that some would have storage for outdoor toys such as motorcycles. Most of the time, these RVs will come with rear access ramps as the motorcycle storage or toy storage area is located at the back.

Let’s now have a look at some Class A RVs that feature motorcycle storage so that you can decide if this RV category would work for you and your toys.

1. The Newmar Canyon Star 3747 RV

If you’re looking for a Class A RV that’s noteworthy for all the right reasons, then have a look at the Newmar Canyon Star.

This RV has a range of impressive features and amenities to keep you comfortable and entertained while traveling the paths less traveled. The RV is slightly more expensive with a rough starting price of $170,000, but it is still reasonable considering what you will get.

The Newmar Canyon Star has a sleeping capacity for six people and has three slide outs that provide ample space for all possessions. With a length of 38 ft, this RV has a garage or storage area with a ramp where you can store your motorcycle or ATV. The rear of this Class A RV is actually designed specifically for ATVs and normal motorcycle clearance.

You can load up and store your outdoor toys easily and safely, both quickly and efficiently.


If we look at the interior, the first thing that we notice is the glazed maple cabinetry with a matte finish.

This sets off the RV’s interior color theme beautifully and complements the beautiful vinyl dark wood flooring. The lounge furniture is beige, and the kitchen countertops are white. This continues the brown and white color theme that’s present throughout this Class A RV.

The sofa in the lounge section can seat two people comfortably, and across from it is the dinette area, and alongside it is the kitchen. Inside the kitchen is plenty of cabinetry and modern appliances galore. There is a residential-sized fridge, a microwave, and a stove.

The kitchen comes with a sink with its own faucet and a stove cover that allows additional countertop space.

In the lounge, there is even a LED television where you can watch your favorite shows while relaxing after an action-packed day of activities. The dinette area, although small, is spacious and can seat two at a time. When we had down a passage, we come to the bedroom and bathroom section of this RV.

There is a private bedroom with a king-sized bed and cupboards for all your storage needs.

With this model, the bathroom is spacious and comes with a shower, wash hand basin with stainless steel sink, and a residential-style toilet. In this RV, a washer and dryer area is separate, and a half bathroom with a toilet and sink.

2. Tiffin Phaeton 40QKH RV

The 2018 Tiffin Phaeton is a slightly older model, but this bestseller has earned its reputable reputation.

You can expect to pay an estimated $230,000 for a second-hand model in good condition. For this price, you will get not only exceptional features and amenities but plenty of storage space. This 41 ft long Class A RV comes with four slide outs and an incredible accommodation capacity to sleep up to nine people.

For those who don’t like the hassle involved with manual ramp systems when storing their motorcycles in their RVs, the Tiffin Phaeton 40QKH has an easy to operate hydraulic motorcycle lift. With two storage slides in this motorhome, you won’t have any issue with space.

You will be able to store not only your motorcycle but all your other outdoor equipment too.

Should the sun be blazing outside, and you find you would prefer to stay indoors, you can enjoy a cooler climate with the three-zone airconditioner units that this model features. Another feature that is attention-grabbing for those not fans of LP  gas or propane is that this unit is completely electric.

There are USB ports throughout the RV, and for those who love a modern flair, there are touch screen control panels in the Tiffin Phaeton.

If you favor technological advancements and features in RVs, then the Tiffin Phaeton has a few tech features that are sure to impress you. There are Winegard internet and communications, a powerful high-end inverter to ensure consistent power supply, and there are even heated floors for those winter months.

You will even find that this model has heated bays and an electric water heater.


The interior of this model is breathtaking.

The dark wood cabinetry complements the gorgeous neutral tone furniture and marble look flooring theme throughout the RV. This RV is more luxurious than it first appears with leatherette sofa couches and dining room table chairs.

The lounge area and kitchen are situated in the front of the RV, and both areas are spacious and well lit with LED lighting.

Inside the kitchen, you will find a stunning countertop area with gorgeous backsplash tile work. The kitchen features a large full-size refrigerator that has a water dispenser and ice-making facilities. There is also an induction stove, a microwave, and a dishwasher for added convenience when cleaning up after meals.

The master bedroom has an adjustable king size bed and a washer and dryer. Inside the bathroom are a rain head shower, skylights, and electric and diesel hot water capabilities. The shower itself is large, and there is a toilet and wash hand basin.

You will want to spend time in this bathroom with its pleasing aesthetic and spacious shower that ensures you have a comfortable experience.

Toy Haulers With Motorcycle Storage:

With so many options available on the RV market for toy haulers that come with motorcycle storage, choosing the right one can be difficult.

Many RV manufacturers sell toy haulers with ATV storage and motorcycle storage, not to mention space to stow away all the other outdoor equipment you may have.

If you are a person who enjoys hauling multiple motorcycles or ATVs for frequent weekend getaways or vacations, then a toy hauler might be the best kind of RV category for you to consider. Toy haulers are not only trailers, though; they have the classic feel of a Class A RV with often more storage facilities for all your outdoor items.

What’s great about toy haulers is the garage can more than likely be closed off from the living area of the RV, or you could even use his storage bay as another camping area.

Below we will look at a few toy haulers with motorcycle storage:

3. Forest River XLR Boost 27QB RV

This toy hauler by brand Forest River is slightly more expensive than others on the market with a rough starting price of $52,000.

However, your unlikely to regret your decision if you’re looking for an RV with lots of garage space. The 2021 XLR Boost has no slides, is 31 ft long, and can comfortably sleep, four people. Without slides, you may be thinking; surely, there isn’t space for a motorcycle. This assumption would be incorrect.

With a 14 ft 6 inch garage, this toy hauler has plenty of space for you to store your motorcycle as well as many other outdoor items. This toy hauler could be perfect for those who want to store and cart with them multiple motorcycles or AVs when on a trip.

The ramp is easy to operate as it has a spring assist function, so you won’t have a problem loading and offloading all your toys.

Additionally, there is a 30-gallon external fuel storage unit, so you can enjoy riding your motorcycle or ATV for extended periods of time.


Toy haulers are not as luxurious as some other RV classes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have excellent features and comfortable furnishings.

In this RV, the master bedroom is located in the front and features a queen-sized bed. For convenience, you will have two bedside tables to place any electronics you might want to keep handy.

That bathroom is designed with space consciousness in mind. The toilet has a foot flush mechanism and is located in the bathroom corner opposite the corner shower unit.

There is also a bathroom sink and some wooden storage cupboards for all your travel toiletries.

Although small, the lounge and kitchen area has all the necessities and even a few that you could consider luxurious. There are an LED television and an electric fireplace to keep you warm on chilly mornings while you get ready for the day and two standard roll-over sofas.

In the kitchen, you will find a decorative backsplash and white countertops. There is also a kitchen sink with a faucet and a fridge, stove, and microwave.

4. Cruiser MPG 2700TH RV

Are you looking for a budget-friendly toy hauler RV with the capability to store your motorcycle while out and about?

If the answer is yes, then the 2021 Cruiser MPG might be worth a look. This toy hauler has one slide and can comfortably accommodate a sleeping capacity of four people.

This toy hauler’s rough starting price is around $33,000, a competitive price point in this RV category.

The cargo storage area is located at the back of the toy hauler and is spacious. With the 13 ft storage space, you can easily store all your toys, including a motorcycle or two.

The ramp door is easy to operate ad comes down easily when you need to load up all your outdoor extracurricular items.


Inside, this RV interior is done with functionality in mind, but the flooring is a beautiful wood vinyl, and the appliances are state of the art.

The grey tone wooden cabinetry is complemented beautifully by the glossy white marble look countertops.

The lounge area is small, but there are two recliner style chairs and lots of space for walking.

There are a large refrigerator, a microwave, and a stove with an oven. Below the television is another kitchen counter space with cupboards, and the kitchen sink is built into the countertop and comes with a faucet. This model also has a small dinette area towards the back that can seat four.

The seating also folds out into additional sleeping accommodations.

In front of the toy hauler, you will find a private bedroom and a bathroom. Inside the bedroom is a king-sized bed, and there is also a dresser and wardrobe.

The bathroom in this toy hauler is on the small side, but you will have everything you might need. There is a shower, a toilet, and a wash hand basin.

Additionally, this toy hauler comes with a 20ft awning that allows for an outside living room for those evenings you want to be sociable in the outdoors.


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