7 Best Class A RVs With Opposing Slides (With Pictures)

Class A RVs easily offer up 8 feet of space in between their walls.

This makes them a lot more spacious than class B campervans, but many people still feel constrained by this width.

To get around this, many class A manufacturers are adding opposing slides to their RVs.  This can take the space from 8 feet all the way up to 12 feet and beyond.

So, where do you find class A RVs with opposing slides?

Here are the 7 best class A RVs with opposing slides:

1. The Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire is a 45’ long class A motorhome that features two bathrooms and a large bedroom with a king-size bed.

This motorhome has one large slide on the driver’s side and two smaller slides on the passenger side.

The dual slides in the living area give the owner the ability to have a large kitchen and a large dinette in the kitchen.

It also ensures an ample room between the living room’s 84” chaise lounge and the 68” visionary trifold sofa.

There are opposing slides in the bedroom as well.  These slides make it possible for there to be a king-sized bed with plenty of room around and in front of it inside of the bedroom.

As a result, you get a bedroom that is larger than the bedrooms you’d find in most city apartments.

Powering all of this is a 605 HP diesel engine.

You can get this motorhome for around $1.3 million.

2. Tiffin Motorhomes Zephyr 45 PZ

The Zephyr is another large 45’ long class A motorhome with two bathrooms.

It has opposing slides in the front of the RV as well as the rear.

If you look at the floorplan, you’ll notice that even the bathroom is on a slide.  This opens up the camper’s rear and makes it possible to have a separate washer and dryer room just beyond the master bathroom.

The rest of the rear slides are used to create a spacious bedroom.  This bedroom features a king bed with a fireplace and a television on the opposite side of it.

The bedroom even has enough space for there to be nightstands on either side of the bed.

In between the bedroom and the kitchen area is a half bath on one side of the RV and a large residential fridge.  This is made possible by putting the fridge on the passenger side slide.

Move past this, and there is a kitchen with a dishwasher and a dinette set that can also function as a computer workstation.  The kitchen also comes complete with a wine fridge and a built-in coffee maker.

Leave the kitchen, and you’ll find yourself in an open living room with two leather sofa beds.  Again, this is made possible through the use of the opposing slides.  Without these front slides, there wouldn’t be enough room for two sofa beds in the living room.

A brand new Zephyr will cost you in the neighborhood of $700,000.00.

3. Entegra Coach Reatta

The Entegra Reatta is a shorter RV that is built to be easy to drive.

This class A RV is only 37 feet long, and it features a 360-degree camera system, built-in GPS, and a digital dashboard.  It also has an independent front suspension, which makes it much smoother on the road.

This is all powered by a turbocharged 360 HP engine that delivers 800 pounds of torque.

Inside, you’ll find opposing slides as soon as you walk in.  These slides make it possible for a sofa bed and a dinette in the living area.

The passenger side slide extends past the dinette area into the kitchen, which allows the bathroom on the opposite side to house a 36” x 36” shower.

The bedroom also features opposing slides, making it easy to place a king-size bed with a large cabinet area opposite of it.

The additional floor space created by the slide also makes it possible for the bedroom to hold a large wardrobe and a washer/dryer.

People looking for more sleeping space can opt for the same model but with the bunkhouse floor plan.  This floorplan uses the slide to add in an additional set of bunk beds and a small half bath.

Either way, expect to pay around $250,000.00 for this RV.

4. Fleetwood Discover LXE 36HQ

Fleetwood’s Discover RV is a 36’ long class A RV powered by a 380HP engine with a 100-gallon fuel tank.

When it’s not on the road, it’s powered by an 8kW Onan QD generator with an automatic start feature.

Although this RV is smaller than many of the other luxury RVs on the market, the opposing slides in the front and rear of the RV make it nice and spacious inside.

At the front of the RV, you’ll find a set of 60” sofas.

One of these sofas pulls out into a twin bed.  Next to this area is the kitchen and dining area.  The kitchen even has an island that houses the kitchen sink and the dishwasher.

After that, you’ll find yourself in the bedroom between the next set of opposing slides.  These slides hold the king bed and the large dresser and wardrobe.

Move past these slides, and you’ll find the stackable washer and dryer as well as another large wardrobe.

5. Winnebago Horizon 42Q

The Winnebago Horizon is one of my favorite class A RVs.

It’s 41’ in length and has a very modern interior as well as a cozy layout.  This is made possible by the two sets of opposing slides found within this RV.

At the front of the RV is a large sofa across from a set of dining chairs and a sliding table.  Turn the chairs around in the cockpit, and you could easily have 9 people within this lounge area.

After you move on from this area, you’ll find a kitchen across from a sitting area.  The kitchen has a double sink, a residential fridge, and a sliding countertop.  The sitting area has a recliner that is posted up next to a nice electric fireplace.

After that, you will walk by a master bathroom, which features two sinks as well as a 30” x 41” shower.  This bathroom can be accessed by the hallway leading to the bedroom or from the bedroom itself.

The bedroom can be either king or queen, and there is an option for a washer and dryer combination unit next to the large wardrobe that you’ll find at the end of the camper.

Expect to pay around $450,000.00 for this RV.

6. Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45MX

Thor Motor Coach’s Tuscany RV is a large 45’ long class A RV.

It has a massive slide running along its driver’s side and two smaller slides running along the passenger side.

On the driver’s side, you’ll find a set of theater seats, a kitchen with a double sink, and a large residential fridge.  You’ll also find a stacked washer and dryer, a dresser with a television on top, and a small ward.

You’ll find a large sofa, a dinette, a half bath, and a king bed that inclines on the passer side.  You’ll also find a set of dual sinks that reside in the master bathroom at the rear.

These amenities are all fueled by an 88 pound LPG tank, a 91-gallon freshwater tank, a 51-gallon wastewater tank, and a 70-gallon gray water tank.

All of this is moved with a 450HP diesel engine with a 150-gallon fuel tank.

Expect to pay about $350,000.00 for this RV.

7. Forest River Inc. Georgetown 7 Series

The Forest River 7 Series is a 35’ long class A RV with a 228” wheelbase.

It stands almost 13’ on the outside and has an exterior width of 101”.

To add to the width of the RV, there are opposing slides at the front and a single slide at the rear.  The front passenger slide holds a set of theater seats, and the rear passenger slide holds the power tilt king bed.

The slide on the driver’s side is much longer than the other slides.  It houses the dining area as well as the kitchen.  The kitchen isn’t small either as it holds a double sink, a 3 burner stove, and an 18 cubic ft. refrigerator.

Inside the bedroom, you don’t get the advantage of a second slide, but you do still get a washer and dryer as well as a wardrobe and a television.

This is all made possible through the single slide, which moves the bed far enough back to accommodate all of this.

While this RV doesn’t have as much interior space, it does manage to add everything you need without making it feel cramped.

You’ll pay about $170,000.00 for this RV.

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The Newmar King Aire

Tiffin Motorhomes Zephyr 45 PZ

Entegra Coach Reatta

Fleetwood Discover LXE 36HQ

Winnebago Horizon 42Q

Thor Motor Coach Tuscany 45MX

Forest River Inc. Georgetown 7 Series

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