Thor Motor Coach RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Thor Motor Coach is an umbrella company for several different brands, so it’s likely your considering purchasing an RV that falls under them.

However, Thor Motor Coach does indeed have an RV line of their own motorhomes.

Before making a final decision on which RV to choose, it’s important to have done some in-depth research surrounding Thor Motorcoach.

That’s why we have brought to your attention nine facts that you should know about the brand to make the right RV decision confidently.

Here’s The Answer To How Many Brands Fall Under The Thor Motor Coach Umbrella:

Thor Motorcoach is a conglomerate recreational vehicle company that owns more than twenty different RV brands. Some of the well-known brands you might be familiar with that fall under the Thor umbrella include Highland Ridge RV, Jayco, Airstream, and the Keystone Company.

1. Where Are Thor Motor Coach RVs Made?

Thor industries own many RV brands and, as such, represents the world’s largest recreational vehicle manufacturer.

The company runs factory tours for interested parties interested in learning more about the Thor manufacturing processes.

Thor Motor Coach has its headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, in America.

However, the Thor manufacturing facilities are located in Ohio, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, and Oregon in America.

2. Who Owns The Thor Motor Coach Company?

The Thor Motorcoach company was founded by Wally Byam in the 1930s, with the first manufacturing facilities located in Jackson Center, Ohio, since the 1950s.

In 1967 the company was sold to Beatrice Foods before being bought on August 29th, 1980, by Wade Thomson and Peter Ortwein.

Interestingly the company name Thor came when Thomsons name and Orthweins names first two letters were combined. Before it was named Thor industries by the new owners, it was known as the popular brand Airstream.

Today the company is still owned by both of these people, and since its change of ownership has been acquiring several subsidiary companies.

3. What Types And Sizes of RVs Do Thor Motor Coach Produce?

As we now know, Thor Motor Coach owns many subsidiary companies and, as such, manufactures a diverse RV product line.

The company markets itself as a family of motorcoach brands on the recreational vehicle market, so let’s look at what they have to offer:

Class A: Hurricane Motorhome

The Class A Hurricane models by Thor Motor Coach come in seven different floorplan options with various sleeping capacity capabilities.

The Hurricane models offer a unique towing hitch feature to hitch up to an 8000-pound trailer for all your outdoor extras.

These models are perfect for families as they are spacious and have a range of modern features and amenities. For example, the Hurricane models are equipped with Winegard ConnectT 2.0, which works as an “on-the-go” wifi hotspot and TV antenna.

With this handy feature, you can stay up to date with work and ensure the family has added entertainment for those rainy days.

Additionally, the Hurricane models offer top of the line entertainment, with the RV coming with a TV and Bluray player as well as USB ports throughout the motorhome.

The RV has residential-style appliances, and there is even an outdoor kitchen.

Class B: Sequence

Should you want to travel as a solo adventurer or only take one or two companions with you on your journeys, then a Class B could be the safest bet.

Thor Motor Coach’s Sequence motorhome is ideal for married couples, a pair of friends, or individuals.

These Class B RVs can only accommodate up to two people, but they are equipped with top-notch features and amenities.

The Sequence campervan comes equipped with quality add ons by the brand Thule. With this Campervan, there are a Thule bike rack, roof ladder, and patio awning.

Additionally, you will also get a state of the art modern interface with the Pioneer Dash with SiriusXM technology, Android Auto, and Apple car play. The inside might be on the smaller side, but it is definitely not designed to be cramped in any way.

The living spaces use Euro-style cabinetry, and there is a built-in comfortable bed.

Surprisingly the Sequence models also feature a sleek modern kitchen and wet bath amenity.

Class C: Chateau

Are you in the RV market for a compact yet spacious Class C RV?

If so, it might be worth it for you to take a look at the Chateau motorhome by Thor Motor Coach.

The Chateau models are the ideal in-between size for those small families or groups of friends that like to travel frequently.

With the sleeping capabilities of between 4 to 6 people depending on the floorplan, there is enough space for all to coexist comfortably. Moreover, if you are considering full-time RV living, this model has a range of features to ensure you are unlikely to regret your decision.

Thor’s class C models are perfect for most adventures as they come specifically equipped with their “SmoothTECH” ride enhancement features that ensure a steady, smooth drive no matter the terrain. Additionally, there is a handy outdoor shower for all the outside activity enthusiasts that can prevent dirt from being tracked inside.

The interior is modern and simple yet aesthetically pleasing with gorgeous white wood cabinetry and granite looking countertops.

Moreover, the space in most Chateau layouts is designed in such a way to be as efficient as possible so that you don’t feel cooped up when spending your time indoors.

Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUV): Gemini RUV

The Thor Gemini RUV can sleep up to four people and thus is perfect for families and small groups of friends.

The Gemini AWD comes with AWD advanced track all-wheel-drive system and the RSC roll stability system.

This makes it incredibly robust and ideal for most camping and cross-country road trips.

There are two floorplans to choose between, but both offer exceptional interior design and plenty of cabinetry for storage. Additionally, these RVs are perfect for those traveling with pets, and the entire motorhome is outfitted with modern-looking sleek vinyl flooring making it easier to keep clean.

The Gemini also comes equipped with the Winegard ConnectT2.0.

4. Do Thor Motor Coach Make A Toy Hauler?

Yes, a number of the Thor Motor Coach subsidiary companies have toy haulers that Thor manufacturers.

There is, however, a toy hauler that is branded under the Thor RV brand, and we will be having a look at it below:

Toy Hauler: Outlaw

The toy hauler Outlaw offered by Thor Motor Coach is actually a Class C toy hauler.

This motorhome has all the amenities and features you would get with a regular Class C RV, but it comes with a garage for all your outdoor toys. This is especially handy for those who don’t want to hitch a toy hauler but rather drive one.

Inside the garage is a 12-volt charge station, a work table, a separate AC unit that focuses only on this area, and there is more than enough space for everything you need to store.

With this toy hauler model, there are two different floorplans to choose from that have slight variations on the layouts.

The outlaw also has a bedroom, bathroom, spacious kitchen, and a living room. Inside the kitchen are beautiful light wood cabinetry, gray countertops with an extension, and modern appliances.

The living area also has USB charging stations, an air conditioner, and a television.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs From Thor Motor Coach?

Not everyone is after an RV that is big and bulky and would rather opt for a smaller motorhome for their travels.

Thor Motor Coach has many small RVs across their various categories.

Below we will look at the smallest RV make and model you can get in each sub-category:

  • Class A: Axis 24.3 – The Axis is 25 feet and 6 inches long with a maximum sleeping capacity of up to 4 people.
  • Class B: Tellaro 20AT – This campervan has a length of 20 feet and 11 inches and can sleep up to 2 people.
  • Class C: Quantum LC22 – This RV has a length of 24 feet and 6 inches with a sleeping capacity of 6 people.
  • Class RUV: Gemini23TW – The Gemini has 23 feet and 6 inches with a maximum accommodation capacity of 4 people.
  • Toy Hauler: Outlaw 29S – This toy hauler is 30 feet and 11 inches long with a sleeping capacity of 6.

6. What Are The Biggest RVs From Thor Motor Coach?

On the opposite end of the motorhome spectrum, some believe bigger is better and would much rather have as much space as possible should they ever need the extra room.

Across the various Thor RV categories, there are large makes and models, and below we will look at a few of the largest available by the brand:

  • Class A: Challenger 37H – This model is 38 feet and 11 inches long with an accommodation capacity of 8 people.
  • Class B: Sequence 20L – This campervan is 200 feet and 11 inches long and can sleep up to 2 people.
  • Class C: Four Winds 31WV – The Four Winds is 32 feet and 2 inches long with a maximum sleeping capacity of 7 people.
  • Class RUV: Axis 27.7 – Axis 27.7 has a length of 28 feet and 6 inches and can comfortably accommodate 6 people.
  • Toy Hauler: Outlaw 38MB – This toy hauler has a length of 39 feet and 9 inches with the capability to sleep up to 6 people.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs By Thor Motor Coach?

In recent years, there have been numerous makes and models by Thor Motor Coach that have become popular with RVers.

Arguably some could say that Thor motorcoach and its many subsidiary RV brands have a monopoly on the RV market.

Below, we will briefly look at three of the most popular Thor Motor Coach RVs and how much they roughly cost:

  • ACE 30.4 Class A: The ACE 30.4 is a family favorite, with the sleeping accommodations allowing up to six people. The starting price for this Class A is approximately $137,000.
  • Four Winds 31E Class C: The Four Winds is popular amongst small families and groups of friends due to its bunkhouse layout. This RV will set you back around $126,000.
  • Miramar 35.4 Class A: This model is a favorite for many because it offers a  king-size bed, dream dinette booth, and theatre seating arrangement. You can expect a rough price of $197,000 for the Miramar 35.4 Class A.

8. Have Thor Motor Coach Had Any Recalls Over The Years?

Yes, Thor Motor Coach has had a few recalls over the years.

However, most RV companies have had a recall on a specific make and model at some point in time.

Thor is known for handling all recalls efficiently and promptly to make the process run smoothly for consumers.

Below are a few of the most significant recalls that they have undertaken:

  • (2015) Models – Citation, Chateau, Siesta, Four Winds, Outlaw, and Freedom Elite: The following models didn’t adhere to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard requirements because they had issues with their occupant and cargo carrying capacity labeling.
  • (2017) Models – Freedom Elite, Four Winds, and Chateau: These models were recalled because of the risk of a liquid propane hose leaking and potentially leading to a fire.
  • (2020) Models – DayBreak, Majestic, Freedom Elite, Quantum, Outlaw, Chateau, and Four Winds: These models were recalled due to a risk associated with the battery cables loosening. Should this occur, a premature electrical arcing could occur and lead to a fire.

9. Are Thor Motor Coach RVs For All Four Seasons?

Many Thor Motorcoach RVs are built by the company to be utilized in all four seasons.

The Thor RVs are known to be quality products with premium quality materials.

Many of their RVs feature superior insulation, heating, and cooling systems such as electric heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners, and most include a heat ducting system.

Thor Compass AWD Motorhome:

The 2021 Thor Compass Class B AWD recreational vehicle is truly made for four seasonal travel.

Not only will you receive amenities similar to those that are featured in residential properties, but you will also receive an RV that is exceptionally easy to drive.

The Compass has two different floorplans from which you can choose, but both are ideal for those looking to frequently travel for leisure or take up permanent residence in their RV in hot and cold climates.

We have demonstrated below some of the key features that make this RV truly four seasonal:

  • 13500 BTU Airconditioner
  • 100 Watt Solar power system with panel and controller
  • A tankless water heater
  • Holding tanks with heating pads
  • Onan RV gas generator
  • A ducted ceiling for the airconditioning unit.
  • 19000 BTU furnace.


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