Keystone RVs: 11 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

The reputable Keystone company is one of the biggest RV suppliers in America and one of the world’s biggest RV manufacturers and has been for years.

Many turn to Keystone when looking to purchase a quality, affordable RV that will last. However, you should consider some important facts before deciding if Keystone is the right brand for you.

To help you consider an RV out of the various RVs on offer, we have arranged a list of facts that we think you should know about the Keystone company.

Here’s Why The Keystone RV Company Is So Popular:

The Keystone RV company has become incredibly popular. The company has been delivering quality RVs for more than 25 years. The brand was founded to provide affordable RVs to suit every budget. Keystone has an incredible range of campers, and as such, there is usually an RV for every type of need.

1. Where Are Keystone RV Company RVs Made?

Keystone RVs are manufactured at a plant in Goshen, Indiana, in America.

Interestingly if you’re considering buying an RV from the Keystone company, you can visit the manufacturing plant and watch how the RVs are produced.

If you look at the Keystone Company website, you can find out when the tours are scheduled.

You can even go to a specific tour where the model you’re interested in is being made.

2. Who Owns the Keystone RV Company?

In 1996 the Keystone RV company was founded by Cole Davis, who had the vision of creating an affordable range of RVs without compromising on quality.

The keystone brand focuses on keeping overhead costs low to make RVs that suit everyone’s budget.

With the constant innovative design of their RV layouts, a wide variety of models, and an affordable price range, Keystone has become the largest Fifth Wheel RVs manufacturer in North America.

Five years later, in 2001, after the independent company’s founding, the Keystone RV company was purchased by Thor Industries for $145 million and is now run by CEO Matt Zimmerman.

After purchasing Keystone and a few other RV manufacturers, Thor Industries is now one of RVs’ largest manufacturers globally.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Keystone RV Company Produce?

The Keystone company produces various campers that include toy haulers, travel trailers, destination trailers, and fifth wheels.

Below we’re going to look at a few of the different models the company produces and look at an example model within each category.

Notably, every RV category manufactured by the Keystone Company will have differences in floorplan design, sizes, features, and amenities.

You can get a Keystone RV that’s as small as 21 feet long to as large as 45 feet long.

Toy Haulers:

1. Impact:

Keystone has various toy hauler options, but the Impact models are potentially a cut above the rest for those hauling precious cargo.

Additionally, these toy hauler models come with a Fuzion 5k interlock system, which is the toughest and most durable tie-down system available.

With the versatility the Impact models offer, you can travel to any destination, whether in the mountains or alongside the beach.

2. Carbon:

The Carbon toy hauler models by Keystone offers more luxury than is generally seen in toy haulers.

The Carbon models are affordable and often have many luxury amenities and features with multiple floorplan options.

Travel Trailers:

3. Hideout:

The Hideout travel trailers are possibly the best travel trailer that Keystone offers in its category.

These trailers are designed to have luxury amenities and features while being able to handle heavy-duty camping trips.

4. Sprinter:

The sprinter wide-body travel trailers are the Keystone companies first ever RV and are designed with the people’s opinions in mind.

This trailer is one of the simplest and most efficient models offered by the brand as it makes camping easy.

5. Springdale:

Springdale is an all in one travel trailer model that offers true value for money.

Should you want a spacious yet convenient trailer, this model might be best suited to you.

From the 14 slide-out room to the vaulted ceilings, you will have a spacious interior to relax within while on holiday or traveling.

Destination Trailer:

6. Residence:

Keystone is one of the leading brands in the destination trailer category.

Their destination trailers are akin to a home away from home with gorgeous interiors and residential-sized appliances, spacious living areas, and amenities.

You will have many of the comforts of home while out on the road.

Fifth Wheels:

7. Montana:

Keystone’s Montana fifth-wheel travel trailer is North America’s number one best-selling luxury fifth wheel RV for more than 14 years.

These fifth wheel models are ideal for those who prefer to travel in luxury and style.

8. Alpine:

The Keystone company is one of the most innovative RV brands on the market, and their Alpine fifth wheel models can attest to this.

Designed and engineered to be a step ahead of what’s currently available on the market, you can enjoy state of the art features and amenities with smart technology capabilities.

9. Avalanche:

Should you be considering a family forward RV, then the Avalanch models might be what you’re looking for.

These models have various family-orientated floor plan designs that are perfect for the robust family always on the go.

With the comforts offered in the Avalanch models, you and the family can utilize these  RVs for extended stays or weekend getaways.

4. Do Keystone RV Company Make a Toy Hauler?

Yes, the Keystone Company does make toy hauler RVs and has a range for you to choose from.

The majority of toy haulers by Keystone are affordable, and you can look at a starting price for a second-hand toy hauler to be between $5000 and $10000.

For a brand new toy hauler, you can expect a starting price of around $13000.

If you’re interested in a low-cost entry-level toy hauler from Keystone with basic features and amenities, look at the 2020 Keystone Hideout 172LHS, which is approximately $13500.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Keystone RV Company?

Fortunately for those individuals or small families, the Keystone Company has many small models to suit various budgets and specific needs.

We’ve listed some of the very best examples of the smaller RVs on offer by Keystone and how much you should likely expect to pay out for these models.

Hideout 175BH Travel Trailer:

This RV is 21 feet long and approximately $15000 and is perfect for those looking for a spacious entry-level travel trailer.

Bullet Crossfire 1700BH Travel Trailer:

If you’re looking for a tiny RV, then this model could be the best bet.

The Crossfire 1700BH is only 17 feet long and sells for an affordable price of roughly $20000.

2021 Springdale 1800BH:

This RV sells for approximately $16000 and has a length of 22 feet, which is utterly perfect for those looking for a small trailer that still has enough space to be comfortable.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Keystone RV Company?

Should you have a large family, often travel with friends, or frequently entertain guests, there are many large Keystone RV models to choose from.

As we mentioned a few examples of the smallest RV models, we will also look at a few of the largest available purchases and how much they cost.

2021 Residence 401FLT Destination Trailer:

Destination trailers are ideal for those who holiday or vacation frequently.

These trailers are also ideal for anyone who wants to try out full-time RV living. The 2021 FLFT residence is nearly 41 feet long and costs around $60000.

2021 Fuzion 419 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler:

With a length of 45 feet and an affordable price range of $85000, this RV is perfect for those who want space and style on a budget.

2021 Carbon 418 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler:

Carbon RV 418 is an impressive 45 feet long and costs around $104000, which is more expensive than some of their other models, but you will receive a luxurious, versatile RV.

7. How Are Keystone RV Company RVs Made?

The Keystone RV company uses only the best materials in their RV manufacturing stages.

The Keystone factory operates a massive assembly line with different stations that house men and women who work on different RVs construction aspects.

Many of the components of each RV is actually completed elsewhere and assembled at the site. The parts such as walls, doors, slides, and cabinets come already mad and are then assembled by workers.

Some of the many parts already come pre-wired for an easy plug-and-play installation cutting the time and effort needed to complete them every day.

With the Montana RV models, Keystone has introduced a 1V wire identifier. Eery single 12V wire is number and color-coded to make it easier for maintenance specialists and RV owners to identify any electrical issues.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Keystone RV Company?

With over 25 years in the RV market, the Keystone company is a fan favorite amongst many campers and full-time RV living individuals.

There are many popular RV models by the brand, and below we have listed a few of the most popular models and why people love them.


The bullet is one of the lightest RV models available for purchase on the market.

Many campers opt for this model as the materials used in its manufacturing are durable without weighing down the RV.

It is ideal for those who only have an SUV or a small truck and don’t want to pull a heavy weighted RV when traveling.


For all the full-time RV living individuals and families, the Outback is one of the highly favored RVs for year-round living.

The travel trailers are extremely long-lasting and cater to those who prefer a full-time experience instead of occasional trips.


If your looking for luxury at an affordable price, then the Hideout travel trailer models would be the perfect fit.

Keystone’s Hideout travel trailers have the elegance and design of high-end luxury without the steep price tag that other RV companies have for similar models.


The Alpine is a fifth-wheel travel trailer model that utilizes hydraulic selector valves for slideouts to ensure consumer safety and quick and easy camping set up times.

These models also have MaxTurn technology, which aids drivers and allows for easier and more efficient driveability.


Toy haulers aren’t only for on the road garage storage; they can be cozy RVs in their own right.

The Keystone Raptor toy hauler models offer luxury decor touches, a large shower, and a cozy interior with enough space for all your outdoor equipment.

9. Have Keystone RV Company Had Any Recalls Over the


As is the case with most RV manufacturers, the Keystone company has had a few recalls over the years.

Below we will examine some of the notable recalls and reasons surrounding why the RVs were recalled:

(2011 – 2017):

Keystone Bullet and Passport trailers – over 52000 Keystone trailers were recalled due to faulty wiring.

The issue was determined to be improper wiring of the air conditioner thermostat, potentially leading to a fire.


Keystone Sprinter, Couger, Montana, Montana High Country, Outback, Bullet, Laredo, Alpine, Fuzion, Impact, Raptor, Carbon, Avalanche, and Passport RVs – A recall was initiated after a fault was found with the screws that attach to the expanding room ad to the sliding mechanism cable.

Failed screw construction could cause rooms to extend while the RV is in motion and lead to an accident.

(2016 – 2017):

Keystone Fuzion, Dutchman Voltage, Raptor, Carbon – Affected models were recalled due to concerns of a rear cargo door hinge falling.

The issue was derived from improper welding on the hinge pin and hinge plate, leading to the door swinging with more force than normal.

10. Are All Keystone RV Company Keys the Same?

Many RV manufacturers in the US utilize the same universal key for their storage/baggage compartment doors in their RV models.

The keystone company has around 50 different global link key codes, so RV models have the same keys.

However, in most cases, the common generic keys will not open the deadbolt lock as Keystone issues unique keys for the deadbolt locks.

11. Are Keystone RV Company RVs For All Four Seasons?

The Keystone company RVs are notorious for their quality and artistry.

The materials used in producing their fifth wheels, toy haulers, travel trailers, and destination trailers ensure that all their models can withstand many different weather conditions from hot climates to cold climates.

The majority of Keystone RVs offer superior insulation for winter climates and feature numerous windows for adequate airflow during summer months.

Many of the Keystone RVs are outfitted with fireplaces for that added comfort when traveling in cold conditions.


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