Grand Design RVs: 11 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Before purchasing a new RV, it’s vital to inform the facts surrounding the various brands in the RV world.

With the many options available to you, there is one in particular that is worth noting.

Grand design RVs have been around this last decade and have quickly risen to become one of America’s biggest and most trusted brands.

We will look at 11 key facts you should know about Grand Design, and we aim to discuss and explain the burning questions you may have surrounding this RV brand.

The Reason Why Grand Design RVs Are Becoming A Go-To RV Brand:

Grand Design RVs have become incredibly popular. Their creative well-thought-out layouts and affordability, as well as the brand’s attention to detail and utilization of quality materials in their models’ production, have many turning to Grand Design as their go-to brand. 

1. Where Are Grand Design RVs Made?

A popular question that those interested in purchasing an RV from the Grand Design company have is where the various models are produced?

The Grand Design company has more than  40,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities located in Middlebury, Indiana, in America.

These facilities occupy about 67 acres of land in the rural community of this area.

2. Who Owns the Grand Design Company?

Who owns the Grand Design company is another question with an interesting answer.

The company is privately owned and isn’t the oldest on the RV market as it was only established in 2011. Despite its relative newness, the brand has quickly gained the trust and positive recognition of many.

This is partly due to who the company owners are, as each of them has above 25 years of recreational vehicle experience in the RV industry.

In 2011 Don Clark and the brothers Bill and Ron French founded Grand Design, and each of them had a part in creating a company that has become incredibly successful in a short period of time.

Moreover, each of these individuals worked in recognizable companies such as Keystone RVs before deciding to branch out and provide an RV company with the people’s needs in mind.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Grand Design Produce?

The Grand Design company is known for producing three different types of RVs.

The company owners decided to focus their attention on producing toy haulers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels.

Below we will look at the popular brand names of a few categories belonging to Grand Design.

Keep in mind that each of these RV categories will have different versions and floorplans, and as such, they will have different lengths, gross vehicle weight ratings, and different hitch weights.

Grand Design Toy Haulers:

The momentum toy haulers by Grand Design are a perfect blend between luxury accommodations and an on the road travel garage. Inside most models are a master bathroom and bedroom, and in some, there is even a full-sized walk-in closet.  Additionally, the Momentum has ample garage space for all your outdoor equipment.

Momentum 376 THS:

The Momentum 376 THS fifth wheel toy hauler by Grand Design has an unloaded vehicle rate of 15900 pounds, making it quite heavy compared to some of the brand’s travel trailers.

However, the toy hauler has many incredible features and accessories that contribute to the somewhat heavyweight.

This toy hauler has an approximate hitch weight of 3250 pounds, a gross vehicle weight rating of 20,000 pounds, and an axle rating of 3 x 7,000. In terms of size, the Momentum 376THS is a spacious 41 feet and 1 inch long with a height of almost 14 feet.

When having a look a the various water capacities of this model, we were not disappointed. The toy hauler has a freshwater capacity of 115 gallons, a greywater capacity of 104 gallons, and a wastewater capacity of 52 gallons.

Impressively the Momentum 376 THS has an LP capacity of 60 gallons, a 35,000 BTU furnace, and a 10,000 BTU fireplace.

Grand Design Travel Trailers:

Transcend Xplor Model:

The Transcend Xplor is a relatively new travel trailer offered by the brand Grand Design.

These trailers are ideal for those sporty campers who do a lot of outdoor traveling.

Possibly the easiest and most simple travel trailers to use by the brand are the Transcend models but don’t allow yourself to be fooled into thinking these are subpar as they also have an element of luxury to them.

Imagine Model:

Imagine trailers are specifically targeted towards consumers who don’t want a bulky trailer that will get in the way of their planned outdoor activities.

The Imagine models are designed to be easily towed by an SUV or medium-duty truck and are relatively lightweight.

These travel trailers come in different lengths and gross weights.

Reflection Model:

If you’re looking for value for money and a travel trailer that is easily towed, packed with features, and luxuriously designed, then the Reflection travel trailer category might be best suited to you.

Notably, the Reflection travel trailer is the brand’s best-selling RV in North America.

Imagine 2250 RK:

The Grand Design Imagine 2250RK has an unloaded vehicle rate of 5546 pounds, a hitch weight of 515 pounds, a length of 27 feet and 11 inches, and a gross weight of 7495 pounds.

Additionally, this travel trailer has an axle rating of 3500 and a height of 11 feet.

These modern trailers have all the luxuries you might need with the added benefit of being lightweight enough for you to undertake many adventures quickly and easily.

The Imagine 2250RK has a freshwater capacity of 52 gallons, a greywater capacity of 90 gallons, and a wastewater capacity of 45 gallons.

This travel trailer also has an LP capacity of 40 pounds, a 35,000 BTU furnace, a 5,000 BTU fireplace, and a 17.8 GPH recovery water heater.

Grand Design Fifth Wheels:

Arguably, the most spacious fifth wheel option by Grand Design is their Solitude RV models.

In fact, Grand Design claims the Solitude models are the most spacious extended fifth wheels ever built.

These RVs’ body width measures at a whopping 101 inches with a full 6-foot 8-inch tall slideout. The Solitude fifth wheel is ideal for those wanting to go on extended trips or participate in full-time RV living.

Solitude 390RK/ 390RK-R:

The Solitude 390RK/390RK-R model is one of the largest RVs produced by Grand Design and has a length of 41 feet and 5 inches.

This RV has an unloaded vehicle rate of 14562 pounds with a hitch weight of 2794 pounds and a gross vehicle weight of 16800 pounds.

Suppose you’re looking for a family-sized RV with an adequate water holding capabilities; then this fifth wheel might be perfect for you. Inside, you will find a freshwater capacity of 93 gallons, a greywater capacity of an impressive 106 gallons, and a wastewater capacity of 53 gallons.

The Solitude 390RK/390RK-R also has an LP capacity of 60 pounds, a 12-gallon water heater, and a 35,000 BTU furnace.

4. Does Grand Design Make a Toy Hauler?

Yes, the Grand Design company does indeed make fifth wheel toy haulers, as we previously mentioned.

If you’re looking for a toy hauler, why not have a look at the Momentum M-Class.

You can expect to pay around $10,800 for one of these luxury yet versatile models.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Grand Design?

Some of the smallest RVs you can buy from Grand Design fall within their travel trailer category.

We have listed below two of the smallest models available for purchase currently and how much you can expect to pay for each.

2021 Grand Design Transcend 200MK:

This travel trailer sleeps up to four people and features one slide out, and has a length of 22 feet and 11 inches.

The Transcend 200MK has a hitch weight of 480 pounds, a dry weight of 4796 pounds, and a gross weight of 6395 pounds.

You can expect to pay around $30,000 for this model.

2021 Grand Design Imagine XLS 17MKE:

For approximately $32,000, you can get the Imagine XLS, which can sleep, three people.

The travel trailer features one slide out and has a length of 21 feet and 11 inches with a hitch weight of 480 pounds.

Additionally, this travel trailer has a dry weight of 4674 pounds and a gross weight of 5995 pounds.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Grand Design?

With the many RV options being sold by Grand Design, some large fifth wheel models stand apart from the rest.

As with the smallest models available, we have listed below a few of the largest options you could currently purchase.

2021 Grand Design Momentum M-Class 398M:

This RV is one of the largest sold by Grand Design and can sleep up to 11 people.

The M-Class 398 has a length of 43 feet 11 inches and an exterior height of 13 ft 5 inches.

This fifth wheel RV has a hitch weight of 2980 pounds and sells for approximately $120,000.

2021 Grand Design Solitude S-Class 2930RL:

If you’re looking for a fifth-wheel RV under $80,000 but still on the larger side, then the S-Class 2930RL could be worth considering.

This RV has a length of 34 feet and a gross vehicle weight rating of 15,000 pounds with a hitch weight of 2174 pounds.

Featuring three slideouts, this fifth wheel can sleep up to six people comfortably.

7. How Are Grand Design RVs Made?

Before we dive into exactly how Grand Design constructs their RVs, it’s important to note that they have a 3-year limited structural warranty to ensure you have the support you need if you encounter any issues with your RV.

Grand Design constructs their RVs slightly differently from the general norm amongst manufacturers. One of the ways the company proves this statement is with how they construct their laminated aluminum framing.

Grand Design laminates their RVs sidewalls and laminates each slide room’s rear wall, roof, and sidewalls.

The roofing utilizes residential-style wood trusses that provide the foundation for the fully walkable roof. With the use of wood trusting instead of aluminum trusting Grand Design RVs have better screw retention, which allows the elimination of metal on metal aluminum connections.

While we’re on the topic of roof construction, let’s have a closer look at what the roofing consists of.

Grand Design RVs utilize TPO roof coverings in the form of a seamless singular roofing piece that will not chalk or streak like the more common rubber roofing options from other manufacturers.

In addition to this, the roofing features an incredible 12-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Other Notable Facts about Grand Design RVs:

The Grand Design RVs are constructed with aluminum entry steps that are rust and bend resistant.

When manufactured, the company has designed the RVs to fully enclosed underbelly for the best possible protection against the elements.

Once construction has been completed, every single RV by Grand Design goes through a 100 percent 250+ point PDI inspection. This quality inspection ensures that the production process was completed to the highest standard so that the consumer receives the best product possible.

All Grand Design RVs are outfitted with heavy-duty tires filled with Nitrofill to extend their lifespan during the production process.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Grand Design?

With the popularity of Grand Design RVs soaring, you may be considering purchasing one yourself.

Luckily, there are many to choose from but to help make the decision easier for you; we have listed three of the company’s most popular RVs:

  • Grand Design Reflection 313RLTS fifth wheel RV. (The Reflection models are the most popular RVs manufactured by Grand Design in North America)
  • Grand Design Solitude 310GK fifth wheel RV.
  • Grand Design Imagine 2150RB travel trailer model.

9. Have Grand Design Had Any Recalls Over the Years?

As with many RV manufacturers, Grand Design has had a few recalls over the years.

However, they have always acted promptly, and with integrity, and with the mindset, the client’s safety is their number one priority.

Below let’s look at a few of the RVs recalled and why they were recalled:

  • NHTSA recall number 15v-518: Reflection 337RLS, 323BHS, 317RST (2014 – 2016) – Recalled due to incorrect axle sizes.
  • NHTSA recall number 15v-822: Momentum 2016 model – Recalled because of incorrect Fed label information regarding unloaded vehicle weight and CCC.
  • NHTSA recall number 20v-523: Solitude fifth wheels (2017-2021) – Issues with the rubber propane supply line coming in contact with the refrigerator cooling unit burner tube on certain gas absorption fridges. Recalled due to concerns that the fridge burner tube’s heat could damage the propane line, create a gas leak, and create a fire hazard.

10. Are All Grand Design Keys the Same?

As with most RV manufacturers, many of the Grand Design entry locks are the same, which has been an issue for some consumers.

You can, however, with relative ease, replace the entry locks with unique keys to ensure your RV and your possessions are kept safe.

Notably, the deadbolt in your Grand Design RV will be a unique key, and it’s unlikely you will need to replace it.

11. Are Grand Design RVs For All Four Seasons?

The majority of grand design RVs are for all four seasons, and there are a few reasons why.

For efficient cooling grand design uses racetrack ducting, which allows for uninterrupted airflow from the front to the RV’s back and vice versa. This feature is available currently in the Solitude, Momentum, and Reflection models, so should you have one of these, you won’t have any issue traveling in warmer climates.

The wood truss roofing on many Grand Design RVs provides additional insulation for those traveling in winter.

Additionally, the materials used in RVs manufacturing by this brand ensure adequate warmth retention inside the RV.

Moreover, many of the Grand Design RVs feature fireplaces, which will ensure a cozy atmosphere, especially during cold weather.

Besides these features, the Grand Design RV company utilizes only the highest quality materials and appliances in their models to make sure that when you purchase an RV from them, it will likely be an investment.


Everything You Should Know About Grand Design RVs

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