Winnebago RVs: 11 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Have you been considering purchasing a new RV and are leaning towards RV manufacturer Winnebago?

If so, then this article could be of great assistance to you.

Currently, Winnebago is one of the most sought after RV brands with a reputation for excellence. However, before making a decision, it’s vital to have as much research on your side as possible.

Were going to look into some of the most important facts surrounding Winnebago that we think you should know before making and decisions surrounding your new recreational vehicle investment.

Here is an Answer about Winnebago’s Expansion:

Winnebago is expanding. As of 2019, they bought the leading recreational vehicle company Newmar Corporation for an estimated $344 million. Winnebago is constantly redesigning and building upon successful RV layouts to bring the best product possible to the market.

Where Are Winnebago RVs Made?

The Winnebago motorhome company boasts the largest RV manufacturing facility in the world currently.

The brand is headquartered in Forest City, Northern Iowa, in America. The facility comprises roughly 60 acres of land and is known to those who work for Winnebago as the most productive 60 acres in the region.

Additionally, these headquarters house the most advanced technological motorhome manufacturing facilities in the RV industry worldwide. Should you be interested in visiting, there are factory tours offered.

However, you will need to contact the company to find out when visits are allowed because due to the Covid19 crisis, factory visits are suspended.

Who Owns The Winnebago Company?

Interestingly Winnebago industries were founded in Forest City, Iowa 1955, to create more employment.

Before Winnebago was known as such, it used to be known as the Forest City Industrial Development Trust.

Forest City businessman John K. Hanson was one of the leading thinkers behind the project as he was the one to notice the steady increase in interest in recreational vehicles. He brought this discovery to the trust, who decided to investigate making travel trailers upon hearing the thought process behind it.

After a three-day drive, Forest City Industries was created with a board of directors that included Hohn K Hanson.

Forest City Industries eventually struck a deal with Modernistic Industries, a trailer company based out of California. The first trailer was produced in 1958, but many of the Forest river hosts broke away from Forest City industries.

In 1961 Modernistic Industries was changed to Winnebago Industries, inc.

Today, the company is run by Michael Happ, the managing CEO, although a few people own a portion of the company via having shares in the company.

What Types And Sizes of RVs Do Winnebago Produce?

The Winnebago motorhome and recreational vehicle company have been in the RV manufacturing business for more than 50 years.

In recent years the brand has continued to grow and has acquired other popular RV brands such as Grand design and, most recently, Newmar.

The company prides itself on consistently building upon its trusted designs while still producing innovative, technologically advanced models.

Winnebago produces class A, B, C motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers.

Winnebago also recently launched plans for an electric RV model (check it here).

Does Winnebago Make A Toy Hauler?

Yes, the brand Winnebago does make toy haulers.

The Spyder by Winnebago comes in two different sizes, with one model able to sleep seven while the other can sleep six.

Their toy haulers are made to be spacious so that camping enthusiasts can easily store all their outdoor gear without any hassle.

What Are The Smallest RVs From Winnebago?

In each Class category, Winnebago has a variety of RVs of different sizes.

Below we will look at an example of the smallest RV offered in each category:

  • Class A: Winnebago Vista 27P – This class A RV has a length of 28 feet and 5 inches and can comfortably sleep five people.
  • Class B: Winnebago Revel 44E – The Winnebago Revel is the smallest campervan offered by Winnebago and can sleep a maximum of 2 people. This class B has a length of 19 feet and 7 inches.
  • Class C: Winnebago Ekko 22A – Topping out at just 23 feet and 2 inches, the Ekko 22A is Winnebagos smallest Class C RV. This motorhome can sleep up to four people.
  • Fifth Wheel: Winnebago Voyage V2427RB – With a length of 27 feet and 9 inches, this is the smallest fifth wheel offered by the brand. The Voyage V2427RB can sleep up to four people.
  • Travel Trailer: Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FBThis travel trailer won the 2021 lightweight trailer of the year award. The Micro Mini can sleep 3 people and has a length of 19.4 feet and 5 inches.
  • Toy Hauler: Winnebago Spyder S23FB – At a length of 30 feet and 3 inches, this toy hauler can sleep six people.

What Are The Biggest RVs From Winnebago?

As we mentioned above, the smallest RV options available for purchase by Winnebago, we will look at the biggest options available in each category below.

  • Class A: Winnebago Horizon 42Q has a length of 43 feet and 3 inches and sleeps four.
  • Class B: Winnebago Era 70A – The Winnebago Era 70A is the largest class B offered by Winnebago, with a length of 24 feet and 3 inches. This camper can sleep a maximum of three people.
  • Class C: Winnebago Spirit 31K – With a sleeping capacity of up to seven, this RV is spacious. The class C Spirit 31K has a length of 32 feet and 9 inches.
  • Fifth Wheel: Winnebago Voyage V3538BR: This fifth wheel is the largest available to purchase by the brand, with an impressive length of 38 feet and 11 inches. In addition to this, the fifth wheel can sleep a maximum of six people.
  • Travel Trailer: Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS – The Winnebago mini is the largest travel trailer offered by the brand at a length of 32 feet and 5 inches. This trailer has a sleeping capacity for a maximum of 8 people.
  • Toy Hauler: Winnebago Spyder S36GWS – Coming in at a length of 42 feet, this super long toy hauler can sleep up to eight people.

How Are Winnebago RVs Made?

This article section will look at the unique SuperStructure construction that Winnebago features in its Class A and Class C RVs.

This innovative structural design is what sets Winnebago apart from many competitors in the motorhome industry.

With the SuperStructure design, there are four key components, and we will have a closer look at them below:

Specialized E-Coating:

Winnebago utilizes leading automotive e coating technology to help minimize the likelihood of corrosion.

The critical steel components of their motorhomes are run through a multi-process, full immersion electrocoating system.

Precision Laser-Cut Tubing:

Winnebago makes use of its own precision laser cutting tool that ensures all joints are cut precisely in structural steel.

Impressively the laser tool they use can even create etches on the tubing and cut shapes into the tubes.

Special Thermo-Panel Sidewalling:

Winnebago’s sidewalls in their motorhomes are some of the most lightweight and durable created in the RV industry.

They layer high-density block foam insulation and fiberglass to aluminum support structures to achieve this.

Specialized Design Interlocking Joints:

One of the key stages in producing the SuperStructure by Winnebago is where the specially designed interlocking joint connects to the floor roof and sidewalls.

This ingenious structural design allows for greater weight distribution, which allows Winnebago RVs to forgo internal reinforcement.

What Are The Most Popular RVs By Winnebago?

With Winnebago being one of RV models’ biggest manufactures globally, it makes a few popular models amongst RVers.

Each class they make has popular models, but we will look at a few that do particularly well in the RV market.

Class A Winnebago Forza:

If you want a large RV, then the Winnebago Forza could be the perfect fit.

This RV model comes in a length of up to 40 feet and usually weighs around 29000 pounds.  Additionally, if you want versatility, consider the Forza models to come in five different floorplan options.

The Forza models feature brilliant amenities with residential-sized appliances and a spacious entertainment area.

Class B Winnebago Travato:

For those single adventures or small families looking for a compact campervan model, the Travato is worth considering.

The Travato has a length of up to 21 feet and is lightweight at approximately 9300 pounds.

The living areas are small but spacious, and the kitchen has many chic amenities that include Corian countertops and a two-burner stove with a heat shield.

Class C Winnebago View:

Class C motorhomes are a great go-between if you don’t want something as big as a class A or as small as a Class B.

This model has a luxurious feel and can be bought in a size range of up to 25 feet 5 inches with an approximate weight of around 11000 pounds.

The entire RV interior features tinted windows, gorgeous vinyl flooring, and LED lighting. The kitchen also has several lovely features.

Travel Trailer Winnebago Minnie:

Should you not want to commit to an RV that you have to drive, Winnebago has a popular travel trailer that is lightweight, compact, and durable.

The Minnie is 32 feet long and comes in at roughly 8800 pounds.

This travel trailer consists of a moderately sized bathroom, spacious bedroom, U  shaped dinette area, lounge, and kitchen.

Has Winnebago had any Recalls Over the Years?

Every RV manufacturer may have had recalls over the years.

The majority of RVs are recalled due to a manufacturer defect that could cause safety or mechanical issues down the line. In addition to this RV, recalls have different threat levels depending on the fault’s exact nature.

Winnebago has had a few significant recalls that we are going to not here for you to examine.

You might have one of these models and not know that it was recalled.

Winnebago ERA Model (2012 – 2018):

Certain ERA models were recalled due to a fault found with the vehicle’s cabinet compartment.

The cabinet compartment was found to have key failings at critical connected points.

The issue could result in the cabinet detaching and falling into the vehicles’ cabin area, which could cause injury to occupants of the RV.

Winnebago Heartland Prowler & Trailer Runner Models (2019):

Roughly 300 models were recalled due to inaccurate labeling found on certain models.

The labeling is related to tire pressure, load range, and tire size.

The incorrect labeling led to the RV not meeting the requirements for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Winnebago ERA Model (2021):

Some 2021 units were recalled due to an incorrectly installed weld nut on the shoulder belt.

Issues with the shoulder belt could result in injuries should an accident occur.

Are All Winnebago Keys The Same?

As with most RV manufacturer brands, Winnebago often uses the same keys for the storage departments as other Winnebago owners.

It’s also likely other brands will also have an identical key that will open a Winnebago storage compartment.

Admittedly this is a common problem for RV owners regardless of the brand, but there is a daily smile solution.

You can easily have the lock cylinders changed with a unique compartment key, and it won’t cost you too much.

Are Winnebago RVs For All Four Seasons?

Although most Winnebago models perform well in different seasonal settings, the Winnebago class B category is truly four seasonal.

Below we will discuss a few specs associated with Winnebago Class Bs that prove they are ideal for those full time, year-round camping enthusiasts.

Winnebago Solis Class B

This class B model is fairly new to Winnebago and is available in both the 59P and 59PX floorplans.

Both of these floorplans have features that make them four seasonal recreational vehicles. One of the main drawing cards of this model, besides its diverse seasonality capabilities, is its extreme versatility.

You can utilize this motorhome while camping in the mountains or for beach excursions.

Let’s take a deeper look into the top five features that make this motorhome truly four seasonal:

  • Eco hot heating system and on-demand water system.
  • Truma Combi eco hydronic heating and continuous on-demand hot water system technology.
  • Thermal capability zipped window coverings with an integrated air barrier.
  • 220W solar panels fitted to the top of the pop-top.
  • Premium quality ceiling to floor insulation that dulls noise and keeps harsh weather at bay.

Winnebago Boldt Class B

If you are looking for four-season capabilities and energy and fuel efficiency, then the Winnebago Boldt Class B model might be the best option for you.

The Boldt is a diesel model built on a Mercedes VS30 Sprinter, which allows the motorhome to be spacious with plenty of storage available.

If you would like a closer look into what makes this campervan model four seasonal, have a look at the list below:

  • Features state of the art insulation automotive technology.
  • On-demand water heating Truma Combi system.
  • A superior 115-watt solar panel system with MPPT solar controller proven to perform 30 percent better than competitor brands.
  • Automated rain sensor with an integrated wet wiper feature.
  • Heated drainage system installed.
  • Optional thermal euro acrylic Thermo insulated window cassette shades.


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