Lance Campers RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

If you are on the market for an RV for your well-built travels, boasts high-quality finishes, and is also ultra-light, then there is one company that you should be paying attention to — and that is Lance Campers.

With so much hype and talk surrounding Lance Campers, many travelers on the market looking to buy one always ask or wonder: are Lance Campers RV as good as advertised?

Here Are The 9 Facts You Should Know About Lance Campers:

Who Owns The Lance Campers Company?

The company behind Lance Campers RVs, as some of you might have suspected, is Lance Campers.

Founded way back in 1965 as M&M Trailer Supply, Lance has positioned itself as the go-to truck camper manufacturer in the US – Lance manufactures nearly 4 out of 10 campers sold in America.

In fact, Lance Campers has dominated the Southern California RV market for over 45 years now.

The company itself was founded by Richard Murray, who remained the owner until it was acquired by Rev Group back on January 12th, 2018.

During the company’s early days, Murray was joined by Ron Mertes, who took over all things Lance Campers sales and marketing. Murray focused on all things RV manufacturing during this time.

How Durable Are Lance RVs & Campers?

We have put this information in its own article here: Most common problems with Lance RVs.

Where Are Lance Campers RVs Made?

When shopping for an RV, it is always advised that you take a factory tour of the manufacturers you are considering buying an RV from.

So, let’s say you’ve singled out Lance Campers as your company of choice; make sure that you visit them to see how they manufacture their RVs.

Suppose you plan on doing so, knowing where Lance Campers RVs are made important. By doing so, you’ll be able to:

  • See how Lance Campers makes their truck camper.
  • Get answers on specific Lance Truck Campers from Lance representatives instead of getting them from dealers or sales reps.
  • Meet Lance Campers’ owners and ask them about their Truck Campers (This usually happens only when available).

Having said that, Lance Campers has always manufactured their truck campers in one location, and that is a large campus in Lancaster, California.

Here they manufacture several travel-based items for lovers of all things outdoors, including travel trailers and truck bed campers.

Do Lance Campers Make a Toy Hauler?

Lance Campers is known for creating many useful products for those looking to go out on extended or weekend camping trips.

Toy haulers are a type of RV that features a garage located in the rear with a well-sized ramp-door that offers easy access. The most common toy haulers are travel trailers or fifth wheels.

To put it simply, yes, Lance Campers manufactures toy haulers. In fact, a number of their toy haulers like

The Lance 2612 is a top choice for many looking for such a product in the market.  

What Are the Smallest RVs from Lance Campers?

Having been in the business since 1965, Lance Campers have manufactured several RVs, big and small.

This way, they’ve managed to cater to several travelers seeking different types of RVs in different sizes.

For instance, if you are looking for a small RV, Lance has manufactured a number of them, some of which have gone to win awards for their design, practicality, and features.

One such RV which also happens to be their smallest RV is the Lance 1475. Worth pointing out with this particular Lance RV is that it was introduced back in 2016.

In terms of size, it measures 19 feet and 8 inches.

Its features include a 5-gallon LP gas cylinder, removable swivel tables, a 60” by 80” queen bed, a TV, jackknife sofa, water-heater cap, 26 gals freshwater cap, and refrigerator. 

What Are the Biggest RVs from Lance Campers?

The Lance 1172 Truck Camper is known for being the biggest RV from Lance Camper.

This particular RV maximizes every square inch to give travelers maximum livability.

One of its unique designs that you are bound to pick up immediately when you walk in is its unique side-entry door that’s necessitated by a feature that increases seating accommodation and floor-length.

The rear slideouts on this particular RV house a couch that’s complete with a footrest.

Additional features include a fixed dinette, a mesh-screen with zipped panels, a single-bowl sink with covers, a 6-cubic-foot refrigerator, a queen-sized bed, a stainless-steel three-burner cooktop that also comes with a matching microwave, and a large pullout spice rack. 

These are just some of the features this particular beast comes with.

While it boasts a number of them, Lance Campers still managed to make this particular RV feel big in size, despite it being relatively small compared to other well-sized RVs in the market.  

What Are The Most Popular RVs by Lance Campers?

There are two Lance Campers RVs that are very popular today with travelers worldwide.

They are the biggest and the smallest RVs by Lance Campers, the Lance 1172 Truck Camper, and the Lance 1475, respectively.

Other notable Lance Campers RVs that have made a buzz in the market include:

  • the 2285 Lance Travel Trailer
  • the 2075 Lance Travel Trailer

The Lance 2075 Travel Trailer features include a centralized keypad, an IN-command control system, holding tank monitoring, and HVAC controls.

The 2285 Lance Travel Trailer spots a dual entry layout that offers easy access to the master suite and the great room.

Have Lance Campers Had Any Recalls Over the Years?

While it is important to focus on features, design, or even floor plans when looking at brands that offer quality RVs, it is equally important that you check whether or not that particular brand has had any recall or not.

Having said that, if you are looking at purchasing any RV from Lance Campers or simply looking at them as a go-to RV manufacturer, it is good to note that they’ve recalled some of their RVs in the past.

Lance Campers’ latest recall was to begin on 7th December 2020. The recall was on 5,309, the model year 2018-2021, Lance trailers.

The problem was basically with the propane gas stove. Some travelers reported gas leak possibilities with the installed stoves, and as such, a recall was initiated.

Luckily for those who had purchased an RV from Lance Campers with the stove defective, the recall process is straightforward. Contact Lance Camper using their official contact number, and Dometic will repair the leaking stove problem free of charge.

Are Lance Campers RVs For All Four Seasons?

Lance Campers’ RVs are suitable for all seasons; you’ll be able to remain comfortable during extreme heat or cold temperatures.

All Lance Campers RVs come complete with standard dual window panes and advanced ducted heating.

Furthermore, they have a winterizing valve, heated tanks, an insulated bed pad, insulated hatch covers, and water heater bypass. 

Insulated hatch covers add an extra layer of insulation to vents and skylights, the water heater bypass and winterizing valves help in draining the system for winter storage breeze.

While the insulated bed bet mat provides sound deadening, warmth and even prevents moisture build-up underneath mattresses.

How Are Lance Campers RVs Made?

Lance Campers take the process of making their RVs very seriously, and as such, every Lance Campers RV is given utmost attention.

The built-up process usually begins with a computer model that the engineers at Lance Campers use to automate several construction stages.

The models in question usually include HVAC, wiring, appliances, and interior furniture.

In terms of materials, Lance Campers uses wood flooring on all their RVs.

They also use synthetic materials on interiors of RVs and trailers, which is done to minimize the potential or probability of water damaging its exterior.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 9 facts about Lance Camper RVs that you need to know.

All in all, Lance Campers manufactures a wide variety of great RVs suited to meet the needs of just about any traveler.

If you are on the market for an RV, big or small, rest assured that’ll you’ll find what you are after with a Lance Campers RV.   


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