7 Amazing Class A RVs WITHOUT Slides (With Pictures)

Given how common slides are with just about any Class A motorhome, it’s easy to assume that one cannot find a Class A RV without slides in the market today.

While slides are ideal, the amount of extra space they take up makes getting a Class A RV that doesn’t have slide-outs a more exciting prospect. Many travelers choose to go for Class A RVs without slides.

If you are looking for a Class A RV without slides, you’ll find this post very beneficial, as it highlights the best Class A RVs without slides.

Given how rare Class A RVs without slides are today, you might have to go for an RV that was manufactured a few years back, and as such, this post highlights Class A RVs without slides manufactured in the 1990s and 2000s.

Class A RVs Without Slides Manufactured In The 1990s

1. 1990 Foretravel Grand Villa 36

If there is one Class A RV that proves you don’t have to necessarily give up space when you decide on purchasing an RV without slides, then it has to be this 1990 Foretravel Grand Villa 36. 

Despite being manufactured back in 1990, this masterpiece from ForeTravel boasts several great technologies designed to make your stay onboard the RV as comfortable as possible.

In fact, if you were to get one that has been modified or re-done, you’ll be able to get updated technology, making it an even better option when looking at purchasing Class A RVs without slides.

Notable features with this particular Class A RV include a side bath floor plan, tambour cabinet doors, drapes, pleated day shades, a jackknife sofa bed, a gas oven, and a 4 burner stovetop.

Entertainment wise, this Class A RV has a 14-inch bedroom TV and a 20 inch TV in the living room.

2. 1997 American Eagle M-40EVS (325hp)

This state-of-the-art small motorhome comfortably sleeps 3 to 4 people.

Get one that is slightly modified to meet the demands of the modern traveler, and you’ll have yourself a 1997 Class A RV that boasts modern finishes and technology.

Its features include 2-roof air conditioners, a microwave, a queen-sized bed that comfortably sleeps two, leveling jacks, a washer and dryer, a CD player, and two-color TVs for entertainment.

Worth noting with this particular 1990s Class A motorhome is that these features are only present on the original manufactured version.

Slightly modified versions of this RV might have different features from this one.

3. 1994 Foretravel Motorcoach Grand Villa M-2900

One reason why some travelers choose not to go for Class A RVs with slides is alignment.

Simply put, Class A motorhomes with slides tend to have alignment issues that ultimately end up affecting how an RV handles on the road, especially if it has a few miles under its belt.

With this 1994 Foretravel Motorcoach Grand Villa Unihome, however, you can forget about all that. You’ll be purchasing a motorhome that is perfectly aligned!

It boasts a Cradle of strength construction on its Unicoach chassis that uses steel box trusses and cross frame-welds.

This makes it very easy to drive and control while on the road. This construction also makes it very durable.

Combine this with its ability to sleep 6 people and practical features comfortably, and you have an ideal Class A RV for any traveler.

Its features include a side bathroom floor plan, a queen-size bed, a TV for entertainment, an oven, 2-roof air conditioners, aluminum wheels, an ice maker, a convection microwave, a leveling system, awning, and water heater.

You should also check out our article here with the best Class A with two bedrooms!

4. 1998 Foretravel U295 36 (#C1778A)

It’s not surprising to see travelers take a pass on this particular Class A RV when out shopping for one, and who can blame them.

It is important not to let the exterior fool you.

The 1998 Foretravel U295 36 is spacious (thanks to the no slides factor) and comes with several practical features that make living on-board a breeze. In fact, it comes designed with a master suite with a nicely spaced 60 by 70 bed, a nightstand with ample space for a TV. 

Notable features with the 1998 Foretravel U295 36 are a dinette that actually converts into 2 beds, roof air conditioners, a range, and a microwave.

Class A RVs Without Slides Manufactured In The 2000s

5. 2015 Winnebago Brave 26A

Winnebago is a top-rated company when it comes to all things RVs.

In fact, if you were to ask just about any outdoor enthusiast about an RV they know of, they are likely to respond with Winnebago.

One of the reasons for this is their ability to manufacture a diverse range of RVs designed to meet just about any traveler’s needs. If you are in the market for a more modern Class A RV with no slides or, better yet, one that’s built with Winnebago, then the 2015 Winnebago Brave 26A is the ideal choice for you.

This particular Class A RV is powered by a 362 HP 6.8L 3-Valve Triton V10 SEFI engine that makes it a reliable rig on the road.

It also features a TorqShift 5-speed automatic transmission with haul/tow, hydro-boost power brakes, 4-wheel ABS to offer maximum safety on the road even during bad weather conditions, and stainless steel wheel liners.        

Other notable features include a very comfortable living room that’s equipped with a sofa bed you can use for overnight guests, a 7-pin trailer wiring and trailer hitch, an exterior speaker system, a porch light that adds an extra sense of security when needed, a trunk storage compartment, and automatic entrance doorsteps. 

Its interior design spots warm colors that make it very inviting, while the sun visors and windows with defrost make it easy to maneuver it when the weather is rough.

6. 2008 Newmar Mountain Aire 4523

If you are after a Class A RV without slides built without sacrificing on matters of space and comfort, then the 2008 Newmar Mountain Aire 4523 is a perfect choice for you. 

Every inch in this particular Class A RV was designed to maximize space at all angles, so expect to have plenty of room to store just about anything you’d want to carry for your next excursion.

In terms of occupants, the 2008 Newmar Mountain Aire 4523 comfortably sleeps 4 people and has the capacity to entertain even more if certain spaces are re-designed to offer sleeping areas.

Its features include air cabinets, counter backsplash, cooktop cover, a dinette that comes with a table and chairs, hood fan, a convection oven, microwave, stove, refrigerator, and a pantry.

On the entertainment side, this Class A RV without slides boasts an exterior TV source, a DVD and CD player, a  surround sound system, and nightshades for extra privacy when enjoying a movie, even during the day.

Furniture-wise, it comes with leather furniture, navigation recliners, sofa sleeper, sofas, and a king-bed.

The king bed is well-sized and can easily sleep two people very comfortably.

7. 2010 CT Coachworks Siena 35V

For a compact Class A motorhome built to maneuver even the tightest of spaces while you are on the road, this 2010 beast is an ideal option.

In addition to being cozy, this 2010 CT Coachworks Siena 35V is loaded with just about every feature you might need or want the next time you are out and about exploring the country, or the world for that matter. 

Given its compact coach-like design, it is straightforward to get this particular Class A RV into any campsite, regardless of its tightness.   

The 2010 CT Coachworks Siena 35V, as already pointed out, comes with several great practical features, including modern features, that make a living or staying onboard very comfy. 

They include A&E awnings, a queen-size bed that’s generously big, nightstands, a stacked washer and dryer, a conventional microwave, an electric step, a 4 burner Amana Range, and a 20-inch TV for much-needed entertainment while onboard.


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