Gulfstream Coach RVs: 10 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Choosing an RV brand can present quite a challenge for many of us with the large selection on offer in the RV market.

Amongst RV brands, Gulfstream Coach has a reputation for excellence.

However, before dipping your toes in or making the leap into the proverbial RV lake, it’s vital to learn all you can about the brand by examining some important facts about them.

In this article, we’ve assembled a list of 11 facts we consider essential to know before deciding to purchase an RV from Gulfstream Coach:

1. Where Are Gulfstream Coach RVs Made?

The Gulfstream Coach motorhome company is based in the small community of Nappanee, Indiana, in America. Additionally, the Gulfstream Coach company has factories in Etna Green and Goshen.

The company is largely considered to be the biggest privately-owned full line motorhome manufacturer in Northern America.

Moreover, the company employs more than 1500 people across its various factories.

2. Who Owns The Gulfstream Coach Company?

In 1971 the Gulfstream Coach company was founded by Jim Shea Sr. in Indiana.

In the companies early days, it was focused on producing manufactured housing known as Fairmont Homes.

Jim Shea Snr decided to take the company in another direction and established Gulfstream Coach in 1983. From the very beginning, the company has been producing quality motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers since their first RV Foxfire.

In the 1990s, the company experienced progressive growth that led to more of the Shea family becoming involved in the day-to-day operations of running the company.

Presently the Gulfstream Coach company is still owned and run by the Shea family.

3. What Types And Sizes Of RVs Do Gulfstream Coach Produce?

In the RV market, Gulfstream Coach contributes significantly to the various motorhome on offer.

The company is known for its fifth wheels, destination trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers, and class A and C motorhomes.

With the huge selection the company offers, we will look at a few of their notable models.

Class B – BT Cruiser:

The BT Cruiser class B models by Gulfstream Coach are perfect for those who like to drive as much as they enjoy traveling and camping in the great outdoors.

These models are ideal for those who like to camp alone or with only a few people as they are built for comfort with luxury furnishings.

However, the BT cruisers can accommodate more than just two people as there is enough space for guests and children.

Additionally, the models are easily maneuverable and a breeze to park.

Class C – Conquest Class:

If you seek an RV that is luxury and meets affordability, then the Gulfstream Coach class C motorhomes might be worth considering.

These innovative models have more than 35 years of quality assurance behind them and are known for their reliability.

The conquest class C models are the ideal family motorhomes because of their spacious yet compact interior and because they have more than 15 different floorplans for consumers to choose from.

In addition to this, they are a hit amongst many campers due to their Cradle of Strength safety technology that provides safety features to all occupants.

Destination Trailers – Innsbruck Lodge Series:

The Innsbruck Lodge Series by Gulfstream Coach is an absolute dream holiday accommodation on wheels.

These home away from home RVs are a setup and stay holiday home, and ideal if you and the family want to stay in one destination for an extended period.

That’s why it’s worth looking at these models for anyone considering a destination trailer that has the capabilities to be used all season long.

Additionally, the Innsbruck Lodge models are one of the best on the market for full-time RV living.

Not only will they accommodate you but also your family and guests.

These models also feature residential-style appliances, cozy and spacious interiors, and multiple slide rooms.

Travel Trailer – Trailmaster:

The Trailmaster by Gulfstream Coach could be the ideal travel trailer for you with its 3-year structural warranty.

These economical trailers are stylish yet cozy with many boasting airconditioning and heating features to allow seasonal travel. Additionally, these models range in size, so there is a layout to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

You could opt for a smaller, more compact 4600-pound trailer straight through to a 10500-pound trailer with more space.

Moreover, these models have state-of-the-art appliances with gorgeous interior design and neutral tone interior themes.

Fifth Wheel – Sedona:

On the RV market today, the Sedona models offer quite possibly the best value for money in the fifth wheel class category.

These models have a unique hitch position that allows for easy towing maneuverability while not compromising motorhome living space.

Furthermore, these half-ton models are ideal for those who have a half-ton or larger pickup truck as they allow for versatile travel because of the unique towing design.

The inside of the Sedona fifth wheel models is packed with amenities and features, including spacious living areas and modern appliances.

Toy Hauler – GSX:

Outdoor enthusiasts are likely to love the GSX toy hauler because of its rugged nature, comfortable accommodations, and toy hauling capabilities.

The GSX models offer an incredible 3000-pound ramp door weight limit that makes it easy to load all ATVs, cargo, and other outdoor equipment.

The large garage features eight steel tie-downs and offers plenty of space for you to take all your holiday equipment with you while you travel. These models also offer a 3-year structural warranty on the Uni-Body construction.

Besides the toy hauling capabilities and construction, the living accommodations are spacious, comfortable, and stylish with modern appliances, air conditioning, heating, and many more features.

4. Does Gulfstream Coach Make A Toy Hauler?

Yes, the Gulfstream Coach company does make a toy hauler that is quite popular amongst avid RVers who enjoy participating in outdoor adventure activities.

There are three floorplans to choose from with their GSX toy hauler model, with each version coming in different weight ratings.

The G17 weighs 4126 pounds, the G26 weighs 5700 pounds, and the G28 weighs 6100 pounds.

5. What Are The Smallest RVs From Gulfstream Coach?

Gulfstream coach has many small RVs for those individuals and small families looking for an RV that isn’t too big or expensive.

Below we have spoken about a few of the Gulfstream coach motorhomes categories and their corresponding small models.

  • Class B: BT Cruiser 5210 – This RV model has a length of 22 feet and 1 inch and an exterior height of 10 feet and 6 inches.
  • Class C: Conquest 6237 – The length of this motorhome is 24 feet and 1 inch, and it has an exterior height of 11 feet and 3 inches.
  • Travel Trailer: Trailmaster Special Edition 20QBG – This travel trailer is one of the smallest models with a length of 25 feet and 7 inches and an external height of 22 feet and 3 inches.
  • Destination Trailer: Kingsport 34FLS – The 34FLS destination trailer has a length of 38 feet and an exterior height of 10 ft and 9 inches.
  • Fifth Wheel: Sedona 26FRKW – This fifth wheel model is 29 feet and 1-inch long and has an exterior height of 12 feet and 1 inch.

6. What Are The Biggest RVs From Gulfstream Coach?

Now that we have looked at a few of the brand’s smallest models, we can look at the biggest motorhomes they offer in each category.

  • Class B: BT Cruiser 5316 – The BT Cruiser 5316 has a length of 32 feet and 1 inch with an exterior height of 10 feet and 6 inches.
  • Class C: Conquest 6320 – One of the largest class C motorhomes offered by the brand, with a length of 32 feet and 8 inches. This class C has an exterior height of 11 feet and 3 inches.
  • Travel Trailer: Innsbruck 406FLR – This travel trailer’s length is an impressive 40 feet and 5 inches and has an exterior height of 11 feet and 11 inches.
  • Destination Trailer: Kingsport 408TBS Lodge Series: At 41 feet and 3 inches, there is enough space for everyone. Additionally, this model has an exterior height of 8 inches.
  • Fifth Wheel: Sedona 28CBF – This fifth wheel has a length of 31 feet and 6 inches, and its exterior height is 11 feet and 7 inches.

7. How Are Gulfstream Coach RVs Made?

When it comes to how Gulfstream Coach motorhomes are made, they utilize three different construction processes when manufacturing different models.

Below we will look at the conventional construction method, the laminated construction method, and the “built a better way” method.

Conventional Construction Method:

The few models featuring the conventional constructed method are as follows:

  • Innsbruck
  • Ameri-Lite
  • Kingsport
  • Track & Trail

The conventional construction method is very similar to the construction methods used in building a house, but it differs significantly.

The process combines and uses wood studs, aluminum siding, and fiberglass insulation.

These materials are also built into the Uni-Body technologically advanced design that uses weight-saving materials in its construction.

All these elements in the convention construction method allow the company to produce lightweight and durable RVs.

Laminated Construction Method:

Below you will see a few of the models that Gulfstream Coach makes with the laminated construction method:

  • Northern Express
  • Vintage Cruiser
  • Vista cruiser
  • Gulf Breeze Champagne

he Laminate walling built by Gulfstream Coach combines fiberglass aluminum framing, closed-cell polyfoam insulation, and several other outer and inner structure materials that feature heat resistant adhesives.

Additionally, these materials used allow for superior insulation.

In the manufacturing process, each layer of the walling is vacuum bonded into lightweight, rigid laminated paneling that the company then uses for ceilings, floors, and walls.

Built A Better Way Construction Method:

The list below demonstrates a few models that the brand uses the “built a better way” construction method to manufacture.

  • Conquest Class C
  • BT Cruiser

With the “built a better way,” construction Gulfstream Coach augments their RV chassis with their unique Cradle of Strength construction.

In the Cradle of Strength construction, the company implements an additional 16 structural enhancements to provide a more stable and stronger manufactured product.

This construction method also allows the models to be more reliable, durable, and safer to use.

Moreover, most of the motorhomes offered by Gulfstream are made with the Azdel woven synthetic layer.

This layer can’t absorb moisture, prevents mildew growth, weighs less than traditional RV body materials, and insulates significantly better than alternative options.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs By Gulfstream Coach?

With Gulfstream Coach being a leading RV manufacturer in the motorhome industry for many years, they have a few RV models that are very popular amongst campers and full-time RV living enthusiasts.

BT Cruiser 5316:

The largest version of the BT Cruiser offers consumers a sporty RV with many excellent features and amenities.

The 5316 model is one of the most popular due to how easy it is to drive people looking for a model that they don’t need to hitch.

Additionally, the RV features a range of exemplary kitchen features and appliances and comfortable furnishings in the living areas.

Conquest 6320:

The class C Conquest 6320 is a popular RV model amongst families because of its luxury feel wrapped in an affordable price tag.

This large RV offers many family-friendly features and comes with a large kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

The furnishings are modest yet luxurious, and the appliances are residential-sized.

Gold Edition 295SBW:

Gulfstream Coach offers an award-winning Gold Edition travel trailer that is incredibly popular for its innovative design and premium features.

The 295SBW has countless amazing features, such as an outside shower, 15000 BTU airconditioner, modern residential appliances, and Wi-Fi ready capabilities.

9. Have Gulfstream Coach Had Any Recalls Over The Years?

There have been a few Gulfstream Coach motorhome recalls over the years.

We will look at a few notable recalls and assess when they happened and why the models were recalled:

2016 – 2017 Gulfstream Conquest and B Touring Cruiser:

Certain models in these Class C motorhomes were recalled due to incorrect radio wiring in the dash unit.

The fault causes the DVD machine to switch on while the car is in motion, which could cause an accident should the driver become distracted.

2017 Gulfstream B Touring Cruiser:

A few models in this Class C category were recalled due to incorrect certification labeling concerning the gross axle weight ratings.

The incorrect labeling causes the vehicles to fail compliance requirements set out in 49 CFR part 567 certification.

2020 – 2021 Gulfstream Super Lite 19RD Travel Trailer:

These models are currently being recalled due to a fault found with the axle to make contact with the black water tank.

Should this happen, the tank could become punctured and, the contents spilled on the road, which could cause an accident.

10. Are Gulfstream Coach RVs For All Four Seasons?

Many of the Gulfstream Coach models are suitable for four-season camping as most of the models come with heating and airconditioning.

For example, there is a roof-mounted air conditioner and an electric heater in the Sedona fifth wheel. Other models like the GSX toy hauler have the add on option for an air conditioner.

The models with the laminate wall and “built a better way” construction is possibly the best four-season campers by Gulfstream as they offer the best insulation for cold climate camping.

Moreover, many motorhomes offered by this brand have features that can counteract cold weather, like solar panels, heated remotely controlled rear mirrors, and heat pads on the various holding tanks.


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