4 Typical Problems With Lance Truck Campers (Explained)

The Lance RV brand makes some great quality lightweight RVs that are excellent for entry-level RV enthusiasts and campers.

Despite the RV brand being rated “Best in Owner Satisfaction,” there are some common problems with Lance truck campers.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems you may encounter as an owner of this RV.

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Water Leaks and Mold

No camper wants leaks; not only will water leaks cause damage to the interior of the truck camper, but it can affect the electrical components too.

Leaks coming from the doors, corner joins, side to roof joints, windows, and through screw holes are one of the most common complaints received about the Lance truck camper.

If the water leaks are not detected in time or left unchecked, they can cause mold and mildew to develop within the walls of the camper.

Not only will this cause damage to the trailer, but mold and mildew can negatively impact your health.

While we are on the topic of leaks and poor sealing methods, the roof is not a full walk-on roof and requires additional roof seal maintenance.

Slide Out Structural Problems

The frame of the Lance truck camper is made from wood.

Many observers have attributed the structural problems with the slide-out option to the camper frame being made from wood.

Several Lance truck camper owners have reported buckling in the area where their slide-out option is located (on the side of the camper).

In some instances, the structural buckling has caused the siding to crack.

Electrical Short Problems That Created a Recall

Back in 2005, Lance had to recall 3,303 of their 2003 to 2004 truck campers that were equipped with a certain microwave oven.

Electrical shorts were being experienced in those particular models because the devices were produced with defective panels that were creating electrical shorts.

The electrical shorts were causing the microwaves to activate, even when no buttons were pressed.

Build Quality and Construction

The concern surrounding the structure being made from wood is raised again with the final construction under scrutiny by some owners.

In several instances, Lance truck camper owners have reported poor quality and design in the final construction of their camper.

There have also been reports complaining about ongoing plumbing problems from drainage tanks that are filling up too quickly and causing rotting from the inside out within the wood.

Another frequent problem relative to the build quality of the Lance truck camper is the workmanship surrounding the many screws around the truck camper.

Screws seem to frequently come loose and fall out of the base of the camper and out of various doors, such as the bathroom door, closet door, and kitchen cabinets.

Minimal Storage Space Available

A common problem that has been raised across the Lance truck campers is that the storage space is limited.

One area of concern is the cab-over itself has minimal storage available, and there is no storage space on the driver’s side.

General Pros and Cons of the Lance Truck Camper


The Lance truck camper was recently awarded Consumer’s Digest highest rating, so there is definitely a lot of pros to this travel trailer if it is winning awards.

The Lance truck camper offers a comfortable place to sleep.

Most of their floor plans sleep up to 7 people comfortably with Queen and King size innerspring mattresses, LED mood and reading lights in the bedroom, and an overhead cabinet bunk.

The kitchen is spacious and offers a lot of room with modern amenities that will have anyone drawing on their inner-chef.

This travel trailer boasts a spacious bathroom that really rises to the competition.

Despite some of the structural problems mentioned earlier, there is a 2-year structural limited warranty available for the Lance truck camper that can help address any problems that may arise.

Lance manufactures the lightest weight truck campers on the market, which makes them perfect for RVers to use mid-size SUVs and light trucks.


  • Water leaks are a common problem.
  • Slide-out structural problems cause buckling and cracks.
  • Electrical short problems have previously resulted in a model recall.
  • Build quality and final construction have seen loose screws and poor plumbing problems.
  • Additional roof-seal maintenance is needed.
  • The cab-over has minimal storage space available.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The reviews of the Lance truck camper are predominantly positive; however, some reviews raise constructive feedback around some of the smaller issues for the Lance truck camper.

Lance truck camper models, such as the 650, have an exposed underside and exposed holding tanks.

This raises concerns for the RV’s suitability for camping in very cold temperatures, and one may question if the trailer should be traveling off-road through mud and loose gravel.

“You can literally see the holding tanks behind the aluminum cross-members. This is the kind of excruciating design decision that has to be made to hit a challenging weight and center of gravity target.”

[Source: Truckcampermagazine.com]

If the underside exposure is worrying, be sure to always check the area for road debris and insect or animal nests.

One review shared a common complaint that was not directly related to the build or quality of the truck camper, but instead, it was directed at the lack of floorplan options the Lance truck camper has available.

The brand likes to simplify its objectives and design because not everyone wants to be spoiled for choice; some RVers want an easy option that they can choose and drive away in without manipulating every aspect of the design.

Lance has identified this and minimized their floor plan options across each model.

“For those that want a different floorplan, Lance does a great job offering different models within the same weight categories. If one layout doesn’t work for you, they have another that may appeal to you. The length may be a little different, but the coaches within the same weight range are variant enough to find still something that works for you.”

[Source: Campersmarts.com]

What’s the Resale Value on the Lance Truck Camper?

2021 855S $54,150
2020 855S $39,995
2018 855S $43,986
2016 855S $29,950
2015 855S $29,894
2013 855S $22,950


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