New Horizons RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Not every motorhome company can pull off luxury RVs, and few can claim to produce luxury RVs that stand up to a multitude of weather conditions.

There are fortunately a few from which people can choose, with New Horizons being one of the well known respected luxury motorhome manufacturers.

We came across New Horizons and discovered ten facts that we think you should know before deciding on a new motorhome when doing our research:

Here’s The Answer To How Long It Takes To Build A New Horizons RV:

The New Horizons company takes approximately three months to build a new RV from the ground up. The company estimates that they produce an estimated three units each month. Depending on custom orders, New Horizons could take longer to manufacture a motorhome following all regulations. 

1. Where Are New Horizons RVs Made?

The New Horizons company makes their motorhomes on 400,00 squares of land in Milford Lake, Kansas, in the United States.

Their manufacturing facility is one of the most modern RV manufacturing facilities globally, manned by highly skilled craftspeople.

Impressively the facility personnel take such pride in their work that the New Horizons company is the only RV manufacturing company in the world to ever achieve a five-star rating in the full towable RV category from the RV Consumer Group.

New Horizons also offers factory tours for those interested in learning how they make their custom build motorhomes. If you call them in advance, you can take one of their tours from Monday through to Friday.

The company states that the tours won’t take up too much of your time, and you should allocate between 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Who Owns The New Horizons Company?

The New Horizons company was founded in 1989 by Harold Johnson, who established and ran the motorhome company until its ownership changed in 2002.

Former commercial banker Phil Brokenicky bought out the company in 2002.

Upon purchasing the corporation, he opted to keep the original staff on the workforce as he deemed their knowledge of engineering and RV manufacturing far superior to his own.

During the recession of 2008 to 2011, the company struggled to turn a profit due to their target market, losing funds, and being unable to afford luxury RVs.

All Johnson remained positive and decided to create a new line of luxury fifth wheels, which has seen great success in recent years.

New Horizons managed to get back on its feet after the recession and has since then excelled in the luxury recreational vehicle market under Johnson’s guidance and his team of dedicated staff.

3. What Types And Sizes Of RVs Do New Horizons Produce?

The New Horizons company is a luxury motorhome manufacturer that provides custom builds to RVers.

Their focus is on fifth wheels and toy haulers, with the company producing two different fifth wheel and toy hauler models, namely the Majestic and the Summit.

Below we will look closely at two specific models in the fifth wheel and toy hauler category sold by New Horizons:

Summit S39FB4S Fifth Wheel:

The Summit luxury motorhome models are packed with luxury features and amenities to provide the ultimate comfort experience for owners.

The Summit S39FB4s is built chassis that is built in house at the New Horizons manufacturing plant. The models feature individually controlled hydraulic slide outs, and the heavy-duty pin box has a 32,000-pound towing hitch rating.

Inside the motorhome is beautiful vinyl flooring, soft-touch ceilings, and the windows have pleated day and nightshades and luxuriously padded valances with wood cased windows.

The motorhome also has residential style appliances and furniture with a solid wood pedestal table, wooden folding chairs, theater seating, and a residential sofa with a hide-a-bed.

Each model comes with a 50 inch Samsung LED TV with a soundbar and BluRay player, and an exterior satellite connection.

You will find a three burner gas stove in the kitchen, 18 cubic foot stainless steel Samsung refrigerator, and a convection microwave oven.

A fully equipped bathroom includes a porcelain toilet, fiberglass molded shower, and bathroom sink with cabinetry.

Majestic M45MP5S Fifth Wheel:

The 45ft long Majestic M45MP5S fifth wheel RV by New Horizons is ideal for those looking for luxury and space.

This model is built on a 102-inch wide body on a 12-inch beam with 6-inch tube steel raming. The fifth wheel uses Goodyear quality brand tires, and each slide-out can be controlled using hydraulics.

Inside the living area is a sofa, two additional sofa chairs, a dining room table with two dining room chairs, and two wooden folding chairs.

The bedroom features a queen pillow top with a bedroom ensemble that includes shams, pillows, and a decorative bedspread.

The kitchen features a Samsung refrigerator with an inverter and a three burner gas stovetop. The wooden cabinetry provides plenty of storage space, and the kitchen counters provide plenty of room to cook up meals every day.

This unit also comes with a spacious yet well laid out bathroom with all the essentials set out in a stylish setting.

4. Do New Horizons Make A Toy Hauler?

Besides the Majestic model that we spoke of above, the New Horizons company also makes some different toy hauler floorplans in the Summit model category.

Summit S431KT3S Toy Hauler:

the SummitS431KT3S offered by New Horizons is very luxurious.

This model has a garage space that can hold up to 2500 pounds of cargo and a 27-inch entry door that comes equipped with a folding assist so that you won’t have an issue packing all your outdoor toys.

Inside the garage are rubberized diamond plate flooring, wooden storage cabinetry, and six D rings attached to the floor to secure all your cargo. There is also wiring pre-installed for a third air conditioner if you need to install an extra aircon in your garage.

There are many add ons that you can install in your custom build, some of which include a patio screen in the garage, electric lift beds at the dinette and sofas, and a 40 inch LED TV in the garage.

Besides these add ons, the toy hauler comes with residential appliances and furniture, a private bedroom, and a bathroom.

5. What Are The Smallest RVs From New Horizons?

New Horizons only manufacture toy haulers and fifth wheels, so we’re going to look at the smallest type of each that you can purchase from the company.

  • Fifth Wheel: Majestic M32RK2S – This fifth wheel is 32 feet long and can sleep, two people.
  • Toy Hauler: Summit S41IKT3S – At 41 feet long, this toy hauler can sleep two to four people.

6. What Are The Biggest RVs From New Horizons?

Although they offer only fifth wheels and toy haulers, they do have some huge models.

Below we will list the largest toy hauler and fifth wheel that you can buy from them:

  • Fifth Wheel: Majestic M48RLMP5S – This model is 48 feet long and can comfortably sleep four people.
  • Toy Hauler: Majestic M48TY4S – The Majestic M48TY4S toy hauler is 48 feet long and can sleep approximately six people.

7. How Are New Horizons RVs Made?

New horizons RVs are made by highly skilled craftspeople who take pride in every unit.

This is partly why the company stands out amongst competitors, but the other reason is the five unique processes they have when producing custom-built RVs:

Custom-Built Wood Cabinetry:

New Horizons builds all their own cabinetry out of solid wood.

They offer three different stains, painted cabinetry, and different door profiles.

The frames are screwed and glued to ensure they hold up to wear and tear, and all the drawers feature dovetail joints and are made from maple wood.

American Steel Custom-Built Chassis:

The company builds its own American steel chassis in house, making the RV chassis that they produce more durable and sturdy.

Each heavier frame is designed specifically per the floorplan requirements, which allows for proper weight distribution and cargo capacity.

Pinch Rolled Methodical Shell Sealing:

Unlike other RV manufacturers, New Horizons uses the pinch rolled lamination process on all their RV shells.

This means during manufacturing; fewer aluminum studs are used in the roofs, walls, and floors.

They also use high-density styrofoam in the walls, roofs, and floors.

Moreover, the Summit and Majestic models feature radiused roofs for better water shedding.

Fully Body Paint:

All the RV units that the company manufactures are painted fully.

You can choose between four different paint colors and two clear coat layer colors.

There are five different color combinations available as a standard, but should you wish, you can even choose to use a custom color.

Electrical and Plumbing Component Installation:

All the electrical components in the various motorhomes feature custom 12 colt custom color wiring.

The fifth wheel uses PEX tubing and features manifold water systems, so you can be assured the plumbing is akin to a residential home.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs By New Horizons?

With over 25 years of experience in the RV industry, New Horizons has a few models that have become popular amongst part-time and full-time RVers.

Please have a look below at four of their popular toy haulers and fifth wheel motorhomes:

  • Summit S39FB4S 39 foot fifth wheel
  • Majestic M38RL3S 38-foot fifth wheel
  • Majestic M44TY4S 44 foot toy hauler
  • Summit S431KT3S 43 foot toy hauler

9. Have New Horizons Had Any Recalls Over The Years?

Yes, New Horizons, as with most RV companies, has had a few recalls during their more than 25 years of service.

However, there haven’t been many recalls, but below, we will have a look at three New Horizons recalls and why they occurred:

  • (2007) New Horizons fifth wheels and toy haulers: Some 2007 models were recalled due to a fault found with the refrigerator boiler tubes. If there was a sealant leak, this could cause a fire should the sealant reach an open flame.
  • (2009) New Horizons Majestic fifth wheel: Certain models of this year recalled due to an issue found with the plug inside the remote control receiver for stoves and fireplaces. This could lead to fire, resulting in a recall.
  • (2013 – 2015) New Horizons Majestic fifth wheel: Recalled due to a fault found with the rivet on the entry steps. If those rivets failed, the steps could collapse when being used. If the steps collapse, the occupant could fall and become injured.

10. Are New Horizons RVs For All Four Seasons?

Incredibly all New Horizons RV models are four seasonal.

The company guarantees their holding tanks, essential plumbing, and water lines can withstand freezing in temperatures of down to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition. to this, each model has specific features that make it truly four seasonal:

  • 15000 BTU air conditioners with ducted supply and returns.
  • 42000 BTU furnace on each unit under 40 feet (Units above 40 feet get 2 45000 BTU furnaces).
  • Insulated, heated, and enclosed underbelly.
  • Four seasons capable access doors that have metal slam latches.
  • Puncture resistant PVC roof that comes with a 15-year warranty.


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