Great Toy Haulers Under $30,000 (With Prices & Pictures)

If you have been looking for a great toy hauler for your next family vacation or solo adventure, you might be presented with many options but not know which is best.

Additionally, you might have a budget that doesn’t provide you much room, making the decision harder.

To help you and your budget, we have compiled a list of four great toy haulers that retail for under $30,000.

Hopefully, you will find your next purchase after looking at some of the best options available:

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What Is A Toy Hauler And Do You Need One?

If you’re new to the RV market, you might not know exactly what a toy hauler is and if you need one.

Since the inception of the first toy hauler, it has come a long way and become immensely popular with families and traveling nomads.

Toy haulers have become so popular because of one significant feature that sets them apart from other motorhome types:

Toy haulers have a garage at their rear where travelers can store their outdoor equipment and outdoor toys. Even those who don’t plan on storing ATVs and bikes will enjoy the extra storage space a toy hauler provides.

Essentially, if you prefer outdoor activities and need space for your outdoor belongings or need additional storage space, a toy hauler would be ideal for you.

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Toy Haulers That Can Sleep Two People Under $30,000:

1. 2021 Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6

The Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6 toy hauler model is 14 feet long and weighs less than 2,000 pounds.

Due to its fairly small size and lightweight, this toy hauler can be towed by small trucks and SUVs. Although the NB10.6 is on the smaller side, it still has more than enough garage space to fit your outdoor equipment.

With a price of approximately $24,000, you might want to consider this one.

This model is perfect for those wanting to take a minimalist approach to RV camping.

Inside the RV, you will notice an open space with plenty of storage. Although there is no kitchen inside the RV, it still has a homey feel.

The lounge and bedroom area inside this model is open plan. There is a lounger bed that can comfortably sleep two and two side tables that fold up. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about sweltering temperatures as this toy hauler is outfitted with an aircon.

When the weather isn’t favorable, there is a large LED television to keep you and your partner entertained. The handy LED lighting is conveniently located both inside and outside this model.

Although there isn’t a kitchen inside the No Boundaries toy hauler, you will likely be relieved to learn that there is an outdoor slide-out cooktop and refrigerator.

Arguably two of the best features this toy hauler processes are the durable Rhino roof racks that allow owners to bring with them bikes and kayaks and the 500 pounds fully walkable TPO roof.

Perhaps the only downside to this inexpensive toy hauler is that it doesn’t have a bathroom.

2. 2021 KZ Escape E14

Suppose you want a toy hauler that resembles a tiny home.

You might want to consider the KZ Escape E14. This toy hauler is 15 feet long with a 78-inch interior height. The outside of this toy hauler has a pleasant appearance with a sophisticated color scheme and design.

You might be impressed by all the features you will have with this toy hauler, which retails at roughly $20,500. This is typical for KZ campers.

The interior of this motorhome comprises soft grey and white tones with gorgeous vinyl wood panel flooring. Inside, the toy hauler is compact but has the amenities you require. A small kitchen area houses a sink, stovetop, and an 8 cubic foot fridge.

There is also a microwave and plenty of overhead cabinetry to store all your essential kitchen items.

At the rear of the KZ Escape E14 is a dinette area with foam seating. This area transforms into a master bedroom where two adults can sleep comfortably.  Additionally, you will also find a small bathroom area with a toilet and a moderately sized shower.

To keep you and those you are traveling with cool and collected in the summer, this toy hauler has an air conditioning unit and tinted windows.

With an R-7 insulation rating and a 12-year roofing warranty, you can be assured this model is built to last.

Toy Haulers That Can Sleep Four People Under $30,000:

Although toy haulers that can sleep two people are compact and easier to maintain and maneuver, they don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle.

If you are searching for a moderately sized toy hauler under $30,000 that can sleep four people, you will likely want to look at the models we have listed below.

Larger toy haulers have more space and more features and amenities. They also provide more room for an array of indoor and outdoor activities.

Toy haulers that can sleep four are ultimately ideal for anyone who loves to entertain during game days.

Moreover, they are also great for those who enjoy motorsports and those small families who want to spend more time traveling and camping together.

3. 2021 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 18RRBL

The 2021 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 18RRBL is one of Forest River’s more popular toy haulers.

This toy hauler measures 24 feet long and has a massive 15 feet and 2 inches garage storage area. Additionally, this model weighs less than 8,000 pounds and has a durable awning for outdoor entertaining and an outdoor fold-out enclosed patio area.

The Cherokee Grey Wolf 18RRBL Retails for roughly $23,000, which is a steal when you consider all you receive with this model.

The inside of this toy hauler is spacious, and the layout is well thought out. The brand has designed this model to be compact yet feature a full-size kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and separate lounge area.

You will find brown wood laminate flooring inside the kitchen and a gorgeous interior theme of glossy blacks and neutral greys.

Suppose you’re fanatical about having a spacious place to cook the kitchen is sure to impress. The kitchen countertops are glossy white with adequate countertop space to prepare all your favorite foods. The countertops are complemented by solid black cabinetry and appliances.

There is a kitchen sink with a faucet, a microwave, three plate stove, and a refrigerator. Across from the kitchen is a lounge area comprising a single grey three-seater sofa.

Heading into the bathroom, you will find a continuation of the black, white, and grey theme. There is a spacious shower and tub combo that has place holdings for all your bathroom necessities.

You will also find a medicine cabinet, bathroom cupboard and sink, and a toilet. Although small, the bathroom provides enough room for you to move around in.

At the front of the Grey, Wold 18RRBL is the master bedroom. In here, you will see a queen-sized bed, a television, wardrobe, and overhead cabinetry. The theme continues as the furniture is glossy black wood complemented by splashes of grey.

Additionally, many people will enjoy the sub-woofer music system and accent lighting that this toy hauler features.

4. 2021 Dutchman Aspen Trail 2760THS

If you’re a fan of toy haulers with slideouts, you might like the 2021 Dutchman Aspen Trail 2760THS.

This toy hauler is the longest one on our list, with a length of 31 feet. Additionally, this toy hauler is also the most expensive novel listed, with approximate retail pricing of $28,000.

However, although it might be pricier, it could be worth it if you’re looking for a luxurious design on a budget.

This model’s interior is beautiful, with light grey wooden cabinetry, multi-toned wood laminate flooring, and marble-like countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. Inside the kitchen is a large stainless steel sink with a faucet, a stainless steel fridge freezer, and a gas three-burner stovetop.

There is also a microwave oven and plenty of storage space.

Across from the moderately sized kitchen, you can opt to have two recliners. Next to the kitchen at the rear of the toy hauler is a lounge area with two sofas and a dining room table.

These sofas can be folded to create room for the garage area of the toy hauler.

Heading towards the front of this model, you will find a large bathroom with a decent-sized shower, a toilet, and a bathroom cupboard with gorgeous marble-like countertops and a sink.

The bedroom in this toy hauler is small, but there is a comfortable queen-sized bed, and there are wooden side tables along each side of the bed.

You will also have an additional pass-through storage area with this model.

Moreover, these models have quality insulation and a fully enclosed and heated underbelly so that you can travel in summer or winter with the Dutchman Aspen Trail 2760THS.


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