How Much Do Toy Haulers Cost? (7 Helpful Examples)

Have you recently been contemplating purchasing a toy hauler?

There are many options available on the market, and more importantly, there is a toy hauler to suit everyone’s budget.

Finding a toy hauler can be difficult, so we have compiled this list of toy haulers with their prices and their attributes to give you a few choices and help you find the best one suited to you.

Keep in mind, most come with pretty hefty price tags but are usually worth the price. 

5 Popular Toy Haulers and What They Offer:

When looking for a toy hauler, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Toy haulers come in many different types of makes and models from the single axle, two-axle to fifth wheel toy haulers. Understandably these different types will have different price ranges in their respective categories.

If you’re searching for a toy hauler, you should also try to keep in mind what you are looking for in terms of pricing, attributes, carrying capacity, and various other toy hauler specs.

Below we have six examples of the three different toy hauler categories to help you decide what type is best for you.

2 Single Axle Toy Haulers:

Single axle toy haulers are often the smallest category and perfect for those looking for a lightweight travel trailer for camping and road trips.

The toy haulers with a single axle are compact and most often the cheaper option if you’re not looking to spend too much.

This toy hauler category varies in prices and will further vary depending on if you’re looking for a used travel trailer or a new one.

The broad price range for single axle trailers is around $5,000 through to $25,000, depending on the toy hauler’s features and amenities.

1. Keystone Hideout 178RB

If you’re looking for a toy hauler travel trailer that is compact and can sleep three for a reasonable price, then you should consider the 2021 Keystone Hideout 178RB.

This single axle toy hauler has a starting price of just under $21,000 for a brand new model.

Taking a closer look at the specs, this toy hauler has a length of 21 ft 5 inches with an external height of 10ft 2 inches and a hitch weight of 440 pounds.

The Keystone Hideout 178RB has a dry weight of 3249 pounds and a cargo weight of 1191 pounds, so you can easily store your camping goods.

Additionally, this toy hauler has a freshwater capacity of 27 gallons, a greywater capacity of 32 gallons, and a tank capacity of 30 gallons for blackwater.

The interior of this toy hauler is impressive for its size and price point. A full rear bathroom features a 38-inch walk-in shower, toilet, and wash hand basin with a storage cabinet. The bedroom has a queen-size bed and two storage closets on either side for all your clothes and accessories.

Moving onwards to the kitchen, this travel trailer comes with two cooktop burners, one small 3 cubic ft refrigerator, and a kitchen sink with a faucet.

In the kitchen are of the toy hauler, there is also a dinette booth style eating area where you can comfortably have your everyday meals.

This toy hauler is built to last with the powder-coated frame, cambered chassis, durable Dexter E-Z Lube axel foundation, and flex tubing.

2. Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH

Another affordable toy hauler by brand Keystone is the Springdale Mini 1760BH.

This model is compact and lightweight, as is the case with most single axle toy haulers, and features a single slide.

The starting price on the 2021 model is roughly $20,000, which is a reasonable price point if you consider that this model can sleep five.

Looking at the specs, this toy hauler is slightly heavier than the Keystone hideout with a dry weight of 3780 pounds and a hitch weight of 520 pounds. However, the Springdale Mini has a larger cargo capacity at 1625 pounds.

The Springdale Mini has an external height of 10 ft 2 inches and a length of 21 ft 5 inches.

When it comes to the various water capacities for this toy hauler, it has a freshwater capacity of 27 gallons and grey water and black water capacity of 30 gallons. The toy hauler also has a water heater capacity of 6 gallons.

This travel trailer has two bunk beds for the children and a 52-inch by 74-inch bed for the adults. Beside the bed, there are overhead cabinets, a single nightstand, and a closet for all your storage needs.

There is also a full bathroom situated near the bunk beds that features a standard shower, toilet, and sink.

The additional fifth sleeping space comes in when you transform the booth dinette area into a sleeping area.

The kitchen area is gorgeously done with dark cabinetry and a marble countertop look. Inlaid in the countertop are a two-burner cooktop and a sink that comes with a faucet.

Additionally, the kitchen houses a sleek black Furrin microwave and LED lighting to light your way.

The Springdale Mini also features safety tinted glass windows and a massive exterior pass-through storage area.

2 Two Axle Toy Haulers:

If you’re looking to purchase a toy hauler with more space than what single axle toy haulers offer, then a two-axle toy hauler may be better for you.

These toy hauler models are usually bigger than their single-axle counterparts, but they can be more expensive.

The average pricing on two-axle toy haulers can range between $7,500 and $50,000 depending on if you purchase a new or used model.

Often this pricepoint will match the features and amenities you will receive.

3. Heartland Lithium 2414

The 2021 Heartland Lithium toy hauler has two axles and is significantly bigger than it’s single axle counterparts.

As such, this toy hauler does have a higher price, but it does include exceptional features and amenities. With the capacity to sleep four, the Heartland Lithium has a starting price of around $32,000.

If we look at the specs closely, this toy hauler has a length of 28 ft and a height of 2ft 2inches. The Heartland Lithium has a dry weight of 6360 pounds, a hitching weight of 1060 pounds, and a cargo capacity weight of 4208 pounds.

Although heavier than single axle toy haulers, this travel trailer is still relatively lightweight compared to other duel axle toy haulers.

In regards to water capacity, the Heartland Lithium has a freshwater capacity of a massive 105 gallons. The toy hauler also has a grey water capacity of 40 gallons and a black water capacity of 40 gallons.

As can be expected, the two-axle Heartland Lithium comes with an array of features. The travel trailer comes with an incredible full kitchen that includes a three burner stove top with oven and a modest 6.3 cubic ft refrigerator.

The trailer comprises beautiful modern finishes with dark wood cabinetry throughout the kitchen and the rest of the travel trailer.

The bathroom has an enclosed shower that is deep enough for a bath, and there is also a toilet and sink with a storage cabinet. The bathroom also features a mirror and an under-counter bathroom cupboard where you can keep all your toiletries.

Heading over to the sleeping facilities, this toy hauler comes with a master bedroom suite that houses a king-sized bed. The lounge area has a fold-up sofa as well as a lounge chair.

With a protective diamond stone guard on the front of your toy hauler, you know it will be worth the investment.

4. Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold 24Gold14

The Forest River brand is known in the motorhome world for its consistent quality products.

Their 2021 Cherokee Wolf Pack two-axle toy hauler more than meets expectations even though it is slightly pricier than its competitors.

This model’s starting price is around $38,000, but it does come with some impressive features and amenities.

Larger than the previous three toy haulers on our list, the Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold toy hauler can sleep six and has a length of 31ft with a height of 12 ft 5 inches.

This travel trailer has a hitching weight of 1114 pounds, a dry weight of 5720 pounds, and a cargo capacity weight of 5556 pounds.

There is enough space for you, your travel companions, and all your outdoor accessories.

The water capacity specs on this toy hauler are impressive, with a freshwater capacity of 100 gallons, a greywater capacity of 38  gallons, and a black water capacity of 38 gallons. This toy haulers garage size is 14 ft, which further substantiates that you will have more than enough space for your next adventure.

The Cherokee toy hauler provides the comforts of home while out on the road. It features a full kitchen with a double door refrigerator and three cooktop burners for you to cook exemplary meals no matter where you are.

Additionally, the toy hauler comes with LED strip lighting, USB charging stations, and a pass-through storage area. The Cherokee Wolf Pack certainly has much to offer.

1 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler:

Should you find yourself looking for the largest possible type of toy hauler, then your best bet would be to search for fifth wheel toy haulers.

These toy haulers come with the most amenities and features and are often the most spacious.

If you partake in many outdoor trips or travel frequently, then a fifth wheel could be your home away from home. However, these perks do come at a higher price point as they are larger than their counterparts, the single and two-axle toy haulers.

Prices for fifth wheels also vary based on if you are buying a new or second-hand model.

You can expect a ranging price point of between $15,000 to $140,000, if not more if you opt for luxury versions.

5. Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 287BH

The two-axle fifth wheel Cherokee Arctic Wolf toy hauler from brand Forest River is decently priced for such a large 2021 model.

This travel trailer comes with many amazing amenities and has a starting price of under $55,000. With the capacity to sleep eight, this toy hauler is worth a look.

Starting with the specs, this toy hauler has one slide, is 34 ft long, and has a height of 12 ft 11 inches. Importantly fifth wheels are much heavier than their lighter travel trailer counterparts.

The Cherokee Arctic Wolf has a hitch weight of 1325 pounds, a dry weight of 8368 pounds, and a cargo capacity of  3157 pounds.

In terms of water holding, this toy hauler has a freshwater capacity of 49 gallons, a greywater capacity of 70 gallons, and a black water capacity of 35 gallons.

Inside the fifth wheels kitchen, there is a huge 10 cubic ft residential refrigerator, three cooktop burners with an oven, and a convection microwave. There is everything you could need for extended stays away from home, including a large kitchen pantry.

The gorgeous slate interior color scheme is bright and cheery and is a constant theme throughout.

The toy hauler has a private double-stacked bunkhouse and a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed. There also is a tri-fold sofa and U-shaped dinette in the lounge to comfortably relax and eat meals with family.

For that added homey feel, this toy hauler features an indoor fireplace.

What’s great about this fifth wheel toy hauler is that it has a luxurious feel for an entry-level price; if you want a toy hauler with a lot of space and is luxurious, then look at this popular option.

How Much Does the Cheapest toy Hauler Cost?

In our search for one of the cheapest toy haulers that still offers quality features, we came across one that is lower in price than other similar market models.

When it comes to the cheapest toy haulers, you are looking at prices between $5,000 and under $20,000 depending on if you are buying them new or used.

Below we managed to find a cheaper toy hauler within this price range for a brand new model.

6. Keystone Hideout Single Axle 172LHS

The popular Keystone Hideout 172LHS has excellent features for its low price point.

This 2020 model costs roughly $16,000 and can sleep four. It is perfect for those who do light traveling or want to try out a cheaper model before progressing to something pricier.

The Hideout172LHS has a length of 21 ft 4 inches and a roomy height of 10 ft 2 inches. The toy hauler has a dry weight of 3650 pounds, a hitch weight of 670 pounds, and a cargo weight capacity of 1550 pounds.

With the Keystone Hideout 172LHS, the water capacity is impressive for such a small toy hauler. It has 39-gallon greywater, freshwater, and black water capacity.

If you’re looking to find a toy hauler that is small and cheap but still moderately spacious, then this one could be the best option for you. The Hideout comes with a queen-sized bed, a fold-out sofa that doubles as a bed.

There is also a somewhat spacious bathroom with a 38-inch walk-in shower, a toilet, and a basin.  Although small, the kitchen is stylish with a timber and lodge color scheme that will provide you with a two-burner cooktop, a microwave, and a 6 cubic ft refrigerator.

Additionally, this toy hauler is also tech-savvy and includes a Furrion Bluetooth radio and LED exterior speakers for those nights where you want to party under the stars.

How Much do the Biggest Toy Haulers Cost?

When looking at toy haulers, they come in all sizes and price points; the more features and amenities you require, the higher the price.

Many toy haulers cost a pretty penny, and if you’re looking for exceptional, luxurious quality, there are a few options available to you.

When looking for one of the biggest toy haulers to present to you, we also looked for their average price range.

If you want a big toy hauler, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50,000 upwards to $150,000.

7. Grand Design Solitude 390RK

The Grand Design is incredibly big but also comes with a high price tag.

This 2021 model starts at around $120,000 and can comfortably sleep six with plenty of room for features and amenities. If you’re someone who wants a luxurious fifth wheel toy hauler to travel in or potentially live in, this is one for you to consider.

The 2021 Grand design has an astonishing five slides and has a length of 41 ft 5 inches and an incredible height of 13t 5 inches. This fifth wheel toy hauler has a hitch weight f 2794 pounds, a dry weight of 14562 pounds, and a gross weight capacity of 16800 pounds.

As you can see, this is quite a heavy you hauler.

With regards to the water capacity, the Grand Design has a freshwater capacity of 93 gallons, a greywater capacity of 106 gallons, and a black water capacity of 53 gallons.

If its luxury your after, then this huge toy hauler is likely to impress. The rear raised kitchen features an enormous 18 cubic ft refrigerator, three cooktop burners, a kitchen sink, and a kitchen island. The lounge area features theatre-style seating, two tri-fold sofas, and a raised bar top with two stools.

This toy hauler may be the entertainer’s dream.

Heading over to the private bedroom, there is a queen-sized bed and a fabulous walk-in closet.

The bathroom in this fifth wheel toy hauler has a dual vanity where two people can get ready alongside one another.

The shower uniquely offers more headroom than what is common in toy haulers, and there is also a toilet and wash hand basin.

This toy hauler wouldn’t be one without the pass-through storage area for all your camping, fishing, and entertainment needs. Offering refined luxury and residential decor and finishes, this large fifth wheel toy hauler has everything you could need and then some.

How Do You Get a Better Deal on a Toy Hauler?

If you have found the toy hauler of your dreams, you may be struggling to get a good deal on it.

Please don’t give up too easily as we have a few tips that could help you get the best price for the toy hauler you are interested in.

Should you decide that you want to purchase a used toy hauler, then you should first do some research on how much its worth depending on its condition.

You can do this by looking at This site is excellent for establishing how much a toy hauler is worth and will give you the ammunition you need to get the price down on the one you’re interested in.

When looking to purchase an older model, it’s best to check if the price is right. An older model’s price should not be the same price or above a newer model’s price.

Additionally, buying a slightly older model will save you a lot more money than the latest version of the toy hauler you’re interested in buying. A helpful negotiating tip that could work in your favor is telling the dealership that their competitor is offering you a better price on financing.

Often if you can secure a better deal on the financing, you will likely save a lot of money.

Know What You Want:

Before you begin shopping for your new toy hauler, establish what exactly you are going to be needing it for.

You don’t want to purchase a luxurious and expensive model if your needing one for outdoor activities like quad biking or road trips into the unknown.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is the load capacity for the toy hauler. You don’t want to purchase one and realize you can’t pull it with your current vehicle.

You will want to find out the specs on the toy haulers’ weight, both empty and when loaded.


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