6 Great Toy Haulers With Slide-Outs (With Pictures)

When you have decided to go on a new outdoor camping adventure, you have probably concluded that you need adequate space.

If your not one for campervans or full-blown motorhomes, then a toy hauler might be exactly what you need.

Luckily there is a range of toy haulers with slide-outs to grant you that extra space that you require while out on the road.

After conducting some preliminary research, we have put a list with some excellent toy haulers that come with slide-outs; soon, you will be ready for your next adventure.

Toy Haulers With Two Slide Outs:

When looking for a toy hauler, it’s important to consider how much space you need.

There are a wide variety of toy haulers available with anywhere from two to six slide outs. Should you require a toy hauler that is more compact and that doesn’t feature many slide outs, then potentially consider a toy hauler with two slides.

Bigger than their one slide counterparts but still compact enough to get the job done. These toy haulers are perfect for individuals traveling solo or for small families out on their next grand adventure.

Below we have featured a few two slide toy haulers that we believe are worth a look:

1. Heartland Torque TQT281 Toy Hauler

If you want a toy hauler that is compact but still has features that stand out, then have a look at the Torque TQT281 toy hauler from the Heartland RV company.

This toy hauler has two slides that can amazingly sleep seven and has a cargo-carrying capacity of 4497 pounds.

This toy hauler has a huge pass-through storage area in this toy hauler where you can store everything from your fishing rods to camping goods. Additionally, there is also a large 16-inch garage.

There are rubberized floors in the fuel and oil-resistant garage, so you won’t need to worry about tediously long hours cleaning up the area. The Heartland Torque has a set of opposing sofas that can be easily assembled and a dinette near the kitchen.

There is a solid surface sink in the high rise kitchen that comes with a handy pull out faucet. The kitchen also features residential-sized appliances with an 8 cubic ft double door refrigerator and three cooktop burners.

There is a large king-size bed in the bedroom, and there is also an electric queen-sized bed in this unit.

2. Keystone Outback 324CG Toy Hauler

The Outback toy hauler by brand keystone is another great two slide option for those wanting sprawling space without additional slides.

This toy hauler can sleep seven and is built on two axles. Additionally, the Keystone Outback length is 37 ft 4 inches with a height of 11ft 4 inches. Enough space to be roomy yet cozy.

With this toy hauler, the separate 10 ft garage space is located in the front and is spacious enough to store all your outdoor essentials.

The two slides allow this toy hauler to open up into the interior and give you more space to roam about.

Along the inside, there is a vast amount of storage space with the multiple cupboards that have been installed throughout the toy hauler’s interior.

This two slide unit is both luxurious and spacious. Bigger than its competitors in the two slide category, this toy hauler has some lovely amenities. The kitchen houses a double door 8 cubic ft refrigerator and 3 cooktop burners perfect for cooking for all your guests.

Inside this toy hauler, the dual entry bathroom has a 34-inch shower with a 6-gallon water heater capacity.

The Keystone Outback has a king-sized bed in the bedroom and bunk beds for the other occupants looking at the sleeping arrangements and living area.

Designed to last you many years, you will have peace of mind with the tinted safety windows and heated and enclosed underbelly. There are also various smoke detectors included in the toy hauler, as well as heating and airconditioning.

Toy Haulers With Four Slide Outs:

Should you want a larger toy hauler than the two or three slide-outs on offer but have struggled to find one, we bring to your attention the four-slide toy hauler category.

You may not have known these exist, but they do indeed.

With a few great ones on offer, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking. Four slide toy haulers are often larger and include a wider variety of features.

We have found two that we believe are worthy of consideration. Toy haulers with four slides are lovely for family excursions or groups of friends traveling together.

Due to the large slide layout, they are ideal for those wishing to live in their toy hauler as they travel from one place to the next.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at a few.

3. Forest River Cardinal Limited 388RDLE Toy Hauler

Toy haulers with more slide outs don’t always equal more sleeping arrangements.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are any less spacious than their rivals with fewer slide-out capabilities. The Forest River Cardinal Limited is a perfect example of this.

With the sleeping capacity to cater to four, this fifth wheel toy hauler is both spacious and comfortable.

If you’re after space, then this fifth wheel toy hauler certainly delivers. Spacious enough to feature residential features throughout this toy hauler has some unique features and amenities.

There is crown molding on the cathedral style ceilings in the interior that enhance the feel of spaciousness inside the Cardinal Limited.

The kitchen features exquisite LG solid surface kitchen countertops, a stainless steel extra large single sink with decorative light. This kitchen has a 2 in 1 oven range stove with LED knob indicators and a 6 cubic ft residential-sized refrigerator.

The living area has a theatre-style seat with light and massager, and there is a residential three-seat sofa with tri-fold-hide-a-beds. Incredibly this toy hauler even has a four-seater dinette that has easy storage capabilities as the table and chairs flip up.

The bedroom has a Serta mattress and walk-in wardrobe. There is also under bed storage and nightstands that come conveniently with 2 USB ports.

With too many features to list, we can have a quick look at the bathroom in this fifth wheel toy hauler with four slides.

There is a porcelain toilet with a foot flush, a residential mega-sized shower that includes an integrated seat, and a huge wall mirror.

4. Dutchman Voltage 4205 Toy Hauler

The Dutchman Voltage is one of the more luxurious models available on the market and has the astounding capability to sleep up to twelve people.

This model may be pricier than most, but with the sleeping capabilities and excellent luxurious features, the Dutchman Voltage is potentially one of the greatest toy hauler models available that comes with four slides.

The Dutchman Voltage, as we know, has the incredible capacity to sleep twelve so let’s take a closer look at the sleeping arrangements.

This toy hauler features double-sized bunk beds in their own private bunkhouse and a master suite that comes with a king-sized bed.

Inside the living room, there is more sleeping space with a sofa slide, and the garage features a twin size loft above the garage. What’s great is this toy haulers garage is separate and is 10 ft 5 inches big. This toy hauler features both a half bath and a full bathroom for added convenience.

The full bathroom is a dual entry and has all the bathroom amenities you could need, including a toilet and shower.

The kitchen is luxurious and has gorgeous residential-sized features to ensure that you have all the amenities of a full kitchen while out on the road. There is a countertop peninsula within the kitchen that gives you more than enough space to prepare meals for the many traveling companions.

There are a massive 18 ft cubic refrigerator and an oversized convection microwave, and a three burner cooktop that includes an oven.

This is just a fraction of what’s on offer in this four-slide toy hauler, and it comes with a range of safety features and technological additions to ensure you have a pleasant experience continuously while traveling.

Toy Hauler With Slide Out Kitchen:

Having a toy hauler that has a kitchen is a massive convenience, no matter if you’re exploring a few hundred miles or a few thousand miles.

More importantly, some of you might be looking for a toy hauler that has a slide-out kitchen.

There are a few great options available, but we have decided to list one that we think could be a great option for potential buyers.

Slide-out kitchens may not completely be the norm, but they have become more prevalent in recent years.

5. Forest River Ceder Creek Champagne Edition 38EFK

The Forest river Ceder Creek toy hauler has six slides, consisting of electric slides for the front positioned kitchen area.

The kitchen slides out on two opposing sides of this toy hauler to create more space and includes some excellent features.

The kitchen, as we know, has two slide outs. On one end, there is a Furrion stove and oven combo with three cooktop burners.

There is a massive 20 cubic ft fridge freezer combo in the middle of the kitchen, and all around the kitchen, there is gorgeous cabinetry for all your storage needs.

In the living room, there is a 48-inch fireplace which you can remotely control. There are also theatre-style seats and an LED TV in the lounge. In the bedroom is a king-sized bed with plenty of storage cabinetry.

This toy hauler can sleep six comfortably with the sofa arrangement in the living area.

The Ceder Creek also offers a full-sized spacious bathroom that includes a shower, basin, and toilet. Additionally, the exterior is just as lovely as the interior with expandable awning and LED night lighting.

This toy hauler has all you need and more.

5th Wheel Toy Hauler With Slide Outs:

We have mentioned a few fifth-wheel toy haulers, but we saved one of the best for last.

Fifth wheel toy haulers provide spacious interiors and often have luxury features that are not always offered with smaller toy haulers.

Sometimes you will want a fifth wheel toy hauler that is spacious, luxurious, and adaptable. You might want one with more than two slides but less than six.

Luckily we found one that fits all these parameters.

Below we will introduce you to one of the great fifth wheel toy haulers that have five slides.

6. Heartland Big Country 3902 FL

The Heartland Big Country fifth wheel toy hauler is exactly that; big. Sometimes bigger is better, as evidenced in this five slide toy hauler.

With a sleeping capacity of six, the Big Country has a lot of features and amenities to offer.

First, this fifth wheel toy hauler has a bath and a half, so you don’t need to wait to use the bathroom as there are two.  The main bathroom features a porcelain commode with foot flush, a large medicine cabinet to store all your bathroom essentials, and a single unit fiberglass shower.

The master bedroom in this toy hauler features a king-sized bed with under bed storage facilities that slide out.

There is also a walk-in cupboard and a massive ceiling height of 6 ft 4 inches; if your tall, you certainly don’t need to be crouching in this unit.

There is a tri-fold sleeping sofa and a ceiling fan in the living room to keep you cool in summer. There is also an amazingly high output entertainment system that includes DVD/Bluetooth.

The kitchen is the heart of this toy hauler and has some lovely amenities.

The interior design of the kitchen is beautiful, with stained hardwood cabinetry and fascia. The countertops are a solid surface, and there is a spacious kitchen island.

There is a stainless steel sink within the counter, and the kitchen also has a three burner gas cooktop and 2 cubic ft oven.

Additionally, the kitchen has a 30-inch convection oven and LED lighting through so you won’t have any issues getting up for a glass of water in the evenings.


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Heartland Torque TQT281 Toy Hauler

Keystone Outback 324CG Toy Hauler

Forest River Cardinal Limited 388RDLE Toy Hauler

Dutchman Voltage 4205 Toy Hauler

Forest River Ceder Creek Champagne Edition 38EFK

Heartland Big Country 3902 FL

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