Best Motorhomes with FRONT Kitchens (Class A, B, C)

Have you been considering getting an RV with a front kitchen? There are many available on the market from Class A right through the RV spectrum.

With the many different choices available, it can be difficult to decide which RV with a front kitchen is the right one for you.

Fortunately, we have done some digging and have come up with a few options you can choose from.

Class A RVs With Front Kitchens:

When looking for an RV with a front kitchen, some attractive options are available amongst the Class A RVs.

These motorhomes are often built on a strong heavy-duty frame, usually with a bus chassis or truck chassis and even a motor vehicle chassis.

In most Class A RVs, there is usually a minimum of two slide outs, which provides ample space for a front-facing kitchen.

Class A motorhomes are an excellent choice for those looking for simple luxury and that feeling of home.

1. Thor Motor Coach Windsport 32 T

If you’re looking fr a class A RV that has the capability to sleep seven with extra room to relax in, then this could be an excellent choice.

This RV has two slides, is 33 ft 11inches long, and has an interior height of 7ft. Not only is there enough space, but the interior is gorgeously designed, and you have the choice between etched nickel, mystic moon, and winter white.

The kitchen is in the front of their Class A RV and features a solid wood countertop, raised panel cabinetry, and a double door refrigerator. For convenient cooking, there is a stove that has three cooktop burners.

There are comfortable leatherette seats in the lounge section of the Thor Windsport, and there is a sofa in the lounge that expands for additional sleeping arrangements.

The lounge features a large 40-inch television, and there is a drop-down bunk for those friends and family who come to visit you for a games evening. The master bedroom arrangement features a king-sized bed for that added comfort while traveling.

In the bathroom of the Windsport, there is a 30 inch by 36-inch shower and a toilet with a bathroom sink.

Inside the Class A RV, there is a dash workstation with outlets on the passenger side that you can utilize to catch up on work you might have or enjoy browsing the internet.

2. Fleetwood Bounder 33C

For those looking for a dynamic Class A RV layout that is spacious and well thought out, then the Fleetwood Bounder is one to look at.

This RV can sleep five people and comprises two slide-outs. With a length of 34ft 3 inches and an interior height of 7ft, the Fleetwood Bounder has an impressive floorplan and many noteworthy features, including a choice of interior decor and wood color options.

With the space-saving mindset used to design this class A RV, there is a front kitchen with adequate amenities for those chefs at heart.  The kitchen also has a convection oven, stainless steel french door refrigerator with ice-making capabilities, and a facing booth dinette with a dream dinette table.

The elegant counters in the kitchen are a solid surface galley style for plenty of space when cooking. There is an elegant tile backsplash that sets off the modern appliances nicely. The kitchen comes with a residential faucet over the stainless steel sink.

For space, you will have adjustable shelves throughout the kitchen to store all your kitchen dishware and utensils safely.

In the lounge section of this RV, there is a jackknife sofa and an electric fireplace for all those cold winter days that you want to spend indoors cuddled up in front of the RVs television.

In the bedroom, there is a  large king-sized mattress with USB ports to charge your cellular devices conveniently.

The bathroom has a porcelain top-mounted sink, residential single faucet, medicine cabinet, and fully surrounded fiberglass shower.

Additionally, there is a macerator flush porcelain toilet, so you don’t have to worry as much about toilet maintenance while out adventuring.

Class B RV With Front Kitchen:

Class B RVs are perfect for the adventurers at heart.

These motorhomes resemble oversized vans and are often known as a type of campervan. These RVs are the most affordable option, but they are often significantly smaller than some Class A and Class C RVs.

A large amount of the Class B campervans come with front kitchens as it saves space and is potentially one of the best places to situate a kitchen when constrained spacing arrangments.

Many Class Bs don’t have slide-outs; that’s why front situated kitchens are immensely popular.

3. Coachman Beyond 22RB

This Class B RV campervan is perfect for those traveling on their own or for couples.

This van’s sleeping capacity can sleep two at a length of 22ft 2 inches and an internal height of 6ft 3 inches. Although small, this compact campervan has some great features and amenities, including a front-facing kitchen.

The kitchen is located in the front and is small but has enough space to prepare meals and comfortably cook for two people. There are a two-burner LP cooktop and a small galley kitchen countertop. You will also be able to store all your perishables in the 6 cubic ft fridge.

The van’s rear is a wet bath area with the standard, convenient amenities you need while out on the road.

The lounge area is centrally located in the campervan and comes equipped with a Sync 3 infotainment system, making navigation in this van extremely easy.

Located in the center of the van in the lounge bedroom area is also the twin beds, which make up the sleeping arrangements for this Class B RV. Inside this RV, there are also USB ports for charging your devices, and there is a 22 inch LED TV for your viewing pleasure.

You can enjoy hot days indoors with the low profile 13500 AC, which will keep you cool.

Class C RV With Front Kitchen:

A Class C RV is the one you will want to select when you want an RV that is a combination between a Class A and a Class B.

Some class C motorhomes have front kitchens as they are built with a cabin chassis with more space for a front kitchen and extra sleeping capacity.

Class C motorhomes have the added convenience of being able to tow a separate car.

You can leave your Class C RV parked, explore with your car, come back in the evening, and prepare dinner in your front-facing kitchen.

4. Jayco Greyhawk 30Z RV


For large families or groups of friends that want to tour the country, a Class C motorhome is large enough for you to do so in style and comfort.

The Jayco 2021 Greyhawk 30Z can sleep six and has two slide outs. This motorhome is 32ft long, with a height of 7ft, and has a modern farmhouse interior layout.

Inside the kitchen is an 8 cubic ft flush-mount refrigerator with double doors, a Furrion all in one cooktop and oven, and a residential-sized microwave. Besides the appliances, this kitchen has even more to offer.

With a backsplash that sets off the extendable kitchen countertops, you will want to try new recipes in the kitchen. Additionally, there is also a pop up charging station with USB ports in the kitchen.

In the rear of this Class C RV is a private bedroom that features a queen-sized bed slide out and a dresser to store all the small accessories you need while out and about. The split bathroom has a 30-inch by 36-inch shower with a decorative surround and comes equipped with a skylight.

There is a standard toilet with a flush and a stainless steel wash hand basin.

The lounge consists of a tri-fold sofa with a booth dinette area with a legless dinette table, so you’re comfortable while enjoying your meals.  The lounge also features an entertainment center and a large 50 inch TV to keep everyone busy while indoors.

The Class C by Jayco also comes with a mandatory customer value package, including features such as Jride plus incredibly heated side-view mirrors.


Understand the Differences between Class A, B, and C Motorhomes


Thor Motor Coach Windsport 32 T

Fleetwood Bounder 33C

Coachman Beyond 22RB

Jayco Greyhawk 30Z RV

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