Do Toy Haulers Have Kitchens? (6 Helpful Examples)

If you’re someone who enjoys camping and traveling the countryside, but you want an alternative to traditional RV motorhomes or campervans, then a toy hauler might be the right fit for you.

Having a kitchen while out on the road is incredibly important, and luckily many toy hauler makes and models come with various kitchen layouts.

We have spent countless hours scouring the web to bring a few toy haulers that have kitchens to your attention.

Do Toyhaulers Have Kitchens:

Certain brands of Toy Hauler RVs will have a kitchen. Some have indoor kitchens, which are included in the floorplan, while others have outdoor kitchens, which reside in a compartment on the outside of the RV concealed by a panel door. Kitchens come with stovetops, sinks, ovens, and refrigerators.

2 Toy Haulers With Outdoor Kitchens:

These types of toy haulers have outdoor kitchens that free up space in the toy hauler itself.

If you enjoy cooking outdoors under the blazing sun or the shining moonlight, then a toy hauler that features an outdoor kitchen could be the best choice.

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for those who want to cook meals surrounded by nature.

Many excellent Toy Haulers feature outdoor kitchens, and we have listed a few of the best for you to consider:

1. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

The 2020 Apex Ultra-Lite Toy Hauler model by Coachmen weighs in at 3,850 pounds and comes with a slide and two axles.

The Apex Ultra-Lite is one of the most lightweight Toy Haulers available on the market presently.

This Toy Hauler comes with a variety of excellent features. Within the interior, you will get beautiful finishes with Congoleum Designer Carefree flooring and Pewter Maple cabinetry.

There is a bathroom inside for convenience with a power bath vent, foot flush mechanism toilet, and a six-gallon gas/electricity DSI hot water heater.

This model has one of the best outdoor kitchens, with a stone cast kitchen sink, Coleman grill, Power LED range hood, three burner stove top with oven, and double door stainless steel fridge freezer combination. There is also plenty of kitchen counter space to prepare your meals.

You can rest easier knowing that this toy hauler has a range of safety features such as an LP leak alarm, Fire extinguisher, Smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide detector.

2. Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer

With this fifth wheel Toy Hauler by Highland Ridge RVs, you will have a Toy Hauler that is constructed exceptionally well and certified green due to the brand’s commitment to recycling and salvaging construction waste.

The Highland Ridge Toy Hauler has pleated nightshades for privacy, LED lighting,  and Linoleum flooring throughout the unit. This model comes with a bathroom with classic amenities such as a foot flushing toilet and bathroom sink.

The key feature of this Toy Hauler is, however, the well-designed outdoor kitchen. The kitchen houses 75-pound full extension kitchen drawers, rangehood, microwave, cooktop, optional grill, and mini-fridge.

The Toy Hauler even has an outdoor kitchen sink with running water, so cleaning up will be a breeze.

The design feature that makes this Toy Hauler stand out is the side patio option with covered awning.  No matter the weather conditions, with the Open Range Roamer, you can cook outdoors in the elements.

2 Toy Haulers With Front Kitchens:

Should an outdoor kitchen not be to your liking, then there is the option for a Toy Hauler with front layout kitchens.

These kitchens have all the amenities you could want for a travel trailer. With the kitchen situated indoors, you don’t have to worry too much about the elements.

Toy Haulers with front kitchens do tend to be pricier than their outdoor counterparts.

However, the luxurious feel and quality features and amenities you often receive validify their pricepoints.

3. Forest River XLR Nitro 405

The Forest River 2021 XLR Nitro 405 Toy Hauler fifth wheel is a serious contender to more expensive toy haulers with front kitchens.

The XLR Toy Hauler is one of the longest-running legacies in sports utility trailer production. The Nitro XLR has an impressive range of features and is spacious, affordable, and lightweight, making it comparatively one of a kind.

The frontwards kitchen in the XLR is luxuriously designed top of the line amenities. The kitchen has a contemporary design and features a residential microwave, a 17-inch oven with a beautiful cast iron cooktop.

There is also a stainless steel kitchen sink, gas/electric refrigerator, and a beautiful solid surface kitchen countertop.

The Toy Haulers interior has too many features to list here, but some of the most noteworthy include; Radiant foil insulation technology throughout the toy hauler, a master bedroom with a king-sized bed, Congoleum stain resistant vinyl flooring, and an electric fireplace.

4.  Forest River Riverstone 39FKTH

This Toy Hauler by Forest River gives you all the comforts of home while giving you the added benefit of spacious storage space while out on the road for all your outdoor activity equipment.

The Riverstone 39FKTH fifth wheel toy hauler has two axles, five slides, and can sleep up to six people.

The layout of this Toy Hauler situates the kitchen in the front. Inside the kitchen, you will find ample counter space, a double sink, two cooktop burners, and a french door refrigerator.

There is also a 30-inch stainless steel convection oven for when you’re really in the mood to cook. The kitchen is designed for those who want to make RV living there full-time option.

There is also a bathroom that features many residential amenities for ultimate convenience and comfortability. Inside the bathroom, you will have a modest-sized shower and a toilet.

With the Riverstone 39FKTH, there is a spacious lounge area that features a 65 inch TV and two sofas. Outside you will also have a 50 inch TV.

1 Toy Hauler With Large Kitchen:

A few Toy haulers come with big kitchens, but note that bigger kitchens usually mean that you will have to pay more.

However, most of the time, the features and amenities level out the price point.

In our search, we came across one, in particular, that is both spacious and luxurious.

If you’re looking for a toy hauler where you can freely roam around while cooking without space being an issue, have a look at the next listed option:

5. Keystone Raptor 427

When it comes to luxury, spaciousness, and uniqueness, the Keystone Raptor 427 doesn’t disappoint.

This toy hauler has a unique layout and features a frontwards kitchen.  Uniquely the 9-inch garage storage space is located underneath the king-sized bed, and its position eliminates unnecessary clutter.

The large spacious kitchen has extra counter space with LED backlighting for those looking for a kitchen to cook up a large spread. The kitchen features a slide-out convection oven and an 18 cubic foot Polar Max stainless steel fridge. You will also have a stovetop with three cooktop burners.

This Toy Hauler gives you the luxury feel of home with its residential-style layout. The lounge area has two sleeper sofa slides facing another 50-inch television, and theater-style seating.

This model even comes with reclining furniture that has heat, light, and massage capabilities.

That isn’t all this toy hauler has to offer. There is a dual entry master bathroom with a porcelain flush toilet, a fiberglass one-piece surround shower, and a shower skylight.

The Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler also comes with all the standard safety features such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

1 Toy Hauler With Kitchen Island:

Sometimes you need more space, and you might not have this in your current toy hauler.

Fortunately for us, there happen to be a few options available on the market that now come equipped with kitchen islands.

Toy Haulers are becoming increasingly modernized, and with this development, many brands are introducing kitchen islands.

Not only are the kitchen islands extremely convenient, but they also break up solid areas to give a better overall aesthetic.

6. Grand Design Momentum 376THS

The 2020 Momentum 376THS Toy Hauler is a fifth wheeler that offers comfortable living and the convenience of all-year-round usability.

This toy hauler is equipped with Weather-Tek insulation that ensures you can utilize the toy hauler during all four seasons.

You will find opposing slides in the kitchen area that give more space and a kitchen island with stools.

The under kitchen counter island stools are perfect for if your traveling with children. The kitchen also includes a pantry and plenty of kitchen cupboard storage space, and a convection microwave.

Within this toy hauler’s kitchen, you will also have a large 18 cubic ft fridge and three cooktop burners.

The Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler has color-changing LED lighting, a central vacuuming system for any messes, and even a fully functioning dual entrance bathroom. There is theatre-style seating in the toy hauler’s lounge area, a hutch with a desk, telescoping TV, two tri-fold sofas, and a cozy fireplace.

Additionally, the Momentum 376THS is incredibly spacious with a 9 inch by 9inch below floor garage that can extend in height to 6 inches by 5 inches for all your outdoor equipment.


Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite

Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer

Forest River XLR Nitro 405

Forest River Riverstone 39FKTH

Keystone Raptor 427

Grand Design Momentum 376THS

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