Do Toy Haulers Have Bathrooms? (With 6 Examples)

Many of us know just how important it is to have a bathroom while out on the road, especially If you often travel to remote areas.

When you first think of a toy hauler, you might not immediately associate it with having a bathroom. There are, however, many makes and models that do come with a variety of different bathroom layouts.

We’ve done the work for you and put together a list of a few toy haulers that have bathrooms:

These 6 Toy Haulers Have Bathrooms:

  1. Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition 24RBS
  2. Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 17RBHL
  3. Forest River Sierra 368FBDS
  4. CrossRoads Zinger ZR280RB
  5. Riverside RPM 18FK
  6. Eclipse Attitude Pro-Lite 23FB

Toy Haulers With Rear Bathrooms:

Many people find themselves navigating towards toy haulers that have rear bathrooms.

This is often the case because rear bathrooms allow for more space inside the toy hauler and bigger bathrooms.

Rear bathrooms are more often than not spacious and comfortable to be in.

We’ve had a look and would like to bring to your attention two toy haulers that have rear-facing bathrooms that could be worth the investment.

1. Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition 24RBS

The 2021 Catalina Legacy toy hauler by Coachmen is comfortable yet functional.

Perfect for couples and families alike, this toy hauler can sleep up to six people. This toy hauler has one slide and has a hitch weight of 687 pounds with a cargo-carrying capacity of 1884 pounds.

With the Coachmen Catalina Legacy, you will have a large rear bathroom that features a toilet, washbasin, and 34 inches by 34 inches shower pan with a frosted glass shower door.

The bathroom is large enough that you have more than enough space to shower comfortably. This toy hauler even features an external shower for those hot summers day after an adventure in the great outdoors.

In the Catalina Legacy toy hauler, you will have an L shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar and two stools where you can enjoy your morning coffee. There are seamless kitchen counters within the kitchen, a fridge freezer combo, and a Greystone microwave oven.

The beautiful Mocha decor, dark tinted windows, and Congoleum vinyl floors will have you wanting to spend time in your toy hauler.

The master bedroom has a comfortable queen-sized bed, and the lounge features a sofa and slide-out dinette. The Catalina Legacy toy hauler also has a 32 inch TV, Bluetooth/DVD system, ducted heat, and airconditioning.

2. Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 17RBHL

With the Heritage, Glen Hyper-Lite by brand Forest Hill quality meets a professionally designed aesthetic.

This toy hauler looks incredible with the well-crafted fascia crown molding slide out and the professionally designed beautiful fabric interior.

The Glen Hyper-Lyte toy hauler has a hitch weight of 545 pounds and a carrying capacity of 2642 pounds and can sleep two.

Although smaller than some, this toy hauler has many exemplary features. Despite its small size, you will get a decent sized rear bathroom.

The bathroom includes a skylight shower sized at 30 inches by 36 inches, a porcelain toilet (if you opt for the VIP package), a washbasin, and a linen cupboard.

The interior of the Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper-Lite may be small, but it uses its interior spacing innovatively. The open plan kitchen is roomy with residential-style appliances and solid surface countertops.

The kitchen cabinetry has glass-fronted cupboard panes that add to this cozy toy hauler’s homey feel for a touch of style.

With the Wildwood Heritage toy hauler, you would get a unique fold-down bed system that you can fold up to create more space during the day.

The hauler even has an oversized theatre sofa and a removable dining table where you can enjoy eating meals or watching movies on the adjacent 32inch TV in comfort.

Toy Haulers With Large Bathrooms:

There are indeed toy haulers that feature large bathrooms.

If you’re someone who had never considered a toy hauler before because you always thought they were tiny, there are options available now with large bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a toy hauler that has a large bathroom, a majority of the rear bathroom options would be your best bet.

Rear bathrooms allow for more spacious bathroom designs. However, there are options for large front situated bathroom layouts.

3. Forest River Sierra 368FBDS

The 2020 Sierra 368FBDS fifth wheel toy hauler by Forest River is luxurious and spacious.

In terms of hitch weight, the Sierra comes in at 2173 pounds with a cargo capacity of 3608 pounds. The Sierra is a large toy hauler that can sleep four and has many luxurious features to travel or live in a pleasant experience.

In this fifth wheel toy hauler, a large front bathroom impressively features dual sinks and a private toilet and shower room within the actual bathroom.

Two people can comfortably get ready at the same time in the Sierra toy haulers bathroom. The bathroom even has a washer/dryer space and a large wardrobe.

This bathroom is large and luxurious compared to other toy haulers available on the market.

With the Sierra, you will receive gorgeously modern interiors with state-of-the-art features and amenities. There are theater-style sofas in the living room area, a hide a bed sofa, a standing dinette, and a beautiful fireplace.

The interior has gorgeous linoleum made to look like rustic wood planking, and mocha accent moldings add a touch of elegance to the kitchen cabinetry.

The kitchen features modern full-sized residential appliances that include a huge 20 cubic ft french door refrigerator and three cooktop burners.

The kitchen also has a large island, so you are sure to have more than enough space to cook family meals.

4. CrossRoads Zinger ZR280RB

This award-winning fifth-wheel toy hauler by CrossRoads RVs can sleep four and has one slide.

The toy hauler has a  hitching weight of 904 pounds and a cargo-carrying weight of 3062 pounds. The brand that values production performance has produced the 2021 Zinger model with features and amenities that are a cut above the rest.

The biggest attraction and drawing card that this fifth wheel toy hauler offers is the incredible fully decked out rear bathroom.

The bathroom features a dual sink vanity where two people can be in the bathroom at once, a 30 inch by 36-inch shower and toilet.

There is not one but two linen cupboards in the bathroom, so you have plenty of space for all your towels and toiletries. The Zinger even features an additional private front bathroom.

What’s more, this fifth wheel toy hauler includes an outside hot/cold water shower that you can use on days when you have spent time outdoors. The Zinger features a spacious U-Shaped kitchen that houses a pantry and 10  cubic ft refrigerator.

The lounge area has a dinette, fireplace, and huge 60-inch jackknife sofa.

The Zinger comes with an extreme weather package that ensures no matter the climate your visiting, you will have temperature control at the touch of a finger with the central control pad.

Moreover, the Zinger comes pre-wired with the Winegard connect 2.0 technology to keep you connected no matter where you go.

Toy Haulers With Front Bathrooms:

Not all toy haulers have rear bathrooms, as we now know.

There are, in fact, many toy haulers that come with front bathroom layouts. Front bathrooms in toy haulers typically come in a variety of sizes from small to large.

Are you’re looking for a toy hauler with a  front bathroom to maximize interior space elsewhere?

If you are, you should look at the few toy haulers that we have listed below that come with front bathrooms.

5. Riverside RPM 18FK

For more information and better images, visit their site at

If you’re looking for a toy hauler on the simpler side that isn’t too fancy and can sleep a family of four, then the Riverside RPM may be the perfect choice for you.

This toy hauler has a hitching weight of 760 pounds and a gross weight capacity of 10160 pounds. Although this toy hauler may be simpler, it still has a range of quality features.

This toy hauler by Riverside has a small front bathroom equipped with a shower and a toilet. Although small, there is enough space to use the facilities comfortably. The Kitchen area is also located in the toy hauler’s front section and has a few amenities.

There is an L-shaped counter in the kitchen that has enough space for meal preparations, and there is also a large double kitchen sink and refrigerator.

What’s nice about this simpler toy hauler is the extra counter space in the kitchen and a two-burner range cooker.

Above the counter space, you would also have cabinetry to store your kitchenware.

The Riverside features a folding sofa that converts into a bed and gives you additional sleeping capabilities.

This wouldn’t be a toy hauler without the 12 ft cargo space holding where you can store all your outdoor activity equipment.

6. Eclipse Attitude Pro-Lite 25FS

The Eclipse Attitude Pro-Lite toy hauler has the amazing capability to sleep up to eight people.

This toy hauler has a hitch weight of 720 pounds and a gross weight capacity of 9900 pounds. This travel trailer is perfect for family vacations or tours along the coast with friends.

The Eclipse Attitude has a front bathroom in the corner section of the toy hauler. In the bathroom, you will have a private toilet and shower area.

Although small, it gets the job done. The sink is situated outside the front of the bathroom area and is next to the refrigerator.

The kitchen in this toy hauler is spacious and is split between both sides of the trailer. There is a refrigerator, pantry, and double sink. Along with plenty of counter space, you will also have a three burner range and overhead kitchen cabinets.

The Eclipse Attitude has two sofas and comfortable electric beds at the rear of the toy hauler.

You need not worry about space as there is an 11 ft 8-inch cargo storage area where you can keep everything you need for your latest adventure.

With all these features and the capability to sleep eight people, this toy hauler stands out amongst other front bathroom travel trailers.

Can You Add A Bathroom To A Toy Hauler?

Although you can add a bathroom, the process can be tricky and could be a costly affair.

If you have some plumbing and electrical experience, you could do a DIY bathroom conversion in your toy hauler yourself. Alternatively, some companies can do the bathroom conversion for you.

When deciding to go the route of adding a bathroom to your toy hauler, you need to remember to use only quality products.

If the wrong products are used in the construction process, you could end up with irreparable damages to your toy hauler.


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