3 Great Toy Haulers Under $20,000 (With Prices & Pictures)

Not everyone has an extensive budget when they are looking to invest in a new motorhome. Many of us have smaller budgets, but that doesn’t mean we want an inferior RV.

Fortunately for us, many motorhome brands manufacture quality toy haulers that are under $20,000.

Some budget toy haulers have excellent features and amenities if you are willing to search from hundreds of choices.

To help quicken your search, we have found three of the greatest toy haulers under $20,000 for your perusal:

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The Questions You Should Consider Asking Before Purchasing A Toy Hauler

If you have finally decided to embark on an RV purchasing journey, you likely don’t yet know what type of RV you want.

If you’re reading this article, you are most likely seriously considering buying a toy hauler as your next investment. Should this be the case, there are a few questions you should ask a dealer and yourself before committing to a particular brand and model.

We have listed a few of the most important questions you should ask to offer up some guidance. Ultimately you will want to pick a toy hauler that meets your budget and your needs.

It would be beneficial if you also kept in mind that you will definitely want a toy hauler that guarantees you years of enjoyment:

Does the Motorhome Have a Full Maintenance History?

You should always ask this question if you are in the RV market for a second-hand toy hauler.

Knowing if the motorhome has undergone regular maintenance checks and services will help determine the toy hauler’s true condition.

If you want to corroborate what the seller is saying or the paperwork they have given you, you can conduct your own inspection.

Have a look at the seals, the tires, and the roof.

What is the Tow Weight of the RV?

It’s vitally important to ask what the towing weight is of the toy hauler.

You don’t want to purchase a toy hauler that is so heavy you cannot tow it with your current vehicle.

Toy haulers also have different weight ratings for towing when loaded and unloaded. It’s best to keep this in mind when selecting your new motorhome.

Is the Toy Hauler Four-Season Capable?

If your planning on camping or traveling during every season, you will need to ask if the toy hauler can all-season travel.

Using a toy hauler that isn’t four seasonal during extreme winter or summer conditions could be dangerous and cause damage to the toy hauler. Ask the dealer or seller what the R ratings are and what type of insulation the motorhome features.

Additionally, ask if there are heating and cooling features in the toy hauler you’re interested in.

Toy Haulers That Can Sleep Two Under $20,000:

If you don’t need much space and only ever travel with one to two people, it might be worth considering buying a toy hauler that can accommodate up to two people.

Smaller toy haulers are often more compact and don’t have as many features and amenities when compared to their larger counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean you will not have a spacious living space.

There are quite a few two sleeper toy haulers under $20,000 that come with comfortable furnishings and adequate features:

1. 2021 KZ Escape E17 (~$19,800)

The 2021 KZ Escape E17 is one of the greatest toy haulers you could purchase that falls just under $20,000.

This model is elegantly designed and has all the features and amenities you could need for two people traveling together. The KZ Escape E17 has a length of 22 feet and a gross vehicle weight of 3,235 pounds, and an interior height of 78 inches.

For approximately $19,800, you can embark on numerous camping excursions. This model is one of the ultra-lightweight toy haulers manufactured by KZ, so you shouldn’t have an issue hitching it to your vehicle.

The “Garage”

At the rear of this toy hauler is the cargo area that doubles as the dining room space.

The dining room table and chairs fold up when not used to create space for all your outdoor equipment. From the cargo garage area straight through to the bedroom at the toy hauler’s front is beautiful dual tones vinyl wood flooring.

Additionally, this toy hauler also has plenty of windows to ensure optimum breathability and a cool breeze during summer.

The Interior:

The interior is casually furnished with a modern theme.

The cabinetry is lightwood, and the furnishings are in tones of grey and black. This model does not come with a living area except for the dining room space by the garage. However, the dining room is comfortable enough to also serve as a living room when required.

The kitchen is centrally located and fairly small but perfect for a single person to cook dinners in. Although the kitchen is modest, there is a lovely modern backsplash decal and adequate storage cabinetry available.

Inside this space, you will also find a circular stainless steel kitchen sink, a microwave, and a two-burner gas stove.

Across from the kitchen is a fairly large refrigerator that is also equipped with a small freezer. Additionally, the air conditioning unit is also located in the middle of the kitchen, incredibly convenient.

If you want a queen size bed in your toy hauler, this model should be looked at. The KZ Escape E17 has a small private bedroom with three large windows. The queen-sized bed admittedly does take up all the space in the room, but that could be worth it if you enjoy sleep.

Moreover, there is also a small bathroom in this toy hauler with a shower, toilet, and wash hand basin.

2. 2021 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 18RJB (~$16,900)

Your budget might be low, but with $20,000, you can get the durable, modern 2021 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 18RJB.

This model is ideal if you want a spacious living space for two people. The toy hauler measures 23 feet long and has a gross vehicle weight of approximately 3,435 pounds. This model comes with an easy to operate garage loading ramp door and a large awning.

It might be worth a serious look as you can expect a retail price of approximately $16,900.

The Interior:

The inside of this toy hauler looks just as good as the outside, with gorgeous lightwood vinyl flooring throughout the motorhome complemented by beautiful dark wood cabinetry.

Besides the sophisticated interior theme, one of the greatest features that the Wolf Pup 18RJB possesses is the easily assembled outdoor patio. The patio, once assembled, has its own private screen, so those who enjoy outdoor entertainment can be separate from those relaxing indoors.

At the rear of the Wolf, Pup 18RJB is the collapsable dining room table and chairs to allow you to fit your extra equipment.

The chairs are padded and stable, and the dining room table provides enough counter space for a large breakfast spread. Next to the dining room, which acts as the cargo area, is the small modern kitchen. This kitchen is open plan which allows you to move freely and comfortably while preparing gourmet meals on the road.

You will likely love the marble-like sparkling white kitchen countertop with a handy sink cover, giving the space a seamless look. The black faucet, microwave, stove, and fridge exudes class and makes the space look expensive.

Across from the kitchen are two large windows that provide lovely natural lighting and picturesque views when you are camping somewhere in nature. The kitchen also features an air conditioner and plenty of storage space.

The bedroom is at the front of the toy hauler and features an uber comfortable queen-sized bed. This bed does take up most of the room’s space, but you still have a convenient shelf placed under the window.

If you don’t want to share your bed, you will be pleased to learn that the dining room chairs fold out into a single bed providing sleeping space for your traveling companion. Next to the private bedroom is a tiny bathroom that features a modest-sized shower and toilet.

Toy Haulers That Can Sleep Four Under $20,000:

It might be harder to find a toy hauler that can sleep four under $20,000, but it’s not impossible.

There are a few toy haulers available under $20,000 that could suit your family of four. For under $20,000, you won’t get an expansive toy hauler that is very spacious, but you will get a compact motorhome that is cozy.

We have found one of the greatest toy haulers you could buy for under $20,000 that we believe could be perfect for you and your family or friends:

3. 2021 Keystone Hideout 172TX (~$18,000)

The Keystone Hideout 172TX is one of the most affordable toy haulers we could find under $20,000.

Additionally, this toy hauler has a farmhouse color theme that gives it a very residential feel. This four sleeper toy hauler is 21 feet long with a gross weight of 3,670 pounds.

The exterior is made from durable aluminum, and there it has solar prep and tinted safety glass windows. Although the motorhome is fairly small, there is enough space for four people to cohabit comfortably.

You can expect to pay a retail price of around $18,000 for the 2021 keystone Hideout 172TX.

Some of the other notable features that this toy hauler includes include 4G WiFi prep suitable for all cellular networks, a central vacuum system, electronic stabilizing jacks, and a conveniently hidden kitchen pantry. The cargo area of this model transforms into a spacious dining room and living room.

The Interior:

The dining room bench chair also folds out and creates a double bed sleeping space for two people.

The kitchen is small, but it features gorgeous white wood cabinetry and a seamless glossy countertop. There is also a fridge freezer combo, a microwave, and a two-plate stove.

Set into the kitchen countertop is a kitchen sink with a faucet, and above the kitchen counter is a deep storage cabinet.

The model’s air conditioning unit is also located in the kitchen, which is cleverly placed to cool the entire unit. Across from the kitchen is the private bathroom.  Inside this area, you will find a toilet with a built-in shelf next to it.

There is also a large shower and a centrally placed skylight that allows natural light to filter into the room.

Lastly, you will find the bedroom at the front of the toy hauler. This bedroom features a large queen-sized bed.


Five Questions To Ask Before Buying A Toy Hauler

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