Life Planner Apps I Use Everyday (+ a mail declutter app)

I’m a big fan of apps that help you declutter and plan your life.

Here are the best 3 life planner apps I have come across.


Workflowy is an free app I use everyday. I use it to structure my work, my movies, my travel plans, my grocery lists and almost every other thing I need to remember or keep track of.

It wins on multiple levels: super simple interface works on all devices and intuitive navigation. I never had to read anything about how it works, and it always autosaves, so I won’t miss anything.

The interface is inspired by “breadcrumbs” – not the ones in your kitchen, but the little text at the top of websites, that tells you exactly where you are on a website. You have to create an account to use it, and you can view a small video here about how it works:

>>Go here to check it out

This App is another free app that is no less than brilliant. It’s not exactly a life planner app, but it clears the clutter in such a brilliant way that I just had to include it in this post – and you will love it!

Tired of getting too many irrelevant e-mails in your inbox? Most web shops today don’t ask you before they add you to their lists, so we all end up receiving tons of spam e-mails every week.

This app will clean up your inbox in no time. You simply type in your e-mail address, and it will go through all your e-mails and return with a list of all your subscriptions! Then you can edit the list and unsubscribe with one click – super easy.

You can find the app right here.


You might know this one, but I just felt like I couldn’t make a post about life planner apps without mentioning Evernote. It’s just an awesome app to keep track of everything.

It lets you save images, ideas and sounds in one place with tags. This way you can quickly find what you need. Personally, I use Workflowy though, because I am totally addicted to super clean interfaces with minimalist design 🙂

>>Check out evernote here

Which life planning apps do you use?

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