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Published On December 8, 2013 | By Morten Storgaard | Working online

I know many of you are downsizing to be able to travel more, which Maria and I do too. So now that you don’t need to put in all these crazy hours at work – how do you get to a place where you can work from anywhere in the world?

Me working from Starbucks on Crete

Me working from Starbucks on Crete in May 2013

“I don’t work online, so I cannot work while I travel and do all these crazy things”.

This is a valid argument and lets take a look at the pros and cons of changing all that. But first let me tell you where I come from.

I used to be a musician, which is very hard to do online! People normally pay to see you perform live. I actually tried once to do a concert online. We tried setting up live streaming and performed in front of the camera with quite ok sound quality and all, but it is very hard to get people excited about that — trust me :)

Once in a while I got a gig abroad, but I wanted to be able to decide where and when I could travel – So I decided to change career. I chose to start an online business. I started an online Print-On-Demand shop, with in-house printing. Long story short I ended up putting in (much) more hours for less money, and it didn’t really give me the freedom I dreamt about.

When other people enjoyed their weekend or holidays, I had to stay at work and keep the printers running and make sure all orders were shipped on time.

After 4-5 years it was still the same, and I decided it was time to change career again. I had learned something new. This time I was looking for something I could do completely online – without employees and no customer management.

I wanted a simple life without all the hassle of being a daily leader and with more geographical independence.

Working from the hotel and on the bus (still Crete)

Working from the hotel and on the bus (still Crete)

Today I do online marketing as a consultant. I work from home (or on the road), and this is something I have been very explicit about from the first meeting with all my clients. I work much more efficiently from home, because it’s more quiet.

My customers measure my work entirely on results, which is something most bosses can understand.

“But I don’t know anything about making money online”

Let me share a quote with you from Stephen Covey:

“If you are walking in the wrong direction, the most efficient thing to do is to walk backwards for a while”.
(I’m not sure I quoted that correctly, but the meaning is still there.)

You need to decide what is most important for you:
1) Your current career
2) Being able to work from anywhere and when you want during the day.

If you love your current job and you love the routine and work environment — by all means: Stay there! But if you find yourself dreaming about being able to travel more, work from home when the kids are at school etc. (or anywhere in the world) then you should consider the next quote from my old pastor:

“People over-estimate what they can do in 3 weeks, and under-estimate what they can accomplish in 3 years.”

What's are you an expert at?

What’s are you an expert at?

If you really find your niche – something you would love to work with, and probably write about, then you will be amazed about how far you can get within a few years online. After 2-3 years I had learned a great deal about online marketing, how to build websites and much more.

This is something you can start doing in your spare time.

All statistics show that more and more people shop online, even during the crisis online retail has grown exponentially. Imagine how many of us will be employed online by 2020. New niches are moving online everyday, and new online solutions solve problems in new creative ways. Valid needs are being met. This is great news for us who wants to travel and work from different parts of the world!

Why not start building an awesome career online, that will enable you to design work around your life, instead of the other way around?

If you could earn just $500/month on the side within a year or two ($6.000 pr year) – how many days would that allow you to travel the world – or do something else that you dream about?

Check our Resource page with good links / tools for working from anywhere.


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